The Lies Within.

Let\'s get married.

The week went by as a blur and the supposed day of burial had arrived, the Griffins had actually waited for Olivia and since she was back, they were going to proceed with the plan.

Jane had not been able to control her water tank, as she stood by the grave after the burial. Poor child! I failed to protect you. Im sorry you have to die at a young age-she whispered bitterly.

Olivia wrapped her hands around her mother and consoled her while she tried to fight back her tears.

Olivia felt a twisted pain in her chest, but there was something that wasn clear to her. Kayla was married and no one told her? How? When did the marriage happen, and why didn anyone tell her?

She wanted to make a fuss about it, but she would rather not disrespect Kayla. That wasn the important thing at that moment.

And with the way her mom was crying, she couldn bring herself to ask her about Kaylas sudden and eerie marriage.

Suddenly, she sighted a man stepping out from a Range Rover with another fleet of cars parked by the side.

Olivia arched her brows and stared keenly, then she sighted Griffin moving over to the man, and she noticed the tense atmosphere between them, especially when her father was bowing slightly at him. Who was that man? She thought.

”I need to go home. I can stay here for long. ” Her mom voiced out slowly and Olivia nodded while leading her to the roadside, so she could get a cab.

On her way, Griffin called her name and she excused herself from her mom and marched gently towards them. ”Olivia, this is Aiden Leandro and- ” Griffin tried to speak but got interrupted.

”She will get to find out more about me someday, ” Aiden said coldly, and Olivia nodded.

He was wearing a shade, and she couldn really say what he looked like behind them, but it was obvious that he was a fine man.

He was tall, had a pointed nose, round lips and sharp jawline. But she could also sense the cold energy coming off him.

”Go take care of your mom, ” Griffin whispered, and she left quickly while shrugging all the thoughts in her head.

Aiden was at the fake burial ceremony to be certain Olivia was back in the state and Kayla wasn messing with him. He didn care to look keenly at Olivia, but he could say she was prettier than Kayla.

Aiden put a call across to Noah and asked him to let Kayla leave, now that Olivia was back. The deal was sealed!

He decided to leave, while he ordered Griffin to call him the next day. ”Mom? Who is that man? ” Olivia inquired, and her mom arched her brow.

”What man? ” She questioned in a low cadence.

”The one standing with father, I have never seen that face before. ” Olivia whispered and Jane didn say a word.

”I don know who you
e talking about. My attention wasn focused on them when your dad called you earlier. ” She added sincerely and Olivia sighed.

She stopped a cab for her mom and she left instantly, while Olivia went back to pay her last respect for the day to her sister.

On her way back, she sighted Aiden leaving with a man walking behind him like a bodyguard. He must be a friend to Kayla, she was always the extroverted one-Olivia mumbled under her breath.




The sitting room was filled with total tranquility and no one was saying a word. Janes hand was on her chin, while Griffin looked troubled and calm at the same time.

His phone vibrated, and he pulled it out and scrolled through it.

After a minute, he uttered. ”Olivia, Im sorry you have to leave your job and come back home for us. ” He whispered and placed his hand on hers.

”You are my family, and you know family comes first. I hope to find a new job here, so you don have to worry about me. ” She replied with a light smile.

”And also, ” he muttered and averted his eyes to Jane. ”I have something Kayla wants me to give to you. ” Griffin spoke and Jane arched her brow.

”What is it? ” Olivia rushed the words as they spilled out of her mouth Instantly.

”It is a letter. She wrote it at the hospital before taking her last breath. ” Griffin declared and lowered his gaze while Olivia spared her mom a stare, but she was also looking perplexed.

”You never told me Kayla wrote a letter for Olivia. What is it about, huh? ” Jane inquired quickly.

”Let her read it first. I want her to process the words herself. ” He voiced out and passed the letter to Olivia.

Olivia felt her heart skip for a moment as she slowly opened the letter, and then she flicked her eyes through the words while Jane scanned her face.

She widened her eyes and let her mouth slightly open. ”What…what is this? She wants me to get married to her husband? ” Olivia queried in a cracked voice.

”What? Let me see. ” Jane grabbed the letter and flicked her eyes through it.

Olivia didn know what to say next or how to act. She sat still while trying so hard to process everything.

”This is what your sister wanted. No one is in a better position to take care of him like you. Please, Olivia. That was her dying wish. ” Griffin whispered, and she felt her body go numb, especially with his last words.

”We can force her into this, Griffin. What if Aiden doesn want to get married? ” Jane questioned while doubting if what Kayla wanted was the right thing to do.

She also knew Kaylas one week marriage to him was based on a contract, but she had no idea the two fell in love for her to even want him to live happily on her dying bed.

”What do you say, Olivia? You can still kick against it if you like. ” Griffin said and fixed his intense gaze on her.

”I haven even met this husband of hers. What does he even look like? And do you think getting married to him is a good idea? ” Olivia bombarded them with questions. She never intended to get married at that age, she was hoping to achieve some of her dreams first.

”You met him yesterday, the man I introduced as Aiden Leandro! ” Griffin declared, and she looked at him like he had grown two horns.

That man was Kaylas husband? Heavens! She exclaimed.

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