The opportunity was definitely there, and Shen Huiming had been waiting for this opportunity.

       However, the fact that he was hospitalized seriously affected his progress with Suo Yang and once again proved that ‘Your health is your most precious asset’.

       When one’s health was poor, one’s efficiency in pursuing others was forced to decrease.

       After Suo Yang met Shen Huiming in the hospital, he never saw him again until Shen Huiming was discharged from the hospital.

       In fact, Suo Yang was worried about him.
However, on the one hand, he had to fly all over the place, and on the other hand, he did not want to show too much concern for the other party.
It was not his style to be too attentive.

       However, the two of them kept in touch with each other, and before Suo Yang left the hospital, Shen Huiming successfully added his WeChat.

       WeChat was much more convenient than texting.

       Several times, when Suo Yang landed, he subconsciously wanted to report his position to Shen Huiming, but most of the time he held back.
The only time he didn’t was when he flew to New York again, and that night he stayed at the same hotel as his colleagues on the same shift.

       This time he declined the invitation to go to the bar and stayed at the hotel alone under the excuse that he had a ‘headache’.

       At night, just after it rained in New York, he stood by the hotel window and smoked a cigarette.

       The cool air refreshed his mind and made him not sleepy.
He hadn’t smoked for a long time, and he almost choked when he took a puff.

       It was on this night that Suo Yang suddenly began to admit that he had some concerns.
He used to think that he would not care too much about anyone because he was taught to love himself more since he was a child.

       His parents had their own education method, which always regulated and constrained Suo Yang’s life.
Even though he had lived alone for many years without his parents, the rules he strictly followed since childhood had been engraved in his bones and could not be changed.

       Don’t like others easily, and don’t be kind to others easily because everyone is selfish, except for parents; no one would love you without limits, and it was not worth your selfless love.

       These were the principles that his parents taught him.

       Suo Yang always felt that what his parents said was right, that perfect, unreserved love could only be found in literature or artworks that had not been embellished; Romeo and Juliet, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai1, none of them were real.

       If they did exist, they were few and far between.

       It was said that people would meet 29.2 million people in their lifetime, and the probability of two people falling in love was only 0.000049%.

       Influenced by his parents’ ideas, Suo Yang had also become a ‘love pessimist’ and thought that such things could never be found.

       He thought he would never meet such a person in his life who could hit his nerves, but accidentally, this person seemed to really appear.

       Suo Yang was on guard while dealing with it.
He thanked Shen Huiming for not rushing in and knocked on his door calmly.

       He casually took a picture of New York late at night after the rain and sent it to Shen Huiming.

       He didn’t say where he was, but he believed Shen Huiming would recognize the nearby landmarks.

       Shen Huiming was a bit flattered to receive the message.
Although in this relationship, it was not that he was the one who always took the initiative while the other party stayed indifferent.
At times, Suo Yang would respond to him, but after all, there were very few times he would take the initiative to send messages.

       It was noon in China, but the picture sent by the other party was midnight.

       This feeling of two worlds crossing and overlapping made Shen Huiming Ming feel somewhat fascinated.

       On one side was the warm light of an autumn day, and on the other was the cool rain of an autumn night.
One was warm, and one was cold.
After he had given some thought to it, Shen Huiming raised his hand and took a picture of the view outside the ward and sent it to Suo Yang.

       After Shen Huiming finished sending the photo, he then said: When will we meet again in New York?

       Suo Yang smiled, held his cigarette in his mouth, typed with both hands, and replied to Shen Huiming—it depends on when you will be discharged from the hospital.

       The two didn’t talk for long.
Shen Huiming remembered that it was already late at night there and urged Suo Yang to get some rest.

       He was now all too aware of the importance of a good night’s rest, and staying up late was not an option.

       Suo Yang was still not sleepy when he lay down.
He took the phone to look at his previous chat records with Shen Huiming.
When he realized how stupid his behaviour was, he quickly turned off the phone and went to sleep.

       He had a dreamless night, but when he woke up in the morning, he received a greeting from Shen Huiming.

       —Good morning.
It should be dawn on your side of the world.

       Suo Yang sat on the bed hugging the quilt and smiled.
When someone inquired him about a good morning, his annoyance vanished instantly.

       Regarding that bet, both of them kept it in their minds.

       Originally, when Shen Huiming brought up this bet, he intended to follow the will of God.
He always felt that there was an invisible hand between him and Suo Yang that was connecting them.
Otherwise, how could he explain the previous coincidental encounters one after another?

       So, at the very beginning, he didn’t want to do anything deliberately.
It would have been the most romantic thing to have a willow grow out of nothing2to hardly do anything to reap the outcome3.

       However, when he was finally discharged from the hospital and returned to the company to deal with the accumulated work for two days, he felt that to leave everything between him and Suo Yang to destiny was a little bit unfair to Fate.

       Fate was only responsible for letting them meet, not for the subsequent development.

       It was up to them to decide how far they would go.

       It was up to them to plant the ‘cause’ and taste the ‘fruit of the ‘cause’  by themselves.
In the end, whether it would be good or bad, whether they would be satisfied and happy or whether they will end up with regret.
The responsibility should be their own, not Fate.

       What’s more, Shen Huiming discovered that Suo Yang was actually looking forward to it as much as he did.

       Since this was the case, how could he let Suo Yang down?

       Shen Huiming got discharged from the hospital and didn’t tell Suo Yang.
He was going to give him a surprise.

       It was not difficult to know where Suo Yang would fly on a certain day.
Shen Huiming expedited the visa application, freed up time, and bought a plane ticket.

       The flight to Berlin took nearly thirteen hours, with a flyover in Moscow.

       When Shen Huiming set off to the airport with his simple luggage, he couldn’t help but think: It was not easy to court a flight attendant.
You have to have the money and the time.

       The streetscape kept receding, and Shen Huiming was getting closer and closer to the airport.

       At this time, Suo Yang didn’t know anything about Shen Huiming’s whereabouts.
He had just arrived at the airport and was about to go to a meeting.

       Before he left home, he was still sending a message to Shen Huiming.
At this time, he didn’t know that Shen Huiming had been discharged from the hospital, and he was about to win their bet.

       Suo Yang stood in front of the bathroom mirror and adjusted his uniform again, making sure that he was in perfect condition.

       He walked out of the bathroom and went to the meeting with other colleagues in the team.

       He had to fly to Berlin today.
The first international flight in his flight attendant career was to Berlin, but he hadn’t had the opportunity to fly this route since then.

       He liked the place quite a lot.

       When all the staff are there, the meeting begins.

       The first-class passenger list was handed over to Suo Yang.
He looked through the information of each passenger as usual and then saw the familiar name—Shen Huiming.

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