The LightSky Incident

The first abduction.

Luna was unconscious but her breath could slightly be heard, her heart was racing.

Pandora looked worried at her daughter, mumbling: ”If only Id come sooner.. ”

Aaron, out of frustration, went on all fours and ran to the dorms area and as he arrived at the dorm he shared with Luna, he landed on his own bed, breathing heavily and covering his face, thinking over what just happened.

After a few moments, he sat up and said under his breath: ”Damn it.. There has to be something I can do, right..? Luna is unconscious, I can just stand around doing nothing..! ” – He turned to the window, looking out to see just how big Redsity was.

Meanwhile, Nicholas carried Luna to her dorm, where Aaron was spacing out, while his wife and the siblings followed. He then stopped at their door and knocked on the door gently.

Aaron went to the door with haste and looked up at Nick and then at his roommate, asking, holding his elbow: ”I-Is Luna going to be okay? Has she woken up..? ”

”She hasn yet. She should wake up soon though. Make sure to take care of her, we will be checking up on you two periodically while shes recovering. ” – Nicholas said, looking down at Luna – ”Her heart is racing.. Too many things happened at once. ”

”I have an idea.. One thing I do know, sir.. Is how to heal others. ”

Nicholas smiled at this new information. Just as Aaron had finished that sentence though, Luna slowly regained consciousness and held her own head, closing one of her eyes.

”W-What happened..? ” – She asked, looking around.

Nicholas laid her down on her bed gently and replied: ”A lot, but you
e safe now. ”

Luna sat up and growled from her headache as Aaron hugged her, tearing up, whispering: ”Thank goodness you
e okay.. I am so sorry I couldn protect you, I-I swear I tried my best..! ”

Luna got surprised and looked away.

”I-Its fine.. No one couldve predicted this would happen anyway.. ” – She said, under her breath.

Aaron clenched her waist slightly, looking down ashamed and then stands up over her.

She looked at her dad.

”Your left eye changed color to purple.. I guess theres more to this than we expected. ” – Nicholas said.

She took a mirror from her bag and looked at her own eyes.

”…Is this what she meant by ”You
e going to be useful ”? ” – Luna looks away.

Aaron stood up over at Luna and asked: ”Luna, would you mind if I tried something to try and give you more energy and potentially heal you? ”

Luna looked up at Aaron.

”You could try.. But whatever hit me is now inside my body, not really outside.. ”

He nodded and his eyes started glowing yellow, a ring of light surrounded them both, as her body started to float in the middle. Luna started to relax, looking at the ring of light surrounding her body. She felt her bruises and wounds go away, along with most pain, Aaron then gently put her down on her bed and slowly snapped back from his life healing spell.

She walked up to the full body mirror, while Nicholas looked at her, seeing if her arm was still purple. Luna looked into her own eyes and said: ”What she did to me can be turned back to normal? ”

Aaron stood next to her and asked, as a reply: ”Well.. Are you least feeling physically better? ”.

Luna held her elbow.

”Yeah, I am.. Just.. ” – Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks as she continued – ”Why did this have to happen..? We didn do anything wrong, right? Shes just.. acting really weird..? ”

Suddenly there was a knock at their dorm.

Aaron turned at the door once again and checked the peep hole to see who was at the door as his ears and tail stood up on end, signaling everyone he was on guard.

He didn recognize this person, but he looked surprised, so he opened the door, with his eyes widened, as he recognized the species in front of him. It was a girl with fluffy ears and a fluffy tail, just like him. She looked surprised to see him yet didn let out a word.

Aaron finally moved, backing away slightly from surprise.

”Luna, can you come over here, please..? ” – He asked quietly.

Luna looked over at the door and walked over.

The girl looked over at Luna and smiled.

”Harley?.. ” – She smiled.

Aaron turned around to Luna and said: ”You never told me that there were werewolves at the academy besides me… ” – Aaron looks at Harley and shakes their hand – ”The names Aaron, Aaron Lycan. Nice to see another werewolf still up and running! ”

Harley smiled at him and shook his hand.

