The sunlight was warm and not harsh, and the cool breeze blew all over. Aiden had put a call across Griffin last night, and he was supposed to be at his place that morning by 10am.

Aiden stood in front of his mirror while admiring himself and staring keenly at his reflection. He heard a knock on his door and asked the person to come in.

Max walked swiftly and dropped two of Aidens lighter on the table, ”Good morning, boss. ” He whispered and crossed his hand behind his back. ”I also have news of Ethans arrival. He came back last night, and one of the men saw him at the Creek casino. ” Max informed Aiden and he paused for a second.

”Ethan? ” He called and Max nodded.

”Why is he back? I thought he traveled intending to not return ever again. ” Aiden whispered, and his veins throbbed in his neck.

Ethan was the son of his fathers best friend. The same man his father had built the mafia family together with before he died, but right from the beginning, Ethan never liked the business line, and so he left the country. Why was he back, huh?

Aiden brushed off the thought and looked into the mirror again while buttoning his black suit.

”Get someone trustworthy to keep an eye on him. He may be back for a selfish reason. ” Aiden ordered and Max nodded immediately.

Suddenly, a knock was placed on the door again, and Max walked over to see who it was. There and then he met Noah standing by the door, and he peeped inside before speaking. ”Inform the boss that Mr Griffin is here. ” Noah muttered and closed the door.

Max moved over to Aiden and spoke. ”Mr Griffin has arrived. He is a bit early today. ”

Aiden flicked his eyes to his wristwatch and noticed it was just 9.30am. He sighed and picked one of the golden lighter before moving out and Max followed him behind.

He headed straight to the sitting room and met Griffin seated in an uncomfortable way as he turned his head swiftly when he heard footsteps.

”Capo! ” Griffin called and rushed to him while kneeling. ”I have wronged you again. Just this one time, please. ” He pleaded and Aiden jerked him away.

He knew how ruthless Aiden was, and the only way he could leave that place alive was to beg for his life.

”Do you want to ruin my outfit? ” He asked with a growl in his voice. ”Business is business, Kayla has saved you from dying. You should say a word of appreciation to her. ” Aiden added, and Griffin looked perplexed while trying to understand what he meant.

”I. I don get it, Capo. What do you mean? ” Griffin managed to ask in a stuttering voice.

”She would explain more to you. I need to leave for business. ” Aiden whispered and tilted his head at Max, who picked up his briefcase on the table.

”Noah! Noah!! ” Aiden yelled in a rapt tone, and the man rushed in.

”Yes, boss. ” He replied and waited for his command.

”Keep a close watch on the activities in the house. I will be running late today. ” Aiden adjured and Noah nodded.

Max followed Aiden behind as they walked out of the room. Kayla rushed to her father and sat close to him on the couch.

”Aiden said I was supposed to thank you, what for? Did you pay him back? ” Griffin bombarded his daughter with questions, but she shook her head.

”I don have any money to pay him back. But I made a deal with him, something that will benefit the two of us. ” Kayla whispered, and he looked at her with beady eyes.

”And what could that be? Go straight to the point, Kayla. Im too old to be patient enough. ” Griffin added while scanning her face for a quick answer.

”You remember when you said I was your favorite daughter, right? And you would do anything to make me happy. ” Kayla stated, and Griffin felt the talk was more serious than he thought. ”Well… Father, I want to hand over Olivia to Aiden. She is a graduate, why wouldn she just get married and pay the price for us without her knowing, huh? ” She questioned and shrugged.

Olivia was Griffins step daughter who had lived with him and Kayla when she was just seven years old and her mother-Jane got married to Griffin three years after his first wife died of cancer.

Griffin blinked his lashes and he paused for a moment while processing what she had just said.

”But Olivia is in Australia, how do you intend to hand her over to Aiden? ” He asked after keeping mute for a minute.

”Exactly! And thats where you come in. We are going to play this game between us. ” She whispered with a smirk and he adjusted himself.

”Okay…so what do we do, huh? ” Griffin inquired.

”We will have to pretend to the whole world that I died in an accident, and then we make Olivia come back home for the burial. ” She whispered quickly.

”But Jane doesn have to know, she will definitely kick against it. Like I said, this should be between us. Aiden knows Im going to bring in a replacement, but he doesn have any idea on how I intend to do it. ” She added and took a deep breath.

”Are you also aware that Olivia won just agree to live with a man she knew nothing about. She may be obedient, but she had her policy. ” Griffin added after giving a thought to the entire thing.

Kayla tapped her legs on the floor and stood up instantly while pacing to and fro. ”I need to be smart about this. ” She mumbled under her breath and an idea hit her.

”Yes! ” She yelled, making her dad jolt on his seat. ”I found a way out for us. I will write a letter and give it to you, more like a last dying wish. She won kick against it, Im certain. ” Kayla uttered boldly while a little smile displayed on her face.

”So when do I call her? ” Griffin asked, and looked keenly at Kayla.

”Tomorrow morning and once she agrees to come back home, I will leave the state, so we don have to cross paths. ” Kayla replied and sat close to her father.

She gently took hold of his hand and caressed it. ”Lets make it real, you have to make a burial ceremony too. An empty coffin would do, this is the best idea I can think of. ” She spoke, barely above a whisper, and Griffin nodded.

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