The LightSky Incident

Guilty or Innocent?

Nicholas then said: ”Fyriana and Lynx will now take care of giving you dorms. You will have training with them in the afternoon.. ”.

Fyriana then took the lead and started guiding their students to the dorms area.

Luna smiled as she saw her own dorm when they stopped walking.

”Unfortunately, the only dorm available here is Lunas old room. If its okay with you though, Luna, would you mind sharing it with Aaron? ” – Fyriana asked Luna.

Luna smiled and said, confidently: ”Of course I wouldn mind!! Besides, itll be nice to have a roommate for a change. ”.

Aaron and her got inside the dorm and waved Fyriana and her brother goodbye. Luna thought to herself: ”Hmm.. I need a makeover for this room.. Ooh, I know! ”

She cast a spell on the whole room and the single bed transformed into two king sized beds. The walls next to the beds made a door to each side, inside was a bathroom for each of them. The kitchen inside the room stayed the same.

Aaron looked around the room in amusement and smiled at Luna. He started to unpack his bag and saw one of his books. He picked it up and looked at it for a moment with wonder.

Luna looked at him and then at the book, asking: ”Whats that book all about? ”

Aaron replied, holding the book in his hand: ”No idea, I only know that I can only open it when Im 18. ”

Luna started thinking to herself and then said: ”Well, maybe you could let my dad open it, it might contain something important. ”

Aaron looked at her and nodded, Luna turned to a bat and flew to the Principals office. She knocked on the door and Nicholas opened the door.

Luna then said: ”Dad, Aaron has a book in his possession that he can open before hes 18. Maybe you could take a peek to see if its important? ”

”Of course. Honey, take care of the office while Im gone, please. ” – Nicholas said and walked towards the training arena with them.

Aaron, while walking, gave the book to Nicholas and as they stopped at the arena, Nicholas looked at the cover.

”The Dynasty of Claws and Death ”

He opened the book and started reading it. He then saw a name.

Alexander Lycan.

He kept reading. There was information about Alexander being considered the God of Werewolves. He had the powers of life and death itself.

He looked at Aaron and said: ”Alexander Lycan.. You have the same last name as him.. Powers of life and death, this is your ancestor. ”

He looked at his own hands worried. Nicholas looked at him and continued: ”Before you uncover those powers, as they might be dangerous to unleash, I would recommend for us to go to the Wizard Academy. I can provide you a spell book for apprentices, since you need it for both practice and self defense. ”

Luna smiled at Nicholas and then at Aaron, who looked up at him smiling.

”Follow me, Luna and Aaron. ” – Nicholas said, flying towards the forest. Luna turned to a bat and flew ahead of them, entering the Wizard Academy, in excitement.

They all arrived at the Wizard Academy. The building was in ruins but the belongings in there were untouched. There were plants growing from the ruins, it was an ancient place, Nicholass ancestors learnt their spells there.

Aaron looked around the giant library in amusement and then saw Nicholas handing a book to him. The cover read: ”Spell book for Apprentices ”. It was a medium weight book and he smiled.

Luna then asked: ”Shall we go to the arena here and try out some spells? He will need it for the training sessions. ”. Nicholas smiled and replied: ”Of course, but Luna, before we do that, I need to let you in on a little secret. ”

Suddenly, the lights went out and Luna backed away from her dad, or from who she thought was her dad, along with Aaron. There was a familiar female voice from the dark, along with footsteps towards the light switch: ”I didn want to make my comeback like this, as you must be confused and scared.. But its me.. ”

The woman turned on the lights. As the lights shined on her, Aaron immediately knew who it was, he was shocked, Luna looked at the woman in shock, she was confused yet relieved in a way, since it was her aunt, Evanora LightSky.

”My beloved niece, I missed you.. ” – BlackOut said, relieved, smiling.

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