The LightSky Incident

The Entrance Exam.

*A few years ago, in ???s POV*

A witch, with tan skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes was standing before the show of her own destruction upon a village of werewolves that was set on fire and was filled with corrupted magic which looked like something purple lurking around the village and the ground itself, it spreaded slowly but was deadly. She smiled in delight but then she then heard a rustling noise coming from one of the bushes in the forest.

”Come out, come out, wherever you are..! I really don want to see any small puppies running around here anymore..~ ” – The woman exclaimed, smirking.

A baby werewolf was shivering in fear and anger, whispering: ”W-Why did that woman need to destroy our only home..? Doesn she know we are harmless? ”.

The little pup punched a rock next to him, frustrated, thinking about how he could have helped as the light of the fire in the distance slowly faded from the rain.

He then saw the woman searching for any survivors and curled up into a ball, while silently tearing up and thought to himself: ”Mom.. D-Dad.. My brothers.. Everyone I knew and loved, gone in mere minutes… ”.

”Hmmm.. I think there are no survivors left.. What a shame though, I wouldve had more fun killing them.. ” – The woman grinned and teleported away.

He slowly peeked out of the cave he went in as blood started dripping onto the ground, since he had cut his leg while running into it in a hurry.

He tried to go back to the village he once called home and stepped closer to a nearby cliff by the cave and fell into the river below it, due to losing his balance and started getting swept away while trying to scream for help. All his hope he had to survive and to help others faded to black as he passed out.

*Back to the present, in Lunas POV*

Luna walked to the high school and sighed, taking her books from her locker. She was in a normal high school for the first time in a long time. She took a look at the spell book in her school bag and smiled but then soon noticed there was a student on the other side of the room she had never seen before.

*Aarons POV*

Aarons tail dropped down exhausted from his walk to school, he was wearing a black hoodie, with the hood covering his ears as he looked at his schedule hed gotten recently to finally attend high school after years of living in an orphanage.

”Oh jeez.. This place is a lot bigger than it looked online.. I honestly don know if I can do this.. ” – He said nervously as he shivered slightly from his cold feet touching the ground.

*Lunas POV*

She smiled and walked towards him, holding her spell book against her chest to hide the cover of it.

”Heyo!! Are you a new student here at the academy? ” – She said looking up at him.

It was a tall but young guy, his hood covered something as he turned to her, he seemed startled by seeing someone approach him but tried to play it cool.

”H..Hey, uhm.. Yeah, I am.. ” – He said, holding his elbow nervously and continued – ”S-Sorry, I should introduce myself… Im Aaron, Aaron Lycan to be exact. ”.

Luna smiled at him and stood next to him, replying: ”Luna, Luna LightSky. Nice to meet ya, Aaron, which class are ya in? ”.

She took a quick look at his schedule, smiling and continued: ”Seems you
e a new student in my class. Lets go, we
e gonna be late!! ”.

He looked at her and asked: ”My.. first class is Chemistry.. Do you know where room 204 is? ”.

She replied: ”Yep! Ill guide ya. ”.

His eyes brightened up, as he felt happy to get some help.

He then said: ”Thank you so much for helping me, this is my first time ever in a high school.. ”.

As the halls got louder and louder with students getting to class, his ears started to ring from how sensitive he was to noise.

”Well, Ill be by your side. Besides, I love helping people in any way I can! ” – Luna said as she looked back at him and noticed his ears slightly.

She went into the classroom with him, they arrived early, so no one was in there.

She then continued: ”Yeah.. I forgot to mention that people here are always chatting in the hallway.. ”.

She looked up at him and affirmed: ”I noticed your ears were sensitive to too much noise. ”

He then pulled down his hood to reveal his werewolf ears and tail with black with red tips, saying: ”Yeah.. Im more sensitive to noise than most. ”.

He then hid his ears and tail again to avoid getting exposed to other people.

e..a werewolf!! ” – She said.

She smiled at him as her fangs automatically revealed themselves to him as she continued: ”Im not human either.. ”.

He got surprised and rose his tone of voice when saying: ”Wait.. You
e a vampire?! ”. Luna signalled him to quiet down and he continued: ”I..thought i was the only supernatural being that sneaked into this school, guess I was wrong.. ”.

Luna held her elbow nervously and smiled, looking away, replying: ”Heh.. Well, at least in this school, we are the only ones who are different from the others. But my parents work at Redsity Academy.. ”.

His smile became wider with excitement as his eyes sparkled, he whispered: ”W-Wait.. Do you mean one of the best academies in the US for hero work?! Ive always wanted to go there!! ”. He jumped up and down, excited at the thought of attending that school.

She smiled in delight at the sight of his excitement and exclaimed: ”Well, to be honest, I was thinking of checking up on my parents and teachers too! Im also planning to stay there though, because I want to be able to control my powers better. ”.

She then pulled out a picture of her spell book and showed it to him.

”Maybe youve heard of him? Thats my dad. ” – She smiled at him.

His tail started wagging in excitement as he grinned.

He said: ”Oh my God, of course I heard of the principal! I would absolutely love to go, its been my dream since I was younger to help people in need with my powers..!! ”.

”Hold onto me then!! ” – She said, smiling at him.

”Wait, we
e going right now?! ” – Aaron looked at Luna, confused.

”Well, yeah, why not? ” – Luna replied to him, looking back at him, confused.

”Because school is literally about to start but wait.. Is there any chance I could have the academy as my school? ” – He replied, smiling at Luna, showing his never-ending excitement once again.

”Oh yeah, my parents will take care of our school switch, we can go right now no problem. We even got dorms prepared there! ” – Luna smiled at him.

”Well that is if they let me in, which I genuinely hope so.. ” – He said, looking down worried if he would be good enough to join.

”Of course theyll let ya in! Besides, there is always the entrance exam. ” – Luna said and then cast a spell to teleport the both of them to the entrance of the Academy.

*At the entrance of the Academy*

He let go of her and smiled, not being able to hide his excitement any longer as his ears and tail perked out in delight while the both of them heard the students training and flying around.

Luna smiled as she saw her teachers approaching the gate of the entrance of the Academy. A light purple haired, red eyed woman and a dark blue haired, light blue eyed man.

The woman spoke: ”Oh hey, Luna! Haven seen you in a long time! ”.

Aaron hid himself behind Luna, surprised by their sudden arrival.

The woman then looked at him and gave him a friendly wave, saying: ”Is that a new friend of yours? Im sure you want to see how your parents are doing as well. ”.

Luna nodded, letting out a small giggle, replying: ”Of course I want to, Fyriana!! I missed them so much.. Oh! And I met this guy today at high school! ”.

Aaron waved back at Fyriana and said, politely: ”Hello, Mrs. Fyriana, it is an honor to meet you. ”. He smiled at her warmly.

”Please, come in, you two. ” – Fyriana said as she opened the gates to the Academy.

Luna turned to a bat and flew in, squealing in excitement.

Aaron gasped, speechless to what he was witnessing and followed with a huge smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Pandora, who was the Principals wife, heard a familiar young voice and smiled, going outside while having her umbrella open. Her husband, Nicholas, followed her.

Luna noticed the principal and his wife, who were her parents, and turned back to normal, smiling.

”Heyyyy!! ” – She said, waving at them

Nicholas and Pandora walked towards them and waved, smiling.

Nicholas then said: ”I see youve grown tired of being in a normal high school. Glad to see you again, Luna. ”

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