Since time immemorial, the worlds domain has been dominated by four different species ie. The Vampires, The Werewolves, The Mortals and The Witches.

Rivington Human Kingdom of the North is a territory ruled by King Nicholas. Similarly, The Night Creatures gifted with divinity of immortality, had their reign over the southern section as Cayor Kingdom with the sovereign ruler, Lord Alec. The western region is on the clutches of werewolves, the worshippers of the Moon Goddess. Sebastian, being the mighty powerful Alpha monarch of that land. Whereas, it is believed that the witches and other magical creatures are the habitants of the eastern territory.


”Aurora! ” Bella dashed over to Aurora, who was busy admiring the flowers in the backyard of mansion.

She came to a standstill in front of the lady adorned in a long, flowing peachy colored gown with puffy sleeves.

”Roch, what are you rushing for? ” Aurora cocked her head to see Rochelle who was gasping for air.

”I apologize for the delay. Actually, I was with father in his study room and yes,… ” Despite the nerves coiling in her stomach, she was scanning her brain for correct phrases of words.

”No, its fine. ” She continued to poke Rochelles beautiful cheeks. Then, she linked her arm with Rochelles and followed her across the enormous garden, which was surrounded by multi-blossoming flowers.

Rochelle had only known Aurora for three years yet the two are more than sisters. Its as though shes known Aurora for a very long time. There was that connection lingering between them.

As they were strolling, even if Rochelle had her body present there, her mind was only thinking of her fathers remark, which were ringing in her ears. ”I know you can make Aurora accept the Dukes marriage proposal. Do it for your father please, Roch. ”

Rochelle sighed, attempting to proceed her sentences forward. ”The weathers exceptionally fine today, isn it? ”

”Indeed. ”

”How long has it been since we are together? ” Rochelle queried once more, with a baffled expression.

”Heh! It has been three years entirely, Roch. Don you remember? ” Aurora chuckled, staring the phenomenal sky.

”I vividly remember. And over this entire period, I haven heard you mention about any men. ” Rochelle blurted out while biting her tongue under her breath. Even if they had known each other for entire three years, a person has full right to her privacy.

”I mean, I am your younger sister, but I have no idea about your preferences in men. Would you mind sharing with me? ” This was the question she had been holding in her heart for quite some time.

Rochelle was now anticipating a response.

As they had already passed the garden area, and their idle dawdling had led them to the inner courtyard. Meanwhile, Auroras gaze was drawn to the tea table ahead of them, prompting her to stroll towards it, completely ignoring Rochelles query.

”…. ”

”Im too preoccupied to be concerned about it! ” As she sat down on the chair, Aurora gave a calm response.

”Don you think now is the time to be concerned about such matters? ” Rochelle took advantage of the fact that there were only two of them as she sat across from Aurora. She was blinking constantly, her knuckles pressed against her chin.

”Analyzing my age, its almost time for me to marry! ”

”That is my point. ” Rochelle reached out her hands, grasping Auroras fingers. The excitement in her eyes were suspicious for Aurora!

Rochelle pushed her exuberance aside and adopted a solemn demeanor ”It would be so good if you could discover your love. A compassionate, loving person who would stay by your side and hold your hand the way I am holding right now. ” She began to silently sob, like if putting on an act.

Rochelles smooth, soothing words were comforting to hear but Aurora was no fool to believe them. She could caught Rochelles act right away.

”Roch, don put on a show. Come right out and tell me what father has assigned you with. ” Aurora squinted her eyes, staring the girl in her opposite side.

Rochelle had complete faith in her acting abilities. But it might be disastrous, which is why Aurora caught her.

”Hmmm… ” she hummed, taking a deep pause before blurting out. ”Theres a marriage proposal from the Duke. ”

”Marriage Proposal? ” Aurora chuckled, swirling the locks around her finger.

”Thats great! I am so happy for you, Roch. ” She squeezed Rochelles hand in hers, leaning forward.

Rochelle was dumbfounded, she parted her lips to speak, but the words wouldn make it to her lips.

”N-No. ” she cut her off before Aurora could ramble further.

”It is for you. ” Her vociferous protest slowed down and disappeared into a whisper, before she pursed her lips into a thin line.

Aurora stared at her, shock and disbelief written all over her face. She called, ”Roch! ” Then came a menacing voice, ”You better not joke with me. ”

Joke? Heh! I agree, dear sister. A joke about to turn into a reality.

”N-No, I am not… ” Rochelle sighed.

A lot of things were running, playing and chatting with each other inside her head and all of these came to an abrupt halt after Rochelle finally confronted the real thing. ”Well, Papa brought up this matter in the morning so, he wants me to talk with you and make you ready for it. ”

Silence stretched for a long, astonished moment.

”Who is the bridegroom? ”

Rochelle swallowed the sudden lump formed in her throat. ”Sir Isaac, Duke of Cayor Kingdom. ”

”I am asking, whos the groom? ” Aurora repeated.

Did she not hear me? Its Duke…Duke of Cayor Kingdom. Her mind screamed in desperation.

”Its Sir Isaac, Duke of Cayor Kingdom. ” From how hard she bit her lips, it filled her mouth with the taste of blood.

When Rochelle found about the groom, she was astonished as well. How is it possible to match a human with a vampire?

Aurora arched her eyebrows, ”Considering the feud, how could he? Let me talk to father in person. ” She rose, her fair complexion turned into a shade paler than before.

Rochelle shoulders stiffened before she forced them to relax. ”No, don ! ” She obstructed her way, gripping her wrist.

Aurora inhaled a long, deep breath. A small frown took over her face. ”Leave my hand Roch, unless you want to see stars this early morning. ”

Rochelle stood from her seat and the hand gripping her wrist, slowly reached upto her shoulder to console Aurora. ”Aurora, first try to listen to me. After I am done, I promise the choice will be yours. ”

”Fine! ” Rochelles face broke into a little triumphant smile.

Both of them settled back to their seats. Switching the conversation back to the topic, Rochelle continued, ”The purpose of this marriage is to put an end to the feud between the three clans. ” She maintained her expression neutral and impassive.

Folding her arms, Aurora leaned back, letting herself sink in the chair. She snorted, ”Have you forgotten one thing? If so, allow me to remind you. We, Humans are in peace with werewolves. We can daydream of living in harmony with both clans. Its either Werewolves or Vampires. ”

Rochelle tapped the table with her fingertips. ”I know and I am aware of it. We can choose Vampires over Werewolves. ” Her eyes sparkling with stern intelligence.

”We have no right to pick one over the other. ” Aurora retorted. ”Its upon them to take us as their alliance. And by making vampires our allies through this marriage, we will invite the werewolves wrath. ” Auroras eyes flashed a hint of caution and wariness.

”Peace is possible through this marriage. Vampires brought this proposal to Papa and the Vampire King himself has promised Papa to restore peace with the humans in return. ” Rochelles eyes gleamed a spark of hope.

She snarled, ”What are you saying, Roch? This marriage equals to a betrayal for the werewolves. ”

”Its not, Aurora. Try to understand. ” Rochelle expressions softened. ”If peace is restored between vampires and humans, the vampires won haunt, enslave and feed on humans, like they are doing. ” She stared at Aurora with concern scrawled all over her face. ”Moreover, theres nothing we, humans are getting through the peace-agreement with werewolves. Its just that they are shielding us from the vampires clutches. ” Rochelle shrugged off, playing nonchalantly with her face-framing two strands of hair.

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