The LightSky Incident

Guilty or Innocent?

fying magic towards the blast, making it disappear.

Nicholas was breathing heavily from running toward the Wizard Academy and turned his gaze towards his sister, saying: ”What the hell do you think you
e doing.. Thats your niece and an innocent kid. You fooled them and lured them here, because? ”

”Because, Nick.. I see them as a threat. I didn get to kill the ”innocent kid ” back in StoneClaw so Im here to finish my job. ”

Nicholas slammed her against the wall of the arena, with his hand around her neck, saying: ”This is why you were expelled all those years ago. You
e not going anywhere near them. Leave before I make you. ”

BlackOut looked angrily at her brother and kicked him away from her, fixing her outfit.

Nicholas sighed and turned to his daughter and Aaron, asking: ”Are you two okay? ”

Luna looked at the entrance of the Wizard Academy blankly for a few moments. Lynx and Fyriana hurried into the arena while she stared into the distance, almost as if she was dissociating.

Lynx, as soon as he arrived with his sister, asked, breathing heavily: ”Is everyone okay?! ”

Luna broke her silence, still staring off into the distance: ”Dad.. Whats Evanoras situation right now? ”

Nicholas looked at his daughter, already feeling her disbelief in the tone of her voice. He then answered…

”Evanora LightSky… is a wanted criminal for being a mass murderer of werewolves. ”

Lunas eyes widened as she heard his answer.

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