The Lurking Revenge

Under the Full Moon

*sigh* A girl in a dazzling burgundy gown inlaid with golden foliage embellishments was exhaling her uneasiness, as she stood before the dressing table, facing the mirror.

”Rochelle! There you are. ” A voice reached out to her, along with the owner of that voice.

Rochelle subconsciously shifted her attention to the person calling her.

”Oh, my heavenly father! Rochelle, you look stunning. ” Claudia pressed her hands into her shoulders before mouthing the same compliment that she repeats whenever her gaze falls on Rochelle.

While, Rochelle rolled her eyes and shifted her gaze to the left, back to the mirror. ”Can you see the flame of edginess glinting in my eyes? ” She popped her eyes open and leaned on the table, her flat hands on the tables edge.

”Rochelle, Come on. ” Claudia chuckled as she sprawled her arm across the table, only to pick up the lip gloss. ”Its not the first time youve had to deal with a crowd. If I were you, Id be used to it by now. ” said the girl, who was putting a touch of gloss on her lips.

Rochelle flinched her brows, the racing beat of her heart palpitated under her fingertips as she rubbed her chest.

”Enough with the talks! The orchestra has begun to perform. I wish you all the best, Rochelle. ” Claudia patted Rochelle on the back and placed her arms around her. Then, she stood aside as to make a way for Rochelle.

Rochelle made her way backstage, her dress brushing across the floor. She finished off her look with a slinky corset adorned in golden threads, that molded her breasts and curved her torso into an hourglass shape.

Rochelle was surrounded by voices as she entered the backstage area, with individuals dressed in various costumes. When one of the workers finally cued her, she took a deep breath before ambling herself onto the stage.

At this point, Rochelle can afford to be weak and succumb to nervousness. After all, today was the day her dream of becoming a female lead songstress was about to turn into reality. She had spent countless hours and rehearsed tirelessly for this big day and falling weak in the knees would be her last resort.

The light beamed on the young lady as the curtain rose, illuminating her majestic figure. Initially, she felt a little dizzy, her palms sweating and her voice wavering slightly.

However, she gradually focused on her singing, immersing herself in the thrilling rush of music.

After awhile, Rochelle appeared to sing her heart out before the hundreds of people, amid the dazzling lights. Her euphonious voice reverberated all over the opera house.

Amongst the crowds who were drawn to her soothing voice, there was that man who seemed to approach her with his seductive golden eyes.

He lowered the brim of his hat to avoid others from recognizing him but also his sharp beguiling gaze remained fixated on her, unmoving.

He bothered himself from noticing her eloquent upward eyes, which were accompanied by thick foxy lashes. Her plump lips danced as she sang like a nightingale, and her grin did mesmerize all onlookers in the hall.

Rochelle glowed with undying light in the hall of arts. Above all, the meticulously golden crown sparkled on the top of her head, beautifying her long wavy red hair which flowed down to her waist.

Her enthralling aura was captivating enough to cast a spell over him, fully bewitching his heart. Unlike other girls, there was something about her that piqued his interest.

The lights have dimmed, except for the one shining on Rochelle as she finished her performance. The red curtains fell down while the audiences erupted in applause. Simultaneously, the fall of curtain caused one of his hands to clutch the armrest of his seat.


Just as she returned to the backstage, the people rained down compliments on her. Of course, it was an overwhelming moment for her. Finally, Rochelle was able to live her dreams.

”You sung so well! ” Claudia complimented Rochelle as she hugged her. While Rochelle too, wrapped her arms around Claudia and screamed, ”I did it Claudia! I did it! ” A drop of tear slid down her cheeks; a happy tear.

”Get yourself changed! I have an errand to attend so I am leaving. ” She pulled away from Rochelle, before hastily pressing a gentle kiss on Rochelles cheeks.

”Alright, Goodnight! ” Rochelle nodded her head, patting Claudias shoulder before she left the opera house in rush.

No sooner had Claudia departed, Rochelle entered her dressing room to get herself changed.

She cleansed her entire body before changing into her half-sleeved dark pale cotton kirtle.

”I should return as soon as possible before anyone finds out. ” Rochelle mumbled before she perched down to sit at the chair. As she was rubbing her damp hair, the light went out sparing only darkness to surround her.

Though also, there was a dim light illuminating in the room and when she cocked her head to her right, Rochelle saw the moonlight filtering through the window.

That window was large enough for anyone to pass through. She stood up and walked towards the large window with her eyes focused.

It was almost midnight and the night sky was breathtaking. An ethereal aura encircled the moon, which was gleaming yellow. It was, after all, a full moon night.

”Today was a long day. ” Rochelle sighed, her knuckles propped against her chin and elbows rested against the windows edge. ”Im the only one whos staying up this late; everyone else has already left. ”

The cool night breeze was playing with her dark red hair, which she later drew back from her face, twisted and wrapped in a circular spiral just above her neck, forming a bun.

Rochelle stood by the window, staring at the moon, indulged with her own thoughts. She quickly regained her wits before stretching her body with a yawn.

When Rochelle turned around from the window, the sudden appearance nearly sucked her soul out of her body. Her whole body froze, witnessing a dark scary silhouette in front of her, only with his golden eyes staring back at her. Her casual demeanor came to an end as as her eyes dilated and lips parted in horror. Earlier, she had felt the heat of someones eerie gaze on her back, but Rochelle brushed it away thinking it could be her illusion.

”Who are you? ” There was a terror in her voice when she asked. However, the silhouette took his step towards her, flat-ignoring her question. Rochelle could feel her heart thumping against her chest with every step he took. Her shoulders shuddered as she swallowed her fright.

When Rochelle retreated her steps, she lost her equilibrium and was about to drop down restlessly. If it wasn for the mans arm that went around her waist to save her bones from rupturing into pieces, Jesus knows what her condition would be!

A small gasp escaped her lips that made his lips curl up into a devilish smirk. His one arm was draped around her waist, while his other gripped her wrist. On the other hand, she had her both palms rested on his hard macho muscles.

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