The King’s Possession

Memories of dispersion

The kings Possession

Chapter 8

The door to Octavia room opened while she twitched her head to see the person that dared to walk into her chambers without knocking

”Greetings your highness ”she greeted with a bow and Octavia rose up from her golden decorated chair

”How dare you barge into my room without a knock? Have you suddenly lost your manners ”she snared and Mina bowed

”Pardon me your highness, I was so carried away by the great news I have for you ”she replied and bowed again

”What news ”Octavia asked and a light smile secured the bream of Minas lips she sure knows how to use her mistress so much

”Its about the new maiden, Xeelany ”she muttered and Octavias eyes wilden, she suddenly felt interested

”What is it with her? ” she questioned giving Mina her back

”Earlier this morning, I heard that the new maiden that came in with the king yesterday is the late king Archibaths daughter and Right now his majesty has announced her slavery ” she answered with a tone of enthusiasm

”Wow!wow!wow! What great news Mina ” you have just filled my morning with ease ”

”So, my lady, what do you intend to do with this news? ” mina questioned and Octavia smiled devilishly before taking a step closer to her mirror

”Time shall do everything Mina, there is no haste In life ” she whispered and gave herself a stare at the mirror

”Seeing how the king will torture her, is enough to give me joy ”she replied and finally turned to face her

”But my lady, why do you hate her? ”She inquired and the smile on Octavias face suddenly faded away

”It doesn take too much to hate a person Mina, she is worst than her father, ”She replied and Mina nodded

”Fix my bath water, this alone calls for celebration she whispered and laughed out devilishly before striding into the bathroom

King Xavier woke up struggling to keep his demon at peace, its been a long time since all this present itself, what could be wrong?

He walked past the bed and strode to the bathroom unlike the other king, King Xavier never allows any maiden to mix his bath water nor try to bath him, he wish to continue doing it till he find his forever, however, life has not been fair to him

He came out of the bathroom with a towel tied to his waist, he needs to dress up before the painters comes into the palace, he stared at his masculine built chest his flawless skin, except for the hole that settled on the top right side of his breast

The memories of that day flashed roughly in his head, how he pierced the hot iron into his skin, the pain, the several days without treatment, how on earth does he let off the memories

He reached out for his sky blue robe and wore it after which he had creamed himself

Slowly a slight knock was placed on his door, he hesitated a moment before giving a reply

”Come in ” he muttered calmly

Mistress Hylex walked in magnificently graced in a green lace gown, her aura speaks pace and decorum

”Greeting your highness, ”she bowed and he nodded

”What brings you to my chamber? ” he questioned and Hylex bowed again

”Pardon me, your majesty, I know I do not have the right to intervene but I need a help from you ”

”Speak if it shall not cost your tongue ” he muttered and Hylex bowed

”Your majesty can you please release princess Xeelany ” she whispered and feared he might not grasp her words because of how low her words were

King Xavier tilted his head and stared dagger at her

”For calling her princess you deserve 30 weeps and for trespassing, you deserve another 40 weeps are you ready for that ? ”he questioned and Hylex nodded

”But before that your majesty, a few years ago you had asked me to choose anything in return for the favor I offered you, thats why am choosing this ” she muttered again and bowed

King Xavier stared momentarily at her if he doesn know Hylex this much he could swear that she was being possessed by the New Xeelany or whatever

”You have crossed a path I never expected you to Hylex, you are under house arrest for 3dsys until then I don want to ever set my eyes on you ” he muttered calmly yet deadly,

”You may leave ”

She bowed and took the turn straight to the door

”Whichever way you choose to handle this, I hope you don end up hurting yourself ”she muttered and opened the door

King Xavier stared at Hylex as she Exceeds the door, what is happening to his Hylex, she was never like this, she cares about people but not to the point of hurting his feelings

What is it with her ?

Ryan walked majesticallyy through the hallway that lead to the dungeon, he wonder why the king suddenly had a change of mind, but whatever happened was sure the best thing right now

He opened the gate of the dungeon and ordered Xeelany out

”The King has ordered your release ”he muttered and Xeelany nodded she looked pale and faint her eyes were completely blurred and slowly she fell off but Ryan was quick to grab her

Octavia watched as Ryan held Xeelany tightly to himself as he walk through the hallway and suddenly took a part that lead to Miss Hazels chamber she smiled mysteriously to herself

”Poor thing, you are yet to see anything, your father honestly thinks he could enslave people and go freely, Im sure he is watching his beloved daughter suffer from hell ” she smirked greedily and took the turn that leads to the King chamber

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