Suo Yang thought, there are stars hidden in people’s eyes phrase was indeed an exquisite metaphor.

       When a person saw something he liked, or someone he liked, their eyes would light up unconsciously.
A projection of joy and desire, and was regarded as a shining star.

       It was not that he felt such ‘joy’ and ‘desire’ were bad, but in recent years, he had rarely felt such a desire for anything, and rarely had stars in his eyes, as Jiang Tongyan had said.

       Suo Yang was a little puzzled and felt that he didn’t think he was too good for Shen Huiming.

       Suo Yang smiled at Jiang Tongyan and pointed to the flickering lights, “It’s not a star, it’s a lamp.”

       Jiang Tongyan could see that this was a man who would never give in to any outside interference in matters of emotion.
Suo Yang was a man who only recognises his own heart.

       He didn’t say more, even though the phrase of ‘an outsider can see things more clearly or objectively than those involved’ was already on his lips.

       It was better not to recognise it.

       Jiang Tongyan thought: Then I would still have a chance.

       He had a good impression of Suo Yang, because the Suo Yang he had seen so far was almost infinitely closer to his ideal pf a boyfriend.

       He was arrogant but not impatient, intelligent but not c-cky, calm and restrained, reserved and refined.

       Everything about Suo Yang fits into the criteria he set for his other half, as if this person was tailor-made for him.

       Of course, Jiang Tongyan knew that Suo Yang was definitely not as simple as he appeared, he was a difficult person to figure out, and he didn’t even know how to please him.

       Jiang Tongyan meaningfully observed Suo Yang beside him, and Suo Yang, who was being watched had long since noticed the other man’s gaze, but he pretended to be oblivious and looked at the still lively centre of the stage.

       Shen Huiming had already been pardoned and got off the stage, but Suo Yang’s eyes did not follow him and stayed on the stage all the time.

       “Well?” Jiang Tongyan said to Shen Huiming, who walked back with a helpless smile, “Do you feel like the pressure has been released?”

       Shen Huiming sat down and took a sip of wine, then said with a wry smile, “I feel more pressure.”

       Suo Yang didn’t join their chat, just watched and listened.

       Several muscular men on the stage danced provocatively, and under the cheers of the crowd, they began to slowly pull down the zip of their tights

       Suo Yang’s fingers lightly rubbed the wine glass, seemingly watching, but also seemingly lost in thought.

       Not far away, Zhou Mo pretended to be shy and pounced on Cheng Sen’s arms, then boldly ran up to the stage to dance provocatively with the dancers.

       When the strip show was over, Zhou Mo called out to everyone to drink, and the lights in the whole place were lit up in that ambiguous yellow colour.

       Zhou Mo ran over and asked, “How is it?”

       He squeezed in next to Suo Yang, the ‘How is it’ referred to how Suo Yang felt about Jiang Tongyan.

       Before Suo Yang could answer, Jiang Tongyan took the lead, “It’s pretty good.”

       Zhou Mo stared at him with a smile, “Our Yang ge is indeed pretty good!”

       Suddenly an idea struck Zhou Mo’s mind, he then drank the wine in his glass, got up and ran again.

       The music changed to a soothing dance tune, and Zhou Mo pulled Cheng Sen close, flirting as they danced a duet.

       Soon, everyone was looking for a dance partner in the crowd.
Before Shen Huiming could extend out his hand, Jiang Tongyan said to Suo Yang, “May I have the honour?”

       Suo Yang smiled slightly, put down the wine glass in his hand, got up and put his hand on Jiang Tongyan’s open palm to him.

       The two blend in into the dance floor.
Even though they were dancing, Suo Yang’s expression didn’t change in any way—he was still smiling, decent but distant.

       Shen Huiming was vexed by his slow reaction and was surprised that Jiang Tongyan had taken the lead first.

       He was drinking and sitting there with a loathsome face.

       Once a man like him was alone, he would be the prey of some people.
One hand stretched out, and the owner was a man with a delicate and pretty face with seduction written in his eyes.

       The man looked at Shen Huiming and smiled, opened his thin lips, and said to Shen Huiming, “Handsome guy, dancing?”

       Without Suo Yang, Shen Huiming didn’t plan to dance.

       But when he looked up and saw the two of them on the dance floor, his desire to win suddenly flared up.

       He took the man’s hand and led him “unintentionally” to Jiang Tongyan and Suo Yang’s sides.

       Suo Yang glanced at Shen Huiming who was holding the stranger’s hand, and watched as the two hooked their hands on each other’s shoulders.
Then heard Jiang Tongyan say, “Don’t look at others, look at me.”

       Suo Yang withdrew his gaze and smiled at him.

       This kind of pas de deux1 was not so much about dancing but about flirting.

       Zhou Mo and Cheng Sen were so lovey-dovey that they were on the verge of kissing each other during a dance, and Shen Huiming’s partner was pressing himself against him bit by bit.

       But Shen Huiming had a sense of propriety that when the other party stepped closer, he stepped back.
The two always maintained their original distance and caused the other party to pout.

       “Gege, what’s the matter with you?” the man said aggrievedly, “Do I have body odour?”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “No.”

       “Then why are you avoiding me?”

       Shen Huiming didn’t answer but looked at Suo Yang subconsciously.

       As he did so, the dance partner in front of him also looked back.

       “Understood.” His dance partner smiled and said, “Your sweetheart has been snatched.”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “It’s not like that.”

       “Watch me.”

       His dance partner suddenly pulled him to the side of Jiang Tongyan and Suo Yang while dancing, and even deliberately bumped Jiang Tongyan’s back.

       Jiang Tongyan looked back, nodded his head in a very gentlemanly manner and apologised, then ducked to the side with Suo Yang.

       The more they avoid, the closer the man pulled Shen Huiming.

       Jiang Tongyan laughed, “What does this mean?”

       Shen Huiming’s dance partner winked at him, “I didn’t mean it.”

       Shen Huiming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he had to pull the person to the other side.

       When he saw that they were gone, Jiang Tongyan continued to dance with Suo Yang and said, “Old Shen can be quite childish sometimes.”

       Suo Yang smiled without saying a word and danced indifferently.

       Suddenly, the music changed, and Zhou Mo shouted, “Swap partners!”

       He was like a commander, with one order, everyone was looking for a new dance partner nearby.

       Before Jiang Tongyan could react, the person in front of him had turned into the one who kept bumping into him.

       He turned back to look for Suo Yang and found that the other party was being held by Shen Huiming around his waist.

       Suo Yang said, “You react very quickly.”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “Otherwise, how can I snatch you back?”

       Snatch you back?

       Suo Yang smiled and said, “Your partner dances well.”

       “You mean you or…”

       “The one just now,” Suo Yang said, “I can’t dance.”

       “This kind of dance, it’s not about dancing well or not,” Shen Huiming said to him as he looked him in the eyes, “It’s about who to dance with.”

       He wrapped his arms around Suo Yang and turned around, facing Jiang Tongyan who was looking over.

       “Tongyan likes you very much.”

       “It’s merely just a good impression on the first meeting,” Suo Yang said, “Like is still out of question.”

       “What about you? Do you have a crush on him too?”

       Suo Yang glanced at Shen Huiming’s cufflinks and said, “I like this brand.”

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