Chapter 27: Hit First… Talk Later…


The members of the special unit and Melinda May were all well trained elite.
They knew all too well that shooting in such circumstances would jeopardize their teammates.
Not only did they all lower their weapons, they also got their fingers away from the trigger.
On the other hand, the only remaining force, Phil Collins, pulled his gun from the holster on his waist.
By the time he was through with that, he found that Saint was already among his colleagues, like a tiger in a helpless herd!

Phil squinted hard, and for the sake of his companions, he dared not shoot.
He could only watch as Saint took two soldiers in the blink of an eye! Within just ten seconds, all the members of the special unit were on floor, unconscious.

Then, Saint immediately turned to Melinda May who had recovered some of her vision.
Unfortunately for her, it was too late! Saint had already taken away her gun, and in hand to hand combat, she was no opponent to him at all! She was completely overwhelmed by him; just two moves were enough to get her subdued, with her neck under his mercy!

Saint threw away her gun that he had captured, looked at Phil Coulson as if he was an enemy, and said with a commanding tone: “Put your gun on the floor!”

Seeing Melinda in Saint’s hand, Phil had no choice but to bend down and put his pistol on the floor.

Saint stepped forward, kicking the firearm away, and then quickly release Melinda pushing her towards Phil Coulson.

“Now, we can talk!”

Saint victoriously walked to the table, taking a seat, and pointing at the opposite chair: “Please, take a seat!”

After that, Saint turned to Lorna who had already restored her sight saying: “Lorna, go upstairs, and don’t come down if I don’t call you!”

Scratching her red eyes, she looked at saint in sorrow, but then walked up the stairs and went to the second floor of the restaurant.

On the other, after Phil Coulson and Melinda May looked at each other, the two both decided to take a seat indeed, with Phil taking the lead: “Mr.
Lee, you know that attacking federal officers is a felony severe enough to send you to jail!”

Saint gave Phil a look of distain, and then said: “Alright! Just… cut the crap! We both know that you’re not from the FBI! Why are you targeting me?”

“No… No… Well, yes…” Phil waved his hands and explained with a sincere tone: “Yes, we are not from the FBI, but we are part of a governmental department.
And we are not targeting you; just investigating what evidence we get!”

Phil Coulson took out his true credentials and placed them in front of Saint: “We are against of the “Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division”, specializing in cases related to supernatural forces.
While we keep our work completely confidential, we are work for the federal government just like the FBI!”

“Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division?”, Saint Smiled when seeing what he already knew was the truth: “Well, I’d believe that’s true.
I mean, Coulson, you seem like a smart person! If you were lying, you’d probably come up with a better name!

“Uh…..” Phil sighed and said: “In fact, we have confirmed that you are not a mutant or an alien.
What actually brings us is completely different.
May, give me the tablet!”

After taking a black tablet from Melinda May, Phil showed a video to Saint: “Can you please explain to me what you’ve done to Colleen Wing this Afternoon?”

Saint immediately frowned: “Wait! Were you following me all along?”

“Let me argue that at that time, we had not yet confirmed your identity.
Therefore, monitoring your movements was the standard process.”

“Humph!” Saint uncomfortably sighed, gave the matter some thought, and then said: “This matter is complicated, even going back hundreds of years ago.
Are you sure you want to know? I’ll tell you in advance.
If it was me, I wouldn’t get myself involved with stuff!”

“Hundreds of years ago?” Saint’s words naturally got Phil Coulson even more intrigued: “Please explain in detail”

“Where to start?” Saint smiled, and then said: “Before speaking of Danny Rand, who is in the core of this series of events, you should know that, fifteen years ago, the Rand Family’s plane crashed in the territory of China, with Danny’s parents and Saint dying on the spot.
Only he survived, and that’s when he was rescued by the Monks of Kunlun.”

“Kunlun?” Phil repeated the name: “Is this some place in China?”

“Kunlun is a hidden sacred place where martial arts are taught, similar to our Kame School.
For thousands of years, they taught the use of Ki!”

After Saint’s brief explanation, he waved his hand saying: “I’m not affiliated with Kunlun.
I can’t tell you any more than this, so you’ll have to ask Danny Rand later if you want more.
Now, after he was saved, he stayed in Kunlun and learned their sacred arts, becoming Kunlun’s Iron Fist! After that, he… Why are you raising your hand Phil? I’m not giving a class!”

Phil put down his arm embarrassingly, and then asked: “Cough Cough, what’s this Iron Fist?”

“You just need to know that the Iron Fist is Kunlun’s greatest force.
Again, I’m not from Kunlun, and anymore details are not for me to expose.”

After establishing yet again that he won’t give more details, Saint went on again: “Danny Rand left Kunlun and returned to his hometown of New York after becoming the Iron Fist, only to unexpectedly find the traces of “The Hand” here… yes, I know what you’ll ask about… The Hand is an underground ‘association’ created by five traitors of Kunlun.
It has a history of hundreds of years, and it has spread in many countries around the globe.
They have countless ‘minions’ and many powerhouses.
By know, you’ve probably guessed that the Hand and Kunlun are deadly enemies.
Rand, being Kunlun’s greatest force, his fate is to face the Hand.
For some reason, he ended up with Colleen helping him, and it almost ended up with her getting killed!”

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