As a child, my dream was to have my own shop.

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It didn’t matter if it was a convenience store, a bakery, or a stationery store.

Born as an orphan and living in poverty, I thought that if I became a store owner, I would be able to get whatever I wanted.

Growing up, I realized that being a store owner didn’t mean I could have everything I desired, but I worked hard and tried to have my own store.

The day when I finally opened my store with the money I saved, I died.

The cause of my death was a heart attack.

But, my life was not over.  When I opened my eyes, I possessed the body of a 15-year-old girl.

In a normal novel, isn’t it the norm to possess a precious body like the daughter of a Grand Duke or a saint?

But I was still an orphan.

My appearance wasn’t the same compared to my previous life.

Fortunately, in this country and empire, if you study hard, even an orphan can become an official, so there was no problem in making a living.

I decided to live this life with the goal of becoming a civil servant early for a comfortable future…

“So, you should choose.
Stamp here.
If you don’t…”

The eyes of the man in front of me shone dangerously.

Treon Ivaropa.

Contrary to his handsome looks, he was a man with no blood or tears and was a loyal vassal of the Duke of Valruga, the male lead in a romance novel I read.

I swallowed my dry saliva and looked at the paper in front of me.

Looking at the atmosphere, it looked like either human trafficking or a private lens was going on, but what was in front of me was a marriage certificate.

Damn it.

It was then that I remembered who I possessed and what this world was like.

I think I’ve  reincarnated into a romance novel with a rather childish title, ‘How to Train a Beast Boy’.

My name is Felia Foldvich.

In the original story, Felia, like me, was an orphan and married a ten-year-old boy at the age of fifteen.

During my sensitive period of puberty, I suddenly had a little groom.

Felia was not interested in her young husband, and settled in the outskirts of the castle and lived quietly with the fact that she could provide food, clothing and shelter for herself.

I don’t know what Felia thought of her life.

But she didn’t know what happened to the Duke and the male and female leads who fell in love.

Then, the day her husband asked Felia to divorce her in order to marry his lover, she saw him for the first time and fell in love with him.

Felia tried to divide the relationship between the two, telling the heroine that she and the male lead have been in love since childhood, and that the heroine is only a brief background person.

Of course, Felia’s tactics didn’t work, and she died at the hands of male lead.

Felia was the villain who was only used for the love affair of the two main characters, but was not the final villain.

I loved the scene where Felia dies and the male and female lead confess their love.

In a way, Felia was a poor woman too.

In the first place, Felia and the male lead got married because of his need.

After the male lead’s parents died, the young boy could not inherit and take over the family yet.

They said he could get it back when he becomes an adult.

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So, the male lead married Felia and inherited his family’s assets using the Imperial Act, which stated that a married couple can inherit their fortunes.

It was a marriage that was easy to use and throw away from the beginning.

If it were not for this reason, Felia, an orphan with no connections, and the male lead, a high-ranking nobleman, would not have married.

“If I refuse to do this…”

I took a little chance.

Of course I would see his face when I get married, and once I become a member of a noble family, it will be easy to manage.

Still, as a passing villain, I didn’t want to die after being stabbed by the male lead.

If I refuse this marriage, I could live peacefully without being involved with him for the rest of my life.

But before I could finish saying that, I saw the hand of the knight next to me resting on the sword handle.

It is an expression saying I won’t be left alive once I’ve heard the story.

…I probably could have avoided this if I had known where I was reincarnated to and who I possessed.

If only I didn’t follow the directions from the orphanage director who secretly gave me chocolate bread.

“I’m kidding.
Why would I refuse this great opportunity?”

I smiled a lot.

“I’m glad.”

The man also smiled at me.


We laughed at each other for a while.

You guys are so mean.

As expected, he was loyal to the male lead’s family.

I asked with a servile smile.

“Do I put my fingerprints down here?”

“Yes, right next to your name.”

The family seal was already stamped next to the male lead’s name.

I swallowed my tears and put my finger on the marriage certificate.

It makes me cry to see myself enter the depths of evil.

Now that this has happened, I have to live quietly so I won’t die, and get a divorce right away.

If it’s the Duke, he won’t even know I’m there, so if it goes as it did in the original, I’ll be sent to the outskirts of the castle.

Still, if I live alone, I’ll feel a little lonely, but can’t I just live in a village?

Exactly a week later, as soon as I arrived at the Duke’s Castle by myself in a wagon, my determination faded away.

* ❀ *

“Wow, why is it so c-c-c-cold?”

My teeth shook and I put on another layer of clothes.

Even though I wore thick fur coats in two layers, white breath still came out of my mouth.

“I’m sorry, madam.
I couldn’t buy firewood because I didn’t have enough money… Please use this as a cover for now.”

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The maid covered me with a thick blanket.

I was still cold, but it was better than nothing.

As soon as the male lead saw me, he said, ‘Your outlook is not good.
Send her to the abandoned palace.’

I haven’t even seen his face since then.

It’s just that this family is poor.

The male lead had a precious status.

The Duke was the founder of the empire, but now the duke’s family was in a state of co

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