The Lurking Revenge

Hallucination or A piece of long-lost memory?

The sudden motion loosen her tied bun, ultimately making her sleek, glossy hair to flow under the moonshine. While the moonbeam on her fair complexion lit up her beautiful countenance.

Rochelle could feel the shiver running up and down her spine as she stood half-heartedly outside the window, her pulse beating. Her pair of brows flinched in fear.

On the other hand, his dark silhouette was faintly lit by the radiance of moonlight, revealing his masculine physique which was hidden beneath a black fitting coat topped with capes, accompanied by a black hat under his head.

Rochelle turned around to confront the overwhelming height difference between the window and the earth.

”Tch ”, her grip tightened, clutching his chest as she returned his stare with her wide eyes.

Her enticing black met his seductive honey golden, which were passionately staring at her.

He was breathtakingly beautiful. His sharp chiseled jawline with his dare-devil form and astounding aura were out of this world.

Wait! How could a normal man be this striking? He can be a man, he was more than that!

That man yanked her back in an instant, her body still on his embrace. Rochelle tried to push his chest away with her hands, but she should be aware that breaking free from his grip is not simple. And the more she struggled, the tighter his grip on her waist became.

He flashed a nasty grin over his lips, as he enjoyed seeing her struggle. Finally, that man let go of Rochelles grip, causing her to sigh deeply.

”Who are you? ” she questioned again, swallowing the lump in her throat.

As a response, that man threw his head back howling with laughter before he took a step forward, scarcely a palms length away from her.

”Who am I? ” His corner of lips stretched into a wide smile, his tone harsh and husky yet honeyed.

”I am clueless! However, are you aware of your own beauty? ” His compliment soothed her ears as his steps began to encircle her like a predator prepared to strike on its prey while making sure its meal didn have the chance to escape.

The ambience around them with only the moonbeam as their source of light, turned darker and creepier.

”Sweetheart. ” He again whispered against her earlobe. He could sniff the fear that was instilling in her, caused by his intimidating presence.

This daunting man had been watching her since he entered into the opera and paying no heed to her would be a disregard to her spellbinding beauty.

He reached out to gently brush the loose strands of her hair, away from her face.

”Insolent! ” Rochelle slapped his hand away in the middle and snapped her head to face him, keeping a proximate distance between them. She was brave enough to open her mouth in front of him, without a stain of terror in her face.

The moment Rochelles eyes traced him, she knew he was not a normal creature. Instead of submitting herself to him now that she had crossed his path, tackling fearlessly would be better.

”Don even consider taking advantage of me. ” She glared with her index, pointing at him. His intimidating gaze caused a messy knot of emotion to form in her throat.

”Ufff!! Those piercing eyes are enough to knock me to the ground. ” A mischievous smirk adorned his lips as he held his palm to his chest. His tall silhouette obstructing the window, the full moons beam cascaded every inch of his body.

But, then something unexpected happened and what followed after that shocked Rochelle to her core!

A deadly flame glinted in his eyes, steadily replacing his cheerful grin. He could feel his whole skin on fire.

”Its a full moon night! ” He cocked his head back to glance at the clear moonlight. Then, he was forced to close his eyes tightly and open them only to see red blazing orbs emanate from his eyes along with his pupils that dilated like that of a wolfs.

That creature fell on to his hands and legs, his limbs twisting in inverse ways, as he attempted to keep his internal beast from coming out.

The very freaking moment chilled Rochelle down to her spine. The black fur was progressively emerging from every inch of his body, she could see it.

His hands were mutilated and the skin peeled away, leaving him with big, hairy clawed hands.

”Did his fingernails transform into werewolf claws? ” Rochelles pupils dilated in surprise as soon as it hit her. Her brain stammered for a moment, and her eyes unable to adjust to what she was witnessing. Each and every part of her body froze.

Till now, she had mistaken him for a vampire. Never ever in her dreams, she had envisioned him to be a werewolf?

Rochelle quivered, her whole body shrank at the sight. Her legs wobbled as she took steady backward steps. Her foot brushed up against the dressing table, knocking her off balance as she tripped into the floor.

She grasped, clamping her mouth shut to avoid disturbing the morphing beast with even the tiniest movement.

Less she knew, his bloodshot crimson eyes were staring at her. Then, he yelled in pain as his knees switched directions and the bones inside him twisted.

He indignantly roared. Every aspect of that shape-shifting organism could sense fluctuations. His spine fractured and reconfigured its structure in an unusual manner in an instant, followed by the limbs and legs twisting in opposite directions, only leaving him in excruciating pain.

His entire body started molding itself into a taller, broader and slouched shape. The bones began to break, lengthen and pop through his skin back into place, creating an entirely new foundation. The clothes on his body caused a burning sensation in his skin, involuntarily causing him to tear the clothes ferociously. He was unstoppable due to his unrestrained wrath.

His then ravishing beautiful face contorted as the long wolfs muzzle extended out in front of him, his jaw dislodged to create place for a deadly gash.

He looked forward onto his hands, his screams turned into a protracted howl as the dark black fur sprouted from his body and the remaining clothing tore itself from the body as his muscles increased in size. The new flesh-tearing fangs replaced his former teeth. Finally, he turned into a massive black furred wolf-beast, feral enough with his huge glowing red eyes and fangs.

Time seemed to be slowing down!

A bloodcurdling silence replaced the tempting atmosphere. Rochelle was panting heavily, not moving an inch from the place where she had tripped. It was terrifying to behold the fleeting peek before her eyes. She went numb, her throat dry as she gulped her fear.

A massive flood of adrenaline rushed through her body, making her heart pound like a drum in her chest.

Rochelles skin turning cold and clammy, with each step that beast took towards her. The tinge of sweat dripping into her eyes, she throbbed under her thin breath. She soon experienced a blackout before her eyesight became woozy, causing her to lose control of her muscles and collapse restlessly.

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