Saint also knew why Colleen wouldn’t go to a Hospital.
She should be probably waiting for Bakuto, her Sensei, believing that he should be able to detoxify her.
Indeed, western modern medicine shouldn’t be able to help her in time against this Chinese poison.

When Saint followed Joy to the room, he saw Colleen in bed, her face pale and lips clue.
She was in cold sweat, struggling to talk: “Don’t worry Lorna, I can get through this.
When my Sensei arrives, he will help me detoxify.”

“Oh Colleen! That’s awful! You look so ugly right now!” Saint approached her bed; with an emotionless face and said: “I see the change in climate did not treat you well on your trip!”

“You’re terrible…” If Colleen wasn’t powerless at that moment, she would have jumped at him and beat him to a pulp.
After staring at him, she said: “Saint, if you’re not going to say anything good, just shut up!”

“Ugh, you have no sense of humor!” Saint broke character and smiled, turning back and saying: “Joy, why are two alone? Where’s Danny?”

“Danny went to the pharmacy to buy antibiotics.”

Joey looked down anxiously to her watch: “He should be coming back soon.”

Hearing Lorna weeping sniffing on the other side, Saint reached and patted her shoulder.
He said smiling: “Don’t cry; I’m here! I will not let her die!”

Lorna shook and her eyes lit up: “Boss, you can really cure Sensei?”

“Of Course, this is nothing!” Saint took a pause as three jaws dropped around him, and he said: “However, I have to wait for Danny Rand.
I need to use the Iron Fist granted to him by Shou-Lao!”




The trio was speechless.
After looking back at Colleen, Lorna said to Saint: “Boss, is that really reliable? You sound very confiden…”

“How can I rely on it? I…” As Saint was about to answer her, he was interrupted by Colleen: “Saint, who’s Shou-lao?”

“Not who; what! Shou lao is a dragon, Kunlun’s Undying Dragon to be exact.
He has been living for thousands of years now.”

That’s just a myth!” Colleen murmured in disbelief.

“If you don’t believe me, ask Danny!” Saint turned back, as if looking through the wall saying: “He’s already at the door!”

Then, as if to confirm his words, the sound of the door being knocked reached them, followed by Danny’s voice: “Joy, I’m back! Open the door!”

Colleen and Joy were both stunned, staring at Saint as if he was a ghost… Only Lorna thoughtfully guessed: “Ki Sense?”

Saint silently nodded to confirm her assumption, and then reminded Joy: “Aren’t you going to open the door?”

“Oh!” Joy quickly ran to the door, coming back with Danny who had pharmacy labeled bag in his hand.

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