How exactly should Suo Yang’s voice be described?

       It was clean and clear, like a ray of light penetrating the clouds.

       In the past, when Shen Huiming was dealing with all kinds of people, he would try to analyze the logic and behaviour style of the other party through their appearances out of his businessman’s instinct.
He was good at predicting the next move in advance after the other party made their first move.
This was the kind of foresight a businessman must have.

       But when he met Suo Yang, his original framework of dealing with people was no longer applicable.

       He was reluctant to guess or analyze the actions that Suo Yang might take next.
All of his logical analysis of Suo Yang was wiped out, and he just wanted to follow his heart and be sentimental.

       Now Shen Huiming was so sentimental that even hearing Suo Yang’s voice felt extremely healing.

       “Coffee.” Shen Huiming looked up at him with a smile, “Black coffee.”

       Suo Yang originally wanted to appear tense and to suspend Shen Huiming’s appetite, but the other party asked for coffee, which made it impossible for him to not remember their first meeting.

       “On an empty stomach…”

       “It’s not an empty stomach this time,” Shen Huiming smiled, “I just ate a piece of small cake while waiting for the plane.”

       Suo Yang laughed, looked at him helplessly, and said: “Okay, please wait a moment.”

       It was funny.
It was like a bubble suddenly appeared in a pool of stagnant water.

       While waiting for Suo Yang to come over with coffee, Shen Huiming flipped through the book and turned to the first page again, where the story begins.

       The first sentence of the whole book—In this world, there is nothing stronger than the desire for love.

       If it were before, Shen Huiming would not agree with this sentence at all and even sneered at it, but now, as he looked at the clouds outside the window and thought about the person who would be coming over with coffee later, he felt that this statement hit him right in the heart.

       On a whim, he tore off a sheet from his notebook, quickly wrote a line, and stuffed it into Suo Yang’s trouser pocket when the other party came over.

       Suo Yang looked at him, didn’t ask any questions, just smiled, put his coffee away and turned to leave.

       For the next few hours, everything went on as usual.
Shen Huiming didn’t cause trouble for Suo Yang, and Suo Yang didn’t express special attention to him because there was an ‘acquaintance’ of his own sitting in the cabin.

       They both knew only too well that Suo Yang was in the middle of his work and that Shen Huiming should not disturb him, nor should he be distracted.
This was the self-control he should have, at the very least.

       However, Shen Huiming didn’t feel bored during the seven hours or so he spent on the connecting flight to Moscow.
He flipped through books, processed the documents sent by the assistant before he boarded the plane, and then took a short nap.
The time passed like this.

       For him, it was never possible to have a dull moment of free time.
For a long time, Shen Huiming wished that he could have 48 or even 72 hours a day, and the things that he needed to deal with were simply endless.

       Under such circumstances, he was willing to divide his attention and time to be close to Suo Yang, which was enough to show how irresistible Suo Yang’s allure was to him.

       When the plane arrived in Moscow, the weather conditions were not very good, it was overcast, and it looked a bit bleak.

       They had more than two hours of transit time and needed to change to another terminal to board the plane.

       Shen Huiming walked out with the other passengers, and before he got off the plane, he took a second look at Suo Yang and thought that even if there was a row of flight attendants standing there, Suo Yang was the only one who stood out.

       This was not because love was blind, Shen Huiming thought; this was a fact.

       It would take another two or three hours to arrive in Berlin after taking off from Moscow.
While waiting to board the plane, Shen Huiming had already started planning how to invite Suo Yang to take a walk in Berlin together after landing.

       Berlin was a place he was looking forward to.
After all, in his shallow understanding of the city, it should be colourful and full of a strong artistic atmosphere.
In such an environment, it seemed easier for people to indulge in it and become emotional.
In this way, it would be easier to open up and not to mention that it was where Suo Yang had his first international flight, so there should be unique emotions here.
Shen Huiming felt that this place was perfect for the two of them to spend some time together.

       However, the saying that plans would never be able to catch up with changes1 would always be true.

       Lightning and thunder began to strike outside half an hour before their boarding time.

       Thunder and lightning weather was a terrible situation for flying.
People like Shen Huiming who flew around all year round knew this all too well.

       He got up, walked to the window, looked at the sudden rainstorm outside and the lightning that split the sky in half, and suddenly had a bad feeling.

       A few minutes later, Suo Yang found him.

