These pajamas were too wide.

He had never worn clothes of this size before, and was a little out of sorts.
For every two steps, he had to stop to gather his sleeves and trousers, so as not to trip and fall.

He carefully peeked at the guard beside him, and felt a little embarrassed, the temperature on his face rose slightly, and said, “Sorry.”

Maybe it's because of his personality, He Xile didn't like to cause trouble for others.

——Of course, the stampede caused by the previous awakening as a collection was an uncontrolled accident.

“It's okay, Your Excellency, you can take your time.”

The guards didn't mind the slow pace of the little humans.

On the contrary, they were more than happy to spend some time with He Xile.

He Xile smiled gratefully, and walked forward again.

But for some reason, this time, the two guards beside him seemed to be competing with each other, and one was closer to He Xile than the other.

By the time he reached the door, he was almost sandwiched back to his room.

“…I'm going in.” He Xile said.

“Your Excellency He Xile, I wish you a sweet dream.”

“I wish you a sweet dream.”

The two guards saluted in unison and exited the room.

He Xile breathed a sigh of relief.

The people of this planet were too warm.

After drying his hair with a towel, the size of a bath towel, He Xile climbed onto the bed, covered him with a large quilt, and sighed comfortably.
But instead of sleeping he turned on the temporary terminal on his wrist.

——Although because of the laws of this planet, He Xile now has a guardian with a special status, who needs to provide him with the most basic necessities of life, just like parents on earth do for their children.

But as an adult, He Xile couldn't feel at ease, eating and lodging for free at a stranger's house.

He needed to integrate into this world as soon as possible.

The temporary terminal was strapped with a teaching mode, which was to let the newborns of the empire to master the use of the terminal as soon as possible.

He clicked on it and looked at it with great interest.

Actually, the temporary terminal was very similar to the mobile phone on the earth.
But it was connected to the nervous system, the response speed was very fast, and had many functions that He Xile needed to discover by himself.

After reading the teaching mode, he clicked on the shortcut icon and figured out the general function of each software.
By the time it was already past one o'clock in the morning, and his eyelids were barely open, so he quickly closed the terminal and lay down on his back.
He rubbed his head against the soft and comfortable pillow.

Try to feed yourself as soon as possible.

This was his last thought before falling into a deep sleep.

Early the next morning.

When He Xile opened his eyes, he found himself curled up in a small ball at the end of the bed, holding the large pillow tightly in his hands, and looking at the place where he slept before, it was already seven or eight times far away from him.

He Xile blinked.

If it wasn't for the fact that the bed was five meters wide and four meters long, he might have fallen down.

Fortunately, fortunately.

He turned over and moved to the center of the bed with a sense of crisis, and looked at the time, it was only half past seven.

He slept late last night, the room was very quiet, there was no noise at all, and the bed was soft and warm, so it was supposed to be very suitable for sleeping, but he was a little uncomfortable with the bed, coupled not familiar with this strange planet, caused some unease that shortened his sleeping period considerably.

His body didn't take a rest.

And as expected not long after waking up, He Xile yawned several times one after another.

After lying still for a while, he finally felt much more awake.

Stretching his limbs slowly, he stretched a big lazy back, and heard his bones creaking, and felt extremely comfortable all over.

After that he slowly rose to his feet and went to wash up.

The washstand was a bit high from his height.

After looking around he found a decorative wooden pier next to the green plants, moving it before to the stand he stepped on, and saw himself in the mirror.

He's still the same as he was on Earth.

Has soft black hair, his skin was inherited from his mother, which looked too fair, his face was firm, pores were small, his complexion was rosier, and he looked much healthier than on earth.

His eyelashes were long and thick, his pupils were different from others, a relatively rare green mixed with a little orange, his chin was not pointed, but had a little flesh, and looked a little baby fat.
Because of this, he was always mistaken for a minor before.

Stretching out his hand, he tapped himself in the mirror with his fingertips.
“Since you come back to life, let's live a good life.”

The mouthwash cup needs to be held with both hands, and the toothbrush was very big and hard.
He was weak and tired after raising his hand for a while, so he had to change his hand to continue.
Washing his face was no obstacle, but the long sleeves always slipped down the thin arms, and after a while, the cuffs were stained with water, making them heavy and chilly.

He rolled up his sleeves, looked at it, and frowned.

——It can't always be like this I have to find a way.

After washing, he left the wooden pier in place for the next use.

He selected a set of clothes for going out and went straight to the door.

And sure, enough after opening the door forcefully, he sae a guard standing upright outside the door, it was the same person who He Xile didn't find the second characteristic yesterday.

Before he could open his mouth, the guard heard the movement first, saw him appear, and immediately saluted: “Your Excellency He Xile, you are awake, may I ask if you would like to have your meal now?”

Probably because of the extinction of human beings, although the Chinese language was included in the terminal with the discovery of the earth, it was not completely accurate, so occasionally, the vocabulary translated by the temporary terminal were peculiar.

Some were modern while some were more archaic.

But He Xile could understand.

He nodded in response: “Okay, but…”

He Xile looked up at the guards, held up the clothes in his hands, and said earnestly.
“This is the regular clothes I took out of the closet.
Can I cut off this sleeve and trouser legs? They are too long and very inconvenient.”

The guard just stared silently at him.

He Xile paused: “Can't I?”

He was a little disappointed, “Alright then.”

“…No, of course you can.
Since you are now residing in this room, you are allowed to do whatever you want.
Your Excellency, Let, me cut it for you.
I just need you to wait here for a while, and I will get the tools.” The guard explained.

He Xile's eyes lit up, he nodded his said and thanked him: “Okay, thank you.”

