The LightSky Incident

Investigation or observation?

Aarons fists clenched as the words were uttered out of his mouth and looked over at Luna angry.

”She truly is a murderer to both my people and so many more… I know you might have known otherwise but don believe her when we know the truth… ” – Aaron said while his teeth started to grow, turning into his full werewolf form and stared down at his familys murderer, trying to hold back for Lunas sake.

Luna heard his words then looked at BlackOut.

”….Ive never known this side of her though.. She was a sweetheart.. ” – Luna said, her expression was of disbelief and sadness.

BlackOut looked at Luna, trying to hold herself back from laughter.

”Honey, was is the correct word because Im not like that anymore. ” – She said, then glanced at Aaron – ”Don . ”

Aaron then approached her slowly, growling between words: ”Don do what, huh..? You want me to not show the world you
e obsessed with blood shed of my kind? I don even know if theres anyone left and Im stuck here without a place to call home just because you hated us so much… Do you know how selfish that is? ”

She dismissed what Aaron was saying and turned to Lynx, who had a puzzled expression.

Lynx sighed and looked confused about the situation yet understood something did happen years ago, saying: ”Evanora, even so, you have to take accountability for your actions at least. You can just kill werewolves and get away with it. ”

BlackOut grew annoyed and looked over at Haron, replying: ”And why not? Im just helping myself at this point. No one can stop me, not even Nick. ”

She looked over at Luna and Aaron, still with corruption in her hands.

Aaron looked at BlackOuts hand, startled and confused.

”WHAT IS THAT?! ” – Aaron shouted out of instinct.

”Corruption of some sort..? ” – Nicholas replied, keeping his guard up.

BlackOut turned to Aaron without letting out a word.

”Corr..up..tion? Huh?! ” – Aaron started backing up, confused at what he was seeing.

She grinned at Nicholass reply and started approaching Aaron slowly, mockingly muttering: ”You looked so brave and angry just a second ago.. ”

Aarons memories started flashing back to the day he ran away from the village he used to live in, where he saw the purple mist, heard the screaming and destruction. While those memories kept being on loop, he couldn help but feel fear from his inner child self, and even though he tried resisting it, his body only kept backing up as the person who caused it kept approaching.

Luna finally moved, however, and out of anger, blasted her aunt but she blocked it and looked over at her own niece, smirking.

”Good morning, sunshine!~ ” – She said, turning to Luna.

Lunas eyes glowed bright red as she finally broke her silence again: ”Leave him alone. ”

Lynx blasted BlackOuts hands with ice causing her limbs to be frozen against the wall and said: ”Im sorry to do this, Evie, but you need to go to jail. ”

BlackOut tried to hide her anger when she heard that name while she saw him grab heavily reinforced handcuffs, heading towards her as Aaron looked surprised at him while he slowly walked past everyone.

She scoffed at Lynx and turned the wall behind her into mist, going inside and melting the ice in the process. She then walked out of the opposite wall, saying: ”First of all, don call me Evie. And you seem deaf lately, hun! As I said.. ”No one can and will stop me. ” ”

He stopped in his tracks and didn look back at BlackOut, but said: ”Sis.. Call over the schools best hero groups and the bosss wife. Weve got a villain on the loose inside our barrier. ”

Fyriana looked at Evanora for a second and nodded at her brother, flying away from the Wizard Academy, to warn the other students and Pandora.

Meanwhile, out of instinct, Aaron punched BlackOut which caused her to get pushed through the wall near her and grabbed Luna, shouting: ”NICK, WE NEED TO GO, NOW. ”

Nicholas nodded and flew off with Lynx, Luna looked worried at her aunt but got snapped back into reality once Aaron grabbed her hand and ran out of the Wizard Academy as fast as his body could let him go.

BlackOut, as her back hit the wall, she gasped and closed one of her eyes as sharp pain overwhelmed her body, but she let out a weak laugh, saying: ”Heh.. Seriously.. ”

She walked out of the Academy, holding onto the wall for her to not fall over and filled her free hand with corruption as her eyes glowed in a bright shade of purple, as pain and anger filled her mind. She raised her hand towards the running werewolf and hybrid, she tried to aim for Luna and then let out a blast.

Nicholas heard the blast behind himself and turned around almost immediately, making a forcefield around Luna and Aaron, shouting: ”NO! ”

Luna tried to run faster as the corruption started spreading around the forcefield, Aaron looked further at her as he noticed the mist coming from the corruption started dropping on her arm.

”NO, LUNA!! ” – He shouted, grabbing her arm and trying to take it off but noticing it had already dipped into her skin.

Luna stopped in her tracks and closed her eyes and covered her left eye immediately, as an unknown feeling of threats and pain overwhelmed her body. She then turned to her aunt, saying: ”W-What the hell did you do to me..?! ”

Her eyes were wide open as she saw her aunt walk towards her slowly, looking into her eyes, wearing a grin on her face as she replied: ”…You will be useful in the future, Luna. ”

Aaron broke through the forcefield and blasted her with a beam of light, shouting: ”YOU! ”

BlackOut blocked the beam but her arms got burnt in the process. Aaron then blasted himself towards and grabbed her by the neck, blasting her onto the concrete, not able to think straight, muttering while looking down on her: ”Stop using people I care about for your own interests and let her go.. SHES YOUR FAMILY, DAMN IT, DO YOU HAVE NO CONSCIOUSNESS?! ”

Meanwhile, Pandora and the other students hurried into the scene, however Pandora completely stopped at the sight of her husbands sister, BlackOut.

BlackOut started grunting in pain and smiled at Aaron as she heard Pandora walk closer.

As Pandora looked down at Evanora, she looked disgusted, saying: ”You.. ”

She (BlackOut) kicked Aaron away from her and got back up slowly, cleaning the dirt off her outfit as Luna looked angrily at her, with her left eye which was then glowing purple, with her hair uncovering it from the wind in the forest as she winked at Pandora.

Luna flew at her and body slammed her against a tree, which made her cough some blood, with her eyes widened from surprise of the impact. Her fangs grew from anger and bloodthirst and she grabbed her aunt by the collar, pulling her closer.

”Leave, or I won hesitate on killing you in front of everyone.. ” – She muttered to her, trying to control her own body.

Lunas aunt,who was now pinned against a tree, looked into her eyes, seeing the effect of the corruption on her own niece while breathing heavily from the pain overwhelming her body by the minute and said softly: ”See you soon then.. ”

She then teleported away.

As soon as BlackOut got out of Lunas grasp, she started breathing heavily, feeling a more intense pain in her left eye, causing her to tear up blood from it, while she growled.

Aarons body shivered and he dropped to his knees as tears streamed down his face and he punched the ground, shouting: ”DAMN IT! ”

Fyriana hugged Aaron. Pandora and Nicholas rushed over to Luna, worried.

”Luna, are you okay?! ” – Pandora asked in a nervous tone, shes broken off her principal persona.

”I need blood.. I need something.. P-Please.. ” – Luna said as the pain got gradually worse. As soon as she said that, she fell unconscious to the ground.

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