       “We probably won’t be able to fly.” Suo Yang was just taking his chances to see if Shen Huiming was waiting obediently at the gate, but to his surprise, he actually saw him at the window.

       “I have a hunch,” Shen Huiming spoke as a thunderclap rumbled, and Suo Yang frowned, “It doesn’t matter to me.
I originally came here for you.”

       Shen Huiming was so straightforward that Suo Yang forgot how to respond for a moment.

       Shen Huiming smiled and said, “It’s alright, I’ll follow the arrangement, but it seems you need to appease the other passengers.”

       At this moment, the broadcast sounded, announcing the news of the flight delay.

       To everyone’s surprise, the delay was a long one, and the flight did not take off until late at night.

       The sudden change of weather made many passengers restless.
Shen Huiming sat on the side and looked up from time to time.

       The airport staff tried their best to calm everyone down.
Shen Huiming looked at the time and felt that he might have to stay here tonight.

       At ten o’clock, they were told that they would not be able to take off today, and the airport staff took them to the hotel.

       Before leaving the airport, Shen Huiming sent a WeChat message to Suo Yang while there was still WiFi, telling him about his current situation.

       Suo Yang replied to him: OK, I will contact you later.

       From the airport to the hotel, Shen Huiming felt how bad the weather outside was at the moment.

       Indeed, it was impossible to take off in such conditions.

       As he sat on the bus and looked up at the dark sky, he suddenly felt uneasy.

       How many times had Suo Yang encountered such a situation over the years? How many times had he encountered an unexpected situation during a flight? Has he ever been afraid?

       Shen Huiming frowned and tried not to think about it as much as possible, he couldn’t accept any bad thoughts sprouting up.

       They were taken to the hotel, where first-class passengers were accommodated in a deluxe room, which was not bad.

       Shen Huiming’s cell phone was almost out of battery right now, so he changed his clothes, charged his cell phone, and waited for Suo Yang to contact him.

       There was still lightning and thunder outside the window, and it felt like the end of the world, with the wind and rainstorms causing the branches to be broken.

       He was a little worried about Suo Yang and was surprisingly a little anxious as he waited.

       In order to ease this lousy mood, Shen Huiming turned on his laptop and started working.

       At almost twelve o’clock, Suo Yang finally sent a message.

       Suo Yang said that he had also arrived at the hotel and asked Shen Huiming how things were going on his side.

       Shen Huiming: Everything is safe, but I am a little worried about you.

       Suo Yang had just entered the room with his colleagues and felt relieved after seeing Shen Huiming’s message.

       He replied: Have you eaten anything tonight? I brought a boxed meal back.

       Five minutes later, Suo Yang knocked on Shen Huiming’s door.

       Shen Huiming did not eat anything at night, but it was not because he couldn’t eat.
The airport prepared a very good dinner box for them, but he just didn’t have an appetite at that time.

       What’s more, even if he had eaten, he would have to say he hadn’t; otherwise, how could he get Suo Yang to come to his door?

       He opened the door and saw Suo Yang had already changed his uniform and wearing a light-coloured striped shirt and jeans.
He looked like a refreshing college student.

       Suo Yang held two sets of meals in his hand and said with a smile, “The steward took care of me and gave me two portions.”

       Shen Huiming looked at the person in front of him and was a little dazed.
This feeling of having a familiar person visit him late at night while he was temporarily settled in a foreign country was very heartwarming.

       Despite the strong wind and heavy rains, lightning and thunder outside, the atmosphere in the room was not affected at all.
Because of Suo Yang’s appearance, the atmosphere became warm and soft.

       The two sat on the carpet and used the hotel’s promotional brochure to pad their meal box.
They just sat on the floor and ate their dinner, which was several hours late.

       They were like old friends, chatting in the dim light of the room.
Suo Yang was no longer on the edge, after all, he was tired enough for today.

       “By the way,” Shen Huiming reached for his phone, “I heard a song by accident that day.”

       He opened the music software and searched for ‘Berlin’.

       Before the start of this trip, Shen Huiming had checked countless information related to Berlin, even including the song.

Sometimes darkness, it creeps in
to my body while I’m sleeping.
and I watch you fall,
from the pedestal,
where you’ve rested for so long.

       Suo Yang sat there, looked at the swaying branches outside the window, and listened in fascination, while Shen Huiming sat opposite him and looked at him.

       Shen Huiming didn’t know what Suo Yang was thinking at the moment, but what he thought was: When you fall from the pedestal, I can catch you.

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