”Wait.. Ive heard that name somewhere.. StoneClaw? ” – She looked up at him in confusion.

He nodded.

” So youve heard of my village huh? ”

”I used to live there too.. ” – She looked away, holding her elbow. Luna looked at her in surprise.

”W-Wait, did anyone else escape?! ” – Aaron asked, with hope in his eyes.

”I.. don think so.. Here, I am the only werewolf, well aside from you now. ”

”Harley, since you weren summoned by my wife, I suppose I should fill you in what happened earlier.. ” – Nicholas affirmed, looking at Harley, signaling her to come in so Aaron could close the door.

Harley walked in and said: ”I heard there was an attack and yeah, Pandora didn bring me because she said it would be safer for me to remain in my room. Who was it anyway? ”

Aaron clenched his fists and looked down, muttering: ”Evanora, you might know her as BlackOut.. The one who killed everyone from our kind.. ”

Harleys tail got irritated at hearing that cursed name. She looked over at Luna and noticed her left eye being a different color. ”Did she also.. attack Luna..? ”

”She apparently.. corrupted me? ” – Luna looked away.

Harleys thought process stopped. She looked down, trying to contain her tears.

”Why would.. What the hell.. ”

Her memories were coming back to her. The blood splatter. The womans grin, everything. She couldn let out a word.

Luna looked at her, worried. ”H-Harley, are you okay? ”

Aaron looked at her as he felt shivers down his spine as her face went from welcoming to fear inducing in moments. He tried to get closer to comfort her as he thought he understood her pain.

As Aaron was about to comfort her, Luna used telepathy to see what she was thinking about, and made a hologram above everyone.

Luna saw it. Evanoras actions in StoneClaw. Nicholas looked over and tried to keep his composure while seeing the slaughter.

”… ”

Harley couldn move a muscle for a few moments. She was petrified at the sight of the past events.

Aaron looked up at the hologram and lost balance, falling on his back, backing away while tears streamed down his face, witnessing what really had happened in StoneClaw.

Luna backed up and her legs failed to keep the balance of her own body.

”The mist.. The same mist that went into my skin.. What the hell.. Why were they.. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! ”

Luna started feeling tears stream down her face as she tried to find words to describe what she just saw but couldn .

”W-Why.. I-I-I thought she killed them all.. Why are they ripping each other to shreds..?! ” – He asked between hiccups while sobbing.

”She.. She was smiling through all of it.. Whatever that mist is, its dangerous. Hearing that womans name brings me despair.. And hatred.. ” – Harley closed her eyes, barely doing movement to hold her own elbow. You could tell, her bodys strength left her from the memories.

Luna made the hologram disappear as soon as she could stop looking at it.

”One thing to know thats important.. Evanora LightSky is Lunas aunt and my sister. We are blood related but it seems she only considers us as obstacles rather than family members.. ” – Nicholas looked away from the hologram.

”F- Fa.. Family..? BLACKOUT IS A PART OF YOUR FAMILY, NICK?! ” – Harley turned to her werewolf form, due to feeling threatened, looking angrily at him.

Nicholas approached her slowly and carefully.

”Harley.. Youve known me since you were a child.. Im not like her, remember? I took care of you at the roughest times.. ” – He said in a soft tone, trying to reassure her.

Aaron put his hand on Harleys shoulder and said softly: ”Trust me, I can understand your frustrations of not knowing that sooner, but that doesn mean you shouldn trust them. They want to stop this mIst and evanora just as much as we do. ”

”….. ”

Harley looked at Nick angrily while he looked nervous but had a welcoming expression on his face. Harley sighed as she saw no point in being aggressive and turned back to normal.

Aaron looks at Luna and Nick.

”Well, now that we have the full picture of the event, we saw a glimpse of the crimes shes committed so they can be shown to the court and have her guilty and charged for murder. We just need her to be captured and from there.. Figure out what this.. mist is? ”

”I wouldn be so certain that jail can contain her forever though. ” – Nick sighed.