“You're welcome.”

The guard turned around, and in a moment that He Xile could not see, his prim expression collapsed to a happy expression, and countless pink bubbles simply sprouted all over his body.

Oh my God!

What kind of cutie is a human being!

The voice was already like an angel, when pleading, sounded even softer! When he looked up at him seriously, his eyes were bright and shiny, as if they were filled with stars.
When he mistakenly thought that he disagreed, he pursed his lips slightly, looking so disappointed! People can't wait to be comforted.

Who would bear to reject such a lovely human!

No one –

Ten minutes later.

The sleeves that were longer than He Xile's arms, and the trouser legs around the ankles were cut off, finally his movements were not as cumbersome as before.
He also wanted to put another seam on his oversized waistband, but suffered from lack of needles and threads.

“You can come back and do these again.
Let's eat first.” The guard said.

He Xile nodded obediently:0 “Okay.” and touched his stomach.

It was not known if it was because he had just been resurrected and was nervous, but since he woke up he hadn't eaten anything yet and also didn't feel hungry, so he didn't think about it.

But once he heard the guard mention it, his stomach seemed to be resurrected along with it, and began to “grunt” up.

“Let's go.”

The guard took He Xile to the dining room.

The restaurant was far away.

Along the way, he saw the palace's guards standing upright and moving here and there.

——Every once in a while, there would be a guard in soft armor standing guard, and every fifth guard, there was a warrior covered in armor and holding a battle axe.
All the guards stood upright without looking sideways.
If it weren't for the slight ups and downs of their chests, He Xile would have thought they were all dummies.

He Xile curiously looked at the battle axe.

The battle axe was pitch black, and all the light seemed to be drawn in by the axe body, which looked a bit like the black lines on Wen Ji's neck and face.
The blade was silver, reflecting a cold light.
The axe has a very unique shape, with a pointed tip that can penetrate a person's body, and a very sharp edge that can be used for chopping.

But is this kind of cold weapon really applicable in Interstellar?

When He Xile used the temporary terminal to make up lessons last night, he already knew that modern society used mechas for long-distance combat, and the ion cannons ejected could kill people thousands of miles away in an instant.

The soldiers with the cold weapons are probably going to be defeated before they can make a move, right?

As if aware of his thought, the leading guard explained from the side: “These battle axes are not for combat use, but for deterrence.
Seeing them is like seeing His Majesty.
In real battles, we still use mechs.”

He Xile suddenly realized.

The two walked all the way, just after turning a corner, they saw the oncoming emperor not far away.

Compared to the two attendants behind him, this emperor named Wen Jiyu could even be described as slender.

Even though the weather wasn't cold now, His Majesty still wore heavy cloaks.
The cloak looked gorgeous, with patterns similar to sea waves embroidered with gold thread at the hem of the tail, which the same pattern He Xile saw on the dome when he first came to the palace.

Unlike the last time, half of Wen Ji's cheeks which appeared black lines were covered by a cold mask, making it difficult to see the expression on his face.

But his aura was still far superior to others.

He Xile could even feel a coercion coming from afar, making him involuntarily look away, not wanting to keep looking at the other party.
This was an experience that he has never had on Earth.

The guard beside him stopped in his tracks, following him He Xile also stopped on his track.
The two stood in place and waited.
He Xile looked around, imitating the appearance of a guard, bent down, and waited for Wen Jiyu to approach, and said, “Good day, Your Majesty.”

Wen Jiyu didn't look sideways.

He Xile bent over, and his line of sight fell on the golden waves on the tail of the opponent's cloak.
The waves dragged the ground slightly, surging as Wen Jiyu moved forward, appearing in He Xile's line of sight at an unhurried pace.

He Xile was a little nervous.

The waves did not stop at all, and after only two or three seconds, they turned a corner and went away.

He Xile immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Great, His Majesty did not speak to him!

He was just so nervous! Must have stuttered, not knowing what to reply.

“Your Excellency, let's go.” The guard from the side reminded him.

He Xile: “Okay.”

And finally arrived at the dining room.

As soon as the guard pushed open the door, He Xile immediately smelled an appetizing aroma that made people's fingers tingle.
The restaurant's cooks had already learned that a new human had arrived in the palace, and they had long prepared a meal.

“Your Excellency, please.”

He Xile sat on a high stool with his legs off the ground, looking at the food on the plate in front of him.

Not sure what it was.

But it smells good and should taste good too!

He Xile dangled his legs happily.

Inside the palace.

Wen Jiyu sat on a high throne.

A minister came forward and reported this year's tax situation in a calm voice.

The sunlight poured down through the stained glass on the dome, illuminating the entire hall in a gorgeous array of colors.
The layout of the hall was as usual, the carpet under the feet was still soft, exuding a fragrance of washing with detergent.
The bloody smell has disappeared, and everything was like a bizarre dream yesterday.

Wen Jiyu looked indifferent.

Yesterday's deterrence was very useful.
The ministers below spoke with trepidation, and they had to look at Wen Jiyu's face every once in a while, so as not to dare to falsify the reported data.

Wen Jiyu couldn't find a big mistake, and even felt it was a bit boring.

After the ministers below finished reporting one by one, he got up and left immediately without saying a word.

On the way back to the bedroom.

Wen Jiyu suddenly said in displeasure: “What is he wearing?”

Guards: “?”


The two guards who were following Wen Ji looked at each other, and their first reaction was to search their minds for who among the ministers came dressed inappropriately today.

“Call Jane here.”

Wen Jiyu ordered again, and after a little pause he continued, “For that…
human, put two clothes on.”

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