I got out of bed wrapped in blankets.

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I had to come and see the face of the man who was praised so much in the novel.

It’s a face I’ll be seeing for the next 5 years, so I’m curious.

Before going to meet the male lead, I looked in the mirror one last time and checked on my outfit.

I couldn’t go out with a weird look.

Looking at myself in the mirror objectively, I was quite lovely.

The only thing I was satisfied with was this appearance.

Pink hair that is fluffy like cotton candy.

Large, round, pale water-colored eyes.

The girl, who had just turned fifteen, looked as lovely as a baby rabbit.

I didn’t ask for anything, and if this is enough, I won’t be ashamed to meet the male lead.

I made up my mind and asked Bella.

“The male lead, no, where is my husband?”

“Yes? Ma’am, what about the duke?”

“He’s still my husband, so why can’t I look at his face?”

Seeing Bella’s worried face, I added a word.

“I won’t want to divorce him until he’s at least grown, so don’t worry.”

“Ah! Yes! I will guide you!”

I may feel a little bit sad that they care more about him than me, but I was satisfied with Bella’s attitude.

Of course, the master they serve is more precious to them than me than who they just met today. 

Such loyalty to this poor family.

After all, working in this ruined family isn’t usually a matter of loyalty.

…By the way, are the employees here on paid salaries?

Wouldn’t that be unpaid work?

When I think of my bosses from my part-time jobs in my previous life, my body twitched again.

Apart from the exciting start, we quickly arrived at the male lead’s room.

His room wasn’t too far from mine since it was right next to it.

“Isn’t this pretty close?”

The castle I saw on my way in was so big that I thought I had to walk for a long time.

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“Oh, I purposely made it close.
That makes it easier to manage.”

I understand.

Now, the servants cannot manage this huge castle.

I knocked on the door.

There was no answer.

I knocked on the door again.

Still, there was no answer.

I felt something strange and turned to Bella.

“Uh, well.
He’s usually in his room by this time… I’ll find out and come back!”

After Bella left, I waited a moment before opening the door.

I tried to wait outside if possible, but the hallways in this castle were very cold.

When I entered the room, I saw blankets on top of blankets on the bed, which had clumped like worms.

Wait, you were in the room?

But why didn’t you answer?

“Excuse me…”

I tried to speak carefully, but there was still no answer.

I took a step closer and looked.

I tried to poke him with my fingers, but he still didn’t respond.

Is this actually the corpse that the male lead had killed, not he himself?

In an instant, the temperature in the room seemed to have dropped by 5 degrees.

I closed my eyes tightly and rolled up the blanket to erase the terrifying imagination running through my head.

And I was horrified.

The male lead was inside, but his body was like a ball of fire.

“Bella, Bella!”

* ❀ *

“The salary has always been paid on time, but how can you run away without saying a word?”

Bella sniffed.

The maid in charge of the male lead ran away.

She must have been done so secretly in the middle of the night.

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“I thought she would be taking good care of him… I haven’t paid much attention because of  the Duke’s burial these past few days…”

I wiped my fingers through the white dust on the bedhead.

It’s been a while since the place had been cleaned up.

“How long has the Duke been dead?”

“A week or so.”

“Then she must have taken the opportunity to run away.”

Bella burst into tears at my words.

“But I should have taken better care of him.
It was my job…”

“Stop crying.
Go ask if there’s any firewood.”

I said while wiping the male lead’s face with a cold wet towel.

Fortunately there is snow everywhere outside, so the water didn’t cost much.

As soon as the crying Bella left the room, I sighed deeply.

What a mess.

When the cold wet towel touched his skin, his eyes flinched in a hazy state.

When I brushed back the black hair that covered his eyes, my expression relaxed a little.

He was very cute even though he was suffering from pain.

In the novel, he was described as a good-looking man.

Even if it didn’t hurt this much, he might have applauded as soon as he saw Nam Joo for the first time.

Although I have seen all kinds of handsome men on my phone, the male lead’s beauty was different.