”Maybe contain her ourselves for questioning? I mean, if anyone knows this.. mist.. its her. ” – Harley crossed her arms, looking at everyone.

Aaron rolled his eyes annoyed because they kept talking about her so much and said: ”If we question her, what is that gonna get us? You saw her, shes unhinged! ”

”Alright, questioning it is. Even if shes in this.. status now.. I know some weak points to get some answers out of her. ” – Nicholas says, looking away – ”But if that doesn work, we can just invade her lab and get some clues. ”

Aaron walked over to Luna and said: ”Even so I think we had enough hero talk for one day. Luna, when are you gonna take me to the city below? I wanna see how redsity really is! ”

”Yeah, we should check out the city before anything. ” – Harley said, looking at Aaron and Luna.

Aarons eyes lit up with excitement and he stood up and his tail started wagging as he looked out the window, saying: ”Oh my God yes! We
e finally getting to go to this city Ive heard from my orphanage..! A place filled with lights, so many possibilities..! ”

Luna smiled at Aarons excitement. Nicholas smiled as well.

”Well, a break for you all really is needed. Luna, just make sure you don overdo it okay? You too, Aaron. ” – Nicholas said.

Aaron smiled as he turned around.

”Trust me, I do after what happened today to get my refilled all ready for training. ”

He then wrapped his arms around Luna and Harley, continuing: ”Now you gotta explain to me how you two knew each other in the first place! ” – He said.

They walked out laughing and smiling as they started heading out the dorm to the stairway down to the city level. The area was first filled with smoke as the mood of the area goes from a bright day to a dark misty city filled with noise and screams from amusement parks and malls filling the streets.

”I can tell you that easily! ” – Luna smiled, turning to a bat, sitting on Harleys shoulder.

”Well, when I escaped StoneClaw, I passed out.. And from what I remember, I was in the nurses office of this Academy.. Nick was watching me being treated, along with Pandora.. ” – Harley explained.

”Wait, who even found you, did they even tell you? ” – Aaron asked in confusion.

”Fyriana and Lynx did while they were on a mission apparently.. ”

They slowly walked through golden gates into which neon lights filled the dark streets.

”And after I was properly treated, me and Luna met because Luna and I were classmates for a while, until I decided I could train by myself.. ” – Harley continued her explanation.

Aaron nodded, replying: ”I was the same way, though I thought doing things on my own would bring me more satisfaction on improving myself by my own means. ” – He then looked at Luna – ”But thanks to her, I finally have a chance to truly change myself and learn how to make myself more helpful for others. ”

Luna smiled and kissed his cheek.

”Take that as a You
e welcome ”

She giggled softly.

Aaron blushed and backed up a little.

”What was that for!?! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?! ”

He said, flustered. Luna knew he was exaggerating while they walked closer to the amusement parks.

”Jeez, you
e kinda dramatic ”

She smiled, noticing him blushing.

Aaron growled, replying: ”Sh-Shut up! Im fine, it just surprised me, thats all.. ”

Luna flew next to him and got back to normal, smirking at him.

”Flustered boy.. ”

Aaron rolled his eyes and giggled, exclaiming: ”Come on guys, lets have some fun! ”

Harley smiled along with Luna.

”Agreed!! ” – They said in choir.

*Meanwhile in BlackOuts POV*

BlackOut walked into her lab weakly and placed her hands on the table.

”…They stopped me.. And hurt me in the process.. ”

She then walked along the wall and looked at her own back through a mirror, its bloody, and also.. purple. Not bruises, but from her body being damaged from being corrupted.

”… ”

She covered her back and put on her lab coat after getting dressed again, her eyes glowed in a brighter shade of purple from stress and anger.

”…Not good. I need to back down for now.. But also.. ”

She glanced at the machines she had in her lab, and then outside her window, which had a view of Redsity.

”I also need to have some info before I can rest while chaos unfolds before me.. ”

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