The LightSky Incident

The Wizard Academy.

”Wait… Are those your actual parents?! ” – He said as his eyes grew wide with disbelief, seeing the principal for the first time in person, who hed been watching on the news talking about the school all the time.

He walked towards him and shook his hand instinctively.

”Its an honor to meet you, Sir! Im Aaron, I see you all the time on TV, Im a huge fan!! ” – He said, looking up at him, smiling in excitement, while jumping up and down.

”Oh hello there. Nice to meet you Aaron. ” – Nicholas said while shaking Aarons hand gently.

Aarons tail wagged back and forth with excitement. Luna then smiled and hugged her parents saying: ”Well…I guess that does make me a little famous? ”.

”Don let it get to your head, but sure, I guess… ” – Aaron smiled and booped Lunas nose to mess with her.

Pandora stepped forward and bowed gracefully, saying: ”Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pandora, I am Nicholass wife. ”. Fyriana and Lynx stood next to their bosses, Lunas parents, one on each side.

Aaron smiled and returned, with respect, a bow to Pandora as well, saying: ”Nice to meet you. Im so grateful that your daughter gave me a chance to see this place… I have been wanting to save people and be a hero myself… You see, after witnessing my family disappear before my eyes, I just can bring myself to stand around and do nothing. ”.

Nicholas looked at him and his train of thought stopped as he thought of someone, but snapped out of it soon enough while Luna hugged Aaron for him to feel some comfort.

Aaron blushed slightly from surprise and then said: ”Heyy… Im ok, trust me, thanks for the hug though. ”. He then looked away embarrassed.

He regained his composure and asked: ”But to the real reason we are here… Your daughter wants to join your academy finally, and Im trying to join as well if thats possible. ”.

Nicholas smiled and faced the entrance exam area, saying: ”Well, if you wish to enter this academy… An entrance exam is required. ”.

Aaron smiled and pumped his hand with excitement, saying: ”Yess… Now we are getting to the good part. ” – He looked over at Luna and asked – ”You ready to take this exam, Luna? ”.

Luna smirked and replied: ”If I am ready? I have been waiting for this.. ”.

”Well then, if you two are ready, Pandora, Fyriana, and Lynx let us go to the Entrance Exam area. I will explain the rules when we get there. ”

”Yes sir! ” – Aaron nodded and followed behind him while Luna turned to a bat and flew to the Entrance Exam arena.

Nicholas arrived with the teachers and his wife at the Entrance Exam area.

Aaron looked up as he couldn believe that his dream was finally happening and started turning to his werewolf form out of excitement. His body grew up to 8 feet tall with a lot of muscle to back up the power he was holding.

Nicholas looked up at Aaron, saying: ”Go to the opposite side of the area Luna is standing on, Aaron. ”

Aaron jumped to the other side with ease as the ground shook when he landed and grinned as he went on all fours to get ready for the exam.

Luna stretched to get ready for combat.

He then said: ”So what
e the rules principal Nick.. ”

Nicholas cast a spell and made 2 giant robots stand in front of each of them.

”The rules are simple. Defeat the robot in front of you or disable it, in a matter of 10 minutes or less. ” – He said, smiling.

Aaron looked at Luna, smiling, and asked: ”You ready to take this exam? ”.

Luna smirked and stretched to get ready to attack, replying: ”If Im ready? Hehehe.. I have been waiting for this for literal DAYS. ”.

Aaron smirked and put his hands into fists, announcing: ”Ready when you are, Luna! ”

Luna grabbed her spellbook and smiled, nodding to signal him she was ready.

”You may begin. ” – Nicholas announced.

The robots started going for an attack on each one of them at the same time.

Aaron ran out to the walls of the arena, climbing with ease, as the robot tried to blast him and made a huge explosion while Luna went invisible and flew to the back of the robot to see if she could disable it. Fyriana smiled at the sight of their performance.

As the smoke cleared slowly, Aaron burst out of the smoke and used the debris to hit the robots eyes and jump on its face. He then proceeded to rip its eyes out but the robot grabbed him and threw him to the ground.

”Gahhh… Owww… ” – He slightly whimpered while holding his back. He then stood up and his eyes glowed red as his body glowed golden due to him being upset.

As Luna got on the robots back, it tried to blast her away. Luna growled and blasted its back, making a forcefield around herself to not get affected by the impact.

She landed on her feet and cast a spell to get access to the back wires of its functionalities. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Sparks of light surrounded him and caused a huge blast of light at the robot which knocked it over. And with one final move, he jumped high in the air and landed on its head, and with all his might, ripped the head off. He breathed heavily as he went back to normal.

Meanwhile, Luna kicked the robot to the ground, getting its back wires exposed and she ripped off the wire that made it function. As the robot fell to the ground, she landed on her feet and put her hair in a ponytail, smiling.

”That was fun! ” – Luna said.

Aaron held his chest from the impact of the robot throwing him to the ground. Luna noticed him in pain and quickly healed him.

Aaron smiled and sat down on a bench, saying: ”Thanks, Luna, I really appreciate it… I hope I did ok.. ”.

Nicholas stroked his chin and made the robots disappear. He then started taking notes and glanced at both of them.

Aaron looked up at Nicholas and asked: ”..So..What do you think, principal Nick? ”.

He then stood up and looked at him, worried.

Nicholas smiled at them and announced: ”Welcome, Luna and Aaron, to Redsity Academy. You successfully passed the entrance exam. ”.

Aarons eyes widened from hearing that and surprise took over him as he shouted: ”Wait, oh my God..! We passed?!?! ” – He stood up and hugged Luna, continuing – ”We did it, Luna, can you believe it?! ”.

Luna smiled and jumped up and down, hugging him, exclaiming: ”LETS GOOOO!!! ”

Aaron let go of Luna and shook Nicholass hand instinctively, saying confidently: ”Thank you so much, Sir, we will not disappoint you. ”. He felt extremely grateful to finally attend his dream Academy.

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