“No need to ask! Of course, the madam thinks it would be warm! Isn’t that right, madam?”

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No, I still have no clue.

When I couldn’t answer and smile, the two men who were fighting followed along and smiled.

You guys, I really don’t know.

I’m not the weatherman, so how would I know what the weather would be?

The original story was not even the Veritable Records of the Joseon Dynasty[1], so why would it write about the weather?

[1] A collection of annual records of state affairs and activities of rulers during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

Where I lived, it usually rains when it’s cloudy, snows when it’s winter and gets hot when it’s summer……

When the time came to farming, nothing was more important than the weather.

Now I understood why the previous kings were so obsessed with the weather.

“Can’t we just plant a Badam tree?”

To my question, the bear-like man who insisted on the Lelong flowers answered.

He was convinced that the weather would be cold this year.

“We can’t.
Badam trees won’t grow well unless it’s warm.
It would be great to sell them if the weather was good, but isn’t that a gamble?”

“Then…Is there any plant that would grow fine regardless of the weather? Such as wheat or something……”

This time, the skinny man who insisted on the Badam tree, answered.

“Wheat is risky.
I planted wheat last year with that in mind, but it didn’t rain at all, so they all died.”


In the end, it all depends on the weather.

It would be nice if we could make a greenhouse or artificial rain, but that would be impossible right now.

“For now……”

The sparkling eyes of the two people who were looking at me felt burdensome.

When I saw the eyes of the two people who wished for me to side with them, I shut my mouth tightly.

“……I’ll have to think about it first.”

After managing to stall for some time, I returned to the office with Naol.

The moment I returned to the office, I leaned against the chair and sighed.

“Ah, my head.
Naol, what do you think?”

“Don’t feel too pressured, you can choose any of them.”


“It doesn’t take a day or two for those two to fight, and no matter what you choose, they won’t blame the madam.”

Naol added as if to ease my worries, but it didn’t help in the slightest.

“No, if I simply picked one, the crops may be ruined.
That’s what worries me.
If the farm fails, the costs will increase.
We don’t even have a proper source of income yet.”

Only then did I remember that I couldn’t even manage to bring up the original purpose of visiting them.

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“Even if you don’t give an answer, won’t they decide it on their own? After all, they’re both experts, so it’s better than what I decide.”

Then, I remembered the rumour that the two of them had messed up the crops they did last year during a fight.

Ugh, I just wanted to meet them to mention something.

Why can’t I remember these minor things well?

Instead, it only made my head complicated.

After thinking about it for a long time, I gave Naol a command.

“Naol, go and bring me some records of the duchy’s weather.
If I look at them, it might help me a little.”

Anyway, damn that lord.

I think I’ve cursed the first duke 10 times today alone.

I let Naol out and sighed again after being left alone in the room.

“Haa……If I knew this would happen, I would have learned how to observe the weather with constellations in my previous life.
I don’t know what the temperature was, but I wish I could at least find out if the weather would be hot or cold this year.”

“I can tell.”

I looked around in horror, but there was no one in the room.


I was completely terrified, so I tried to smile.

I must have misheard it.
I guess I’m really tired these days, that I’m hearing things.”

“It’s not a hallucination.”

I froze when I heard the voice again, and the handsome tanned man that I saw in my dream appeared in front of me.

“I-It wasn’t a dream?”

White braided hair, tanned skin and blue eyes.

Not long after I came to this castle, I fainted when I saw the great family crest.

Then, I saw a strange man and a giant dragon in my dream.

He hasn’t appeared since then, so I thought I just had a strange dream……

The man in front of me looked exactly like the person I saw in my dream.

The man tilted his head at my words.

“Dream? No.
It was real.”

He was not as great as our Luc, who possessed a male lead beauty, but objectively, he was also quite a handsome man.

Even though he looked pale as if he would faint under the sunlight, I couldn’t easily take my eyes off the heavy presence as if I was witnessing the deep sea when I met his blue eyes.

“Then, how……No, about that.
Where should I begin asking?”

I pondered for a moment before asking.

“What are you?”

“I’m a divine beast.”

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He replied casually.

If it was a divine beast, I was well aware of them.

Because I read the female lead’s life in the original story.

The heroine’s divine beast was a green deer, strong enough to shred a huge monster like a piece of paper.

In addition to the heroine’s divine beast, there were often other divine beasts who appeared in the story, all of which were powerful and possessed unique abilities.

