The King’s Possession

His nagging demon

The kings possession

Chapter 7

Xeelany watched as Ryan dragged her through the hallway, tears of pain and agony betrayed her eyes, she didn expect this, she wished for nothing but peace, but she is yet to know what her father did to the king and why he hates her father so much

Ryan stared at Xeelany in mare pitty he hopes that king Xavier find a place in his heart to forgive king Archibath else innocent Xeelany will pay for everything that happened to King Xavier and how he suffered slavery,the trumma, the lost of his father and his brother in the current state of comma, how on earth will he be able to forgive when all this memories keep playing in his head

Xeelany sat on the cold ground as memories embraced her head, she pulled her legs up and placed her head on it, her mirage red hair scattered on her face as she sob weakly, the walls were so cold, she held her arms tightly with her palms as tears streamed down her eyes, she wish she was never brought to this world to have to face all this challenges

Mistress Hylex walked through the way that leads to the dungeon, she had managed to put all the guards asleep but ,she kept checking and hoping that no one see her going .

”Where are you going looking so tensed young lady? ”Miss Hazel asked from no where and Hylex stumbled on her steps

”Miss Hazel, you are still awake? ”she inquired timidly and tugged her across her ear trying so hard to make sure that her telepathy were not obvious

”You don have to do all this hun, I know where you are going to already ”she whispered and Hylex sighed

”Whatever you do, make sure the king doesn find about this day ”she muttered and he Hylex nodded

”Go ,the princess, is really catching cold ”Miss Hazel muttered and Hylex nodded

”Thank you Miss Hazel, ”She replied and turned to take her leave

”Take this add it to your duvet, the dungeon is never a nice place to stay, what you have in your hand won do ”Miss Hazel offered her the duvet in her hand, Hylex quickly reached out to it and bowed before working away, she didn need to ask, she knew Hazel was coming from prince Leons room the poor little child is still in the state of comatose how on earth does the king let go of all this

She fastened her pace before anyone would see her again , first it was Hazel, what if it turns out to be Octavia, this news sure won exceed today

She finally got to the gate of the dungeon, she watched as Xeelany placed her head on her legs clutching her body tightly with her palms, poor thing she muttered beneath her breath

She looked at the sleeping guards and smiled to herself, before reaching out to the keys that was chained to the iron belt on his trouser, she slowly opened the door after which she had removed the keys and Xeelany raised her gaze slowly to meet with hers

”Your highness ” Xeelany bowed

”What are you doing here, you might get into trouble if the king finds out about this day ” she muttered in fear and Hylex ignored

”Keep your voice down Xeelany, I managed to put the guards to sleep ” she muttered stretching the duvet to her

”Here, lay this on the floor and use this to cover up, I brought you some juice too, you must be hungry, ” she said all in just a moment and Xeelany stared sarcastically at her

She doesn know if to believe this lady or just expect the worse again

”I will be back before the 7th tick of the short pointer ” she muttered jolting Xeelany out of her thoughts

”Thank you ” she managed to say and slowly reached out for the duvet

King Xavier stood at the top of the palace as he watch the moon, it was so bright, he wished his life was as bright and fair as this Moon

Memories of that particular day embraced his head, oh sweet day, he can seem to get that day out of his head, he miss her so much her hands her soft lips, and her enticing smile, he lost all hopes of seeing her the moment he found out about Xeelany, the only person that reminds him of her, his the daughter of a monster, how could he possibly think she was the one

His Xiamen was so calm elegant, blind yet sophisticated she could never be birthed by a monster not here not after

He held the peace of drawing in his hand to his heart heaving out huge sighs, she drew these portraits when they were young though she was blind she got the perfect picture of him

”Where can I find you, help me find you he muttered in between tears

Hylex needed no one to tell her that it was the king all graced Im his usual white nightie the moment she sighted what brings him outside? her troubled mind questioned

”Greetings your majesty ” she greeted with a bow the moment she got closer to him

”Hylex, why ain you sleeping, and why are you out this late ” he questioned in his usual calm voice and Hylex bowed

”Pardon me, my king, my maid isn feeling too well so I decided to check up on her ” she replied with a bow and King Xavier nodded

”You thinking about her again , aren you? ”Hylex questioned calmly with her gaze fixed on the paper in his hands while he tried to hide it

”You don have to do that, your majesty, I have seen that painting before ” she mattered calmly

”It reminds me so much about her ” he muttered and lowered his gaze

”Destiny never disappoints, time will present her to you when it ought to ”she said and he nodded

”Where could she be? ”he muttered in a whisper and Hylex smiled

”Some times the least expected could be her ”she mumbled and king Xavier stared sarcastically at her

”What do you mean? ”she inquired and she smiled

”Nothing my king, ensure you take a proper sleep ”she bowed king Xavier stared at Hylex perplexly but he didn say anything to her again, he knows Hylex more than anybody would claim to, so even if he force her right now she wont say anything she is just the female version of him

”Good night, ”

”Good night your majesty ”

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