The LightSky Incident

Words cut deep, don\'t they?

As the students came back from Redsity, they were welcomed by the principal and his wife, as usual, along with the siblings.

”Hope you guys got to know each other a little better. We will give you a little more time to get yourselves together so we can train again soon. ” – Lynx said.

Luna sighed and went to her room along with Aaron. Harley followed.

”Luna, are you okay? I mean.. She corrupted you. ” She asked her.

”… Im fine, don worry. Its not the first time shes mistreated me. ”

”You should rest.. ” – Aaron advised Luna.

”No, I don want to keep myself away from training any longer. This is nothing, don worry! ”

”No, Luna, you should rest a bit. The training takes a lot of energy, so youll need it. ” – Harley affirmed.

Luna took her word for it, I mean, shed been training all alone for a few years just like her so she knew what she was talking about.

Luna decided to rest up and watch a random series, since she wanted background noise while she was sitting on her bed.

*A few hours later*

Luna realized it was time for the daily afternoon training and left with Aaron and Harley followed, to see our training. She turned to a bat and flew my way to the training arena, while Aaron and Harley ran on all fours.

Lynx and Fyriana were already waiting and smiled at the sight of their students and their new companion.

”Are you guys feeling better? Yesterday was a little rough.. But we need to get buffed up, I mean, BlackOut could attack soon. ” – Lynx asked them. He was accompanied by the principal and his wife, along with his own sister.

”Yeah, Im ready for training. ” – Luna said, getting into the training arena.

Aaron looked at her worried but followed her.

Luna got in an attack position and Aaron stood on the other side of the training arena.

”Alright. Begin. ” – Nicholas announced, leaning against the arena wall, looking at both.

Luna wrapped Aaron in vines and threw him across the arena. With him getting off the vines, he used his claws to stop himself from taking the impact of the wall. She then went underground, turning the floor below her to water, keeping Aaron above the surface and appearing in the wall next to him, blasting him away from her.

He landed on the other side of the arena, crashing onto the wall. He got up and blasted her but she turned to a bat and flew under the blast, throwing beams at him.

Aaron dodged and clawed her wings, making her transform back to normal. Luna fell to the ground but got up quickly. The cuts on her arm and back healed and she smirked. She looked up at him as he transformed to his werewolf form.

”Going all in.. Got it. ” – She said, as her hands started glowing, walking closer to him.

He looked at her and slammed his hands on the ground, forcing vines and trees to grow at great speed. Luna dodged as the logs formed, and burnt the vines on her way. Her left eye started glowing purple, her right eye glowing red. Aaron got surprised and Luna said, in a mixture of her own voice and BlackOuts: ”…You have a lot of power, but still, you lack experience. ”

Luna made mirrors all over the arena and blasted Aaron, and made another beam hit the mirrors, going towards his direction. She saw her own attacks and gasped, covering her left eye in pain while Aaron dodged her attacks, pinning her to the ground, shouting: ”LUNA, LUNA! SNAP OUT OF IT! ”

Luna growled and blasted him away from her out of instinct, shouting back: ”GET AWAY FROM ME! ”

She backed away from him, seeing him hit the ground, while his stomach was bleeding. He then said: ”…Luna.. I.. I thought you were different from BlackOut. But I guess you two are just two piles of sand in the same bag.. ”

He then ran on all fours into the forest while she tried to reach for him to heal him. Luna sighed.

*Aarons POV*

Aaron ran into the depths of the forest near the school and soon enough stopped, due to his wound. He heard a chuckle. A chuckle that came from a woman.

”My my.. Aren you an unlucky one? ” – The woman spoke.

The forest was dark, so he couldn see her very well, but she wasn far from him. Just a tree apart. She then lifted her finger and a small flame appeared on top of her finger, letting her lock eye contact with him. It was BlackOut.

”W-Wha- What are you doing here?! You were supposed to leave me and Luna alone.. ”

She smirked and replied: ”I was just getting some materials for my lab, and I can only get them here in this forest. Its not breaking and entering since I can enter and leave whenever I please, as long as Im out of the radar.. ” – She then looked down at his wound – ”I see that Luna scratched you? I wonder what happened.. ” – She commented, sarcastically.

”S-So what the hell is your plan then? Are you gonna finish me off?! Torture me?! Answer! ” – He started backing away, sweating.

”No no.. I feel like you have something to my benefit, so.. ” – She lifted her other hand up to his forehead, keeping her distance – ”Ill just be borrowing you for now. ”

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