The Lurking Revenge

Father\'s request


Rochelle gasped for air under her breath and snapped her eyes wide, only to be greeted by the familiar ceiling above her. She was panting profusely, the buckets of sweat had soaked her whole body.

”That nightmare! ” she exclaimed as she jerked upright. Her fingertips caressing her damp brow and her heart beating a million drums of beats.

Rochelle swerved her head and her racing heart slowed to a halt only when her gaze fell on the room she was well acquainted with.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips, as she reclined on the pillow.

”Waking up from the darkest nightmare is still a blessing for me! ” She exhaled, mumbling under her breath. Her black eyes on the ceiling, she was wondering how was it possible for her to escape from his clutches?

She isn even sure if its her hallucination or a piece of her long-lost memory. Somehow, she was convinced that it could be a part of her fragmented memories and then her brain knocked the same question again and again, ”How am I still alive today? Wasn I meant to perish at his hands? Have I been rescued by a knight in shining armor? ”

There should have been a scratch on her body if the beast had attacked her, but there wasn .

Is that to say the creature let her go?

But, how could a beast leave his prey alive?

Let alone about the moment when she had actually witnessed his first ever shape-shifting phase.

Rochelle stressed her brain for an answer, but all she got was a severe headache.

”At the end of the day, I am alive and its what that matters. ” Mist filled her eyes with a fog of fear and the terrible sight of that night still fresh and vivid in her eyes. Chills swamped her and sent shivers down her spine to her core, every time she woke up from her nightmare and it would be a lie if she said it did not.

Rochelle slowly bent her knees to hug them and her chin resting on her hugged knees. ”Why am I left with this terrible memory only? Why can I remember anything other than this? Why am I oblivious of my own identity? ” Tears streamed down her face.

That night, Rochelle was bound with an unwritten agreement with her life, where life fulfilled her most treasured wish and spared lifetime of pain outside her door that completely shattered all of her remaining dreams.

Rochelle could hear the gentle patter of footsteps outside her room. She had her eyes glued to the door before it was opened and Aurora crept inside.

Yes, the daughter of Marquess Zeronis Inglid of the Rivington Human Kingdom, Aurora Inglid.

The warm yellow rays of dawn caressed Auroras blonde lock as they wafted through the window. Her eyebrows furrowed, revealing a tinge of concern and worry in those emerald eyes.

”Was it awful? ” As she looked over Rochelle, Aurora questioned softly. She gave her a cup of tea, sitting next to her.

”The same repetitive unusual one. ” Rochelle shrugged nonchalantly, not letting any stark terror surface on her facial features. But, considering how much her cup-holding hand trembled, her body language couldn lie.

Rochelle forced a feeble smile, ”I am sorry…for giving you a hard time. ”

”How about I don accept your apologies, like always? ” Aurora flashed into a gracious grin.

”You are my sister. ” Aurora wrapped Rochelle into a bear hug. She couldn help but, bury herself into Auroras reassuring embrace.

They said Rochelle was found near the rivers bank, three years ago. All soaked and drenched in a terrible appalling condition, and when she was having identity issues, they sheltered her with all of their love and warmth and adopted her into their family. This way, she became Rochelle Inglid.

What generosity! Prior to meeting them, Rochelle had no idea that such kind beings even existed.

One of them is the lady in front of Rochelle right now. Aurora, who lavished her with care and love. She is always checking in on Rochelle being aware of the bizarre nightmares that plague her every night.

”Everyone has nightmares. ” Aurora ran a gentle hand through Rochelles hair.

”Not like mine. ” Rochelle protested, pulling away from her embrace.

She has been experiencing this nightmare since the time Rochelle realized she was living. She doesn seem to be aware of the specifics including how she reached the opera, why she was dressed that way, and most crucially, how she managed to escape his clutches!

It seems as though the life she lived then and the life she is living today…are extremely different.

Everything prior to and following that night, is a haze. A fog has obscured Rochelles vision, mind, soul and everything, forbidding her from seeing the reality.

She only recalls her name and the events of that night, which have since taken the form of horrifying, vivid dreams.

”Its alright! Its not your fault. And you are strong enough to deal with your inner demons. ” Aurora squeezed her hand. Rochelle sighed softly and set the empty cup on the drawer next to her.

According to Aurora, the nightmare is actually the fear instilled inside Rochelle as a result of that event. The nightmares won stop chasing her until she faces her inner demons and triumphs over her fear.

”Hmmm, I will try. ” she mustered a hopeful smile.

”Nice to know. I will be in the backyard. Accompany me if you feel of strolling around, okay? ” Aurora gave her one last hug before she left and clicked the door shut behind her.

Rochelle pressed her lips, nodding her head in agreement.

Honestly, she doesn want to detangle her nightmare because doing so may eventually unleash the fractured part of her memories. The only memory she has is not even a fraction of how she lived, and if it is so unpleasantly terrible, Lord knows how her entire existence must have been during that time.

”I am Rochelle Inglid, and this is my fate and my only reality. The people I am surrounded with are my family. No more and no less! ” Rochelle shook her head in despair, preventing negative thoughts from invading her consciousness.

This time, she is determined to live her life without ever losing a single memory from her present life.

Rochelle inhaled deeply before sprawling her arms to tie her hair back, forming a bun. She slinked off her bed, her naked feet touching the cold floor. The only thing she wanted to do was wash her body that was dampened by the sweat. This way she could release all her turmoils.

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