Suo Yang said, “Mr Jiang and that boy are quite suitable.”

       Shen Huiming looked back before going out.
The drunk and crying guy was still hugging the innocent Jiang Tongyan in a deadly hug.

       He smiled and said, “I didn’t think you could joke about it.”

       When the two came out, Suo Yang took a deep breath of fresh air and said with a smile, “I’m serious.”

       Shen Huiming knew too well what kind of people Jiang Tongyan liked.
It was more or less someone like Suo Yang, but no matter what, it would not be someone a little crazy.

       But he just smiled and looked at Suo Yang, and didn’t say anything to refute.

       “I think it’s quite interesting,” Suo Yang stood on the side of the road and raised his hand to rub his somewhat sore neck, “When two people with completely different personalities get together, their life will be turned upside down.”

       Shen Huiming wasn’t sure if Suo Yang had something to say.
It would take a lot of work to understand what this person and this person were saying.

       “It’s true that a life that’s hardly changes can feel boring,” Shen Huiming said, “So, trying to accept new friends, trying to do things that you never thought you would do before, is a way to relax.”

       Suo Yang laughed, “It could also be a new burden.”

       “Are you…” Shen Huiming paused just in time.

       He originally wanted to ask Suo Yang if he was afraid of change, but he suddenly realized that people like Suo Yang would not like the word ‘afraid’.

       He changed his words and asked Suo Yang, “Are you very resistant to change?”

       Suo Yang looked at him and smiled, and asked, “Mr.
Shen, do you have any cigarettes?”

       Shen Huiming didn’t expect him to smoke, so he took out his cigarette case and handed it to him.

       Suo Yang skillfully lit the cigarette, took a puff, then closed his eyes and slowly exhaled the smoke.

       He had indeed drank a little too much today.

       Suo Yang was not very addicted to smoking, especially when he was either at work or at home.
He felt that both places were not suitable.
He used to have a few cigarettes a day when he was in school, but he gradually quit since he started working.

       Shen Huiming quietly stood beside him smoking a cigarette, watching Suo Yang’s profile become ambiguous under the orange street light.

       He remembered Jiang Tongyan’s words—I don’t believe you don’t have that in mind about him.

       How could he not?

       Shen Huiming just looked at him like that.
He was a little restless and ready to create some trouble.

       In this regard, the man’s body had always been honest.

       But after all, Shen Huiming was not the kind of man who would easily get aroused, and his curiosity about Suo Yang was not just a desire for a physical adventure.

       He also took a deep breath and suppressed his desire.

       Zhou Mo’s alcohol was too strong, and Suo Yang felt a little dizzy as he leaned against the wall and smoked with his eyes closed.

       He didn’t say anything, just tried to keep himself sober and decent.

       When he finished smoking a cigarette, Suo Yang opened his eyes and said, “I’m really sorry, I suddenly remembered I have something to do.
I have to go first.”

       Although Suo Yang didn’t say it, Shen Huiming could tell that he was a little drunk.

      People who often pushed glasses and changed glasses on the wine table could actually tell who was drunk to what extent at a glance.
No matter how steady Suo Yang was at this moment and how clear his words were, his hazy eyes and slowed speech had completely exposed him.

       Shen Huiming didn’t expose him.
When dealing with a person like Suo Yang, if you acted too much like ‘you understood’, it would make them more resistant.

       Sometimes it was not half bad to feign ignorance.

       “Okay,” Shen Huiming said, “Do you want me to pass the message to Zhou Mo?”

       “I’ll call him later.” Suo Yang walked towards the side of the road, “Then I’ll go first.”

       Shen Huiming followed him diagonally behind and raised his hand to help him call for a taxi.

       Suo Yang felt dizzy, a state of real drunkenness that he would have at most once or twice in a few years.

       And he was well aware that this state would only become more and more obvious.
He couldn’t handle such a strong drink.
If he wanted to keep his attitude, the best way is to escape as soon as possible.

       That being said, it seemed to be somewhat useless.

       But even as a deserter1, Suo Yang didn’t want to lose his dignity in front of others.

       When the taxi arrived, he reached for the door and missed the handle.

       He panicked for a moment, hurriedly calmed down, and forced the door open.

       Shen Huiming saw his actions, but he didn’t say a word.
He just said to the driver as the other party sat firmly in the car, “Please take care of this.”

       Then he turned back and whispered in Suo Yang’s ear, “Be safe and send me a message when you get home.”

       Suo Yang smiled at him, “Goodbye, Mr.

       Shen Huiming helped him close the car door and stood there watching the car disappear into the night.

       He lit another cigarette, recalling what Suo Yang looked like just now.

       It was very arousing, it was the feeling of being tickled by a cat’s whiskers.

       Suo Yang, on one hand, made him feel as if he was as fresh as a mountain forest, tall and straight as a green bamboo, and on the other hand, it made him feel like he was a poppy blooming in the middle of the night, gorgeous and attractive.

       He thought of the ‘The Flowers of Evil2’, the torch of Satan, a gift of nature.

       It was an unpredictable spiritual turmoil.

       Shen Huiming waited outside, and the wind was blowing, knowing what he was waiting for.

       Suo Yang forced his way to the house, and the moment he entered the door, he slumped on the chair in the hallway.

       He leaned against the wall for a breath, raised his hand and rubbed his temples vigorously.

       He really couldn’t drink with Zhou Mo, the guy was getting scarier and scarier.

       He had just sent a message to Zhou Mo on the way,  telling the other party that he had left beforehand because he had something to do and that he would treat him another day as an apology.

       Zhou Mo didn’t reply, he was probably making trouble.

       Suo Yang felt light-headed and it felt like his whole body was out of control.

       He leaned against the corner, his eyes closed, and his breath was burning hot.

       It had been a long time since he drank like this.
The wine had melted into his blood, burning him like dry grass that had been set on fire.

       The phone suddenly rang, loudly.

       Suo Yang frowned and fumbled, finally taking out the phone that kept making noises from his pocket with a shaking hand.

       He picked it up without looking, swallowed hard, closed his eyes, and tried to make his voice sound the same as usual.

       “Hello.” Suo Yang said.

       Standing on the side of the road with a cigarette between his fingers, Shen Huiming asked softly, “Home yet?”

       His voice pierced into Suo Yang’s ears like electricity, causing him to shiver.

       He suddenly opened his eyes, looked at the dark and empty home, and replied calmly, “Well, I just got inside.”

       Shen Huiming chuckled, “That’s good, have a good rest, take care of yourself, and see you another day if there’s a chance.”

       Shen Huiming’s voice was like a wisp of smoke, swirling around Suo Yang, making him dizzy.

       “Suo Yang?”

       “Oh, okay.” Suo Yang lost his concentration.
He realized that he had revealed a flaw, “See you some other time, good night.”

       He didn’t dare to listen to the other party’s words much longer, the man’s slightly husky voice turned into a gentle ribbon that tightly strangled his throat in his silent home.

       Something was killing him.

       When Suo Yang put down his phone, he thought: Maybe I should take a cold shower.

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