I could see why the writer worked so hard to describe his appearance.

A simple description could not express his face.

He was the ultimate utopia of the face of everyone.

[pr/n: wut ahahaha]

I had a lot on my mind.

What I’ve seen in the novel was the male lead who had a good physique and was strong, not this frail young boy.

“Ugh… Mom…”

He sobbed as he grabbed my hand.

A part of my heart ached.

Come to think of it, he lost both of his parents at the age of 10.
It wasn’t a good situation.

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They were both busy trying to save the family, so they couldn’t care less about the child.

There was no leader to take charge of the family, and they didn’t pay a lot of money.

“It’s really crazy…”

I kept sighing.

Abuse does not necessarily just mean hitting and harassing a child.

Indifference to the child and failure to provide adequate care to the child are also a type of abuse.

The clothes worn by the young duke now were too old and too small for him.

I felt even more sorry for him than when I looked back at myself before.

Still, I only had to take care of myself, but the male lead was also under a huge obligation to take responsibility as the Duke.

I forgot that this child was only 10 years old now because of his good performance as an adult in the original book.

I then held his hands in the air.

Due to the hot body temperature of his hands as I held them, I realized that this child was not just a ‘male lead’, but a person who was actually alive.

The child clenched his fingertips until they were white, afraid to let go of my hand even for a second in his dream.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

As I patted his chest and whispered to him, the child’s expression became a little more relaxed.
As if he understood what I was saying in his sleep.

“I’m not going anywhere so get well soon.”

And show me what color your eyes are.

* ❀ *

A day had passed.

The child’s feverish condition didn’t go away.

Bella made a fire with the firewood she had barely saved to warm her room, and changed the towel on his forehead from time to time, but the fever didn’t subside.

“I think I should call a doctor.”

Bella’s face darkened at my words.

Calling a doctor was expensive, and there was no money in this castle.

And I didn’t even have a coin to my name.

Even though I knew he would survive if I followed the flow of the novel, I wasn’t at ease when I saw his pain in front of me.

I fastened my collar and got up from my seat.

“Who is in charge of housekeeping now?”

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“The butler isn’t here right now.
Madam, are you going to get some money?”

“I can’t just let it go.
I need to do something.”

“I’ll come with you.”

Bella followed.

I pondered for a moment whether it would be beneficial to take Bella.

Will she get in the way of what I’m trying to do?

But there were no other options.

I opened the door first and looked back at Bella.

“I don’t mind you coming with me, but if I want to call the doctor, you have to be quiet.”

* ❀ *

The main area of ​​Frug was the office where the butler resides and was in charge of housekeeping in the castle.

The man who occupied the large office space where dozens of people would have worked in the past was sitting there with an arrogant attitude even when I, the hostess of the family, had arrived.

“I need money to call a doctor…”

Hearing my words, Frug stroked his mustache as if he was contemplating it.

“I’m sorry, but it will be difficult.”


Bella screamed, stomping her feet.

“Right now, the master, no, the Duke is in danger! We need to call the doctor right away!”

Unlike Bella, who was in a hurry, Frug couldn’t be more relaxed.

“Oh, Bella.
Don’t you know that our castle is in the mountains, and there is a lot of snow outside? In such a situation, to call a doctor will cost around the amount it takes for a commoner to live per month.
Right now, the family doesn’t have that much extra money.”

Bella knew the cost of living of a poor family very well, so she couldn’t say anything for a moment.

“Well, then, what about the Duke?! If his fever doesn’t drop, then, what should we do…!”

Bella finally burst into tears.

Frug said he was really sorry, and he comforted Bella.

But in my eyes, it looked like he was making fun of her.

“I hope the master gets over it soon.
He’s a strong person, so he will be able to overcome it.”

“Do you really have no money? What did the former Duke leave behind?”

There was an unpleasant look on Frug’s face from my comment.

“If I had money, why would I deliberately hide it?”

I saw a shiny mustache on his face compared to the poor Duke.

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