It was hard and difficult to sign a contract with a divine beast who had strong abilities.

“Why did you show up in front of me?”

“I’m not sure either.
I want to know how you woke me up and managed to sign a contract with me.”

“We signed a contract? What contract?”

“Of course, it’s a master-servant contract.”


“I don’t know.
Instead, I’m curious as to how on earth you managed to get to where I was?”

He didn’t seem to know anything about this sudden contract either.

Since I fell unconscious while I was reading the Valruga family crest, was it related to the Valruga?

For now, it’s just speculation.

The man continued with a blank face.

“I was sealed on that land a thousand years ago.
You broke the seal.”

“I didn’t know.”

“I figured, but regardless, you broke my seal and we signed a contract.”

I suddenly realised something.

This man was handsome, but he didn’t have a single facial expression.

It was creepy because it felt like a well-made doll was moving.

But there was no harm in having a divine beast anyway.

So that means I’m your master?”


Yeah, so what if his expression was a little dull?

It’s a divine beast!

“Then, what should I call you?”

For the first time, an expression appeared on the man’s face.

“……You already named me.”

“When did I? Ah, no way……Blackie?”


I’m truly sorry about that, okay.

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No, I thought it was really a dream.

If I knew that we would sign a contract, I would have given a better name.

Like white dragon.

Or hope.

Destiny sounds pretty good too.

I faced the man and asked.

“……Would like me to rename you again?”

“It’s too late.
Once you sign a contract with a divine beast, you cannot change the name you have given.
Until I find my real name.”

“Real name? How do you find that?”

“I will you when the time comes.
You are currently too weak.”


That is undeniable.

“I will greet you formally, master.”

The man knelt down before me and greeted me with his hand on his chest.

“I am the first to acquire the crest, the one who ends the season.”

It was clearly a normal office room.

However, the moment the man spoke, the air rumbled and I felt drawn to an unknown divine force.

“As the ruler of the water, the one who sees through the cracks of time, and the one who guards it eternally.”

The man leaned over and kissed my foot.

“I swear here and now to live for the master, as long as the master permits it.”

“……I allow it.”

As though he was possessed, the man’s body began to scatter away like white snowflakes.

His figure grew smaller and smaller until it finally became a small white dragon about the size of my palm.


[The human form is too much to use with master’s current ability.]

A man’s voice came from the young dragon.

He had a long tail and small wings on his back.

He walked up to me on all fours.

[Even this figure is too much for master now.
But I’m glad master has fragrant things.]

“What do you mean fragrant?”

[Something from master smells delicious.]

“Lizards have a good sense of smell, too?”

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[I’m a dragon, not a lizard.
I’m different from a lizard.
Look, I even have wings.]

He stretched out his wings on his back.

Then, he tried to fly by flapping his wings, but his chubby body could not easily rise into the air.

I knew his original form was a grown man, but watching him do that in the form of a small dragon, I felt somehow pitiful for him.

When I lifted my hand and placed him on my lap, he moved his body slowly and settled down.

“So what exactly are your abilities?”

[It’s hard to explain.
But I can make it rain whenever master wishes to, or I can keep master safe from getting hurt by any weapon.]

Rain? Artificial rain?

Hearing the man’s ability, I literally felt like my heart was going to explode.

I think I’ve signed a contract with something incredible.

This is truly the biggest jackpot for a rookie.

I couldn’t believe I was so lucky!

Now, it’s only a matter of time before we can save this land!

But Blackie immediately shattered my expectations.

[But I can’t use it now because my power is sealed]

“What? How do we break the seal?”

I’m in a rush.

Hurry up and tell me.

Is it training?

Or was it like some kind of meditation?

I’m completely ready.



[To be more precise, it’s a type of gem.
The reason I was able to open my eyes was thanks to the gems master received.]

[Gems? What kind of gems?]

[Master’s desk smells good]

Blackie wriggled on my lap, perked his nose and sniffed the drawer of the desk.

I opened the drawer as he wished, and a small jewel box appeared.

It was a box that contained only the most expensive jewels obtained from Marquis Reholas.

When I opened the jewel box, Blackie dunked his head and rummaged through the jewels.

Then, he grabbed a ruby as red as blood from the bottom.

[I want to eat it.]

tl/n: rip Felia for getting a high-maintenance dragon.

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