The King’s Possession

A word with the king

The kings possession.

Chapter 6

King Xavier stared dagger at Ryan, surely that wasn the news he was expecting, even tho it was going to be bad he never expected It to drain the happiness out of him

”Tell me you are joking, ” he said in a very calm yet deadly voice , Ryan really wish he was joking

”Am not your majesty ” Ryan replied with a bow and Xavier sighed

”Go to mistress Hylexs chamber and summon Xeelany ” the king muttered in a very calm voice, Ryan stared at the king and wondered why he is being this sarcastic, did the news not get to him, or has he finally forgotten about what the late King Archiebath did to him

Not like it was ever easy to differentiate between when he is angry and when he is sad but he still look sarcastic

”You may leave ” he commanded and Ryan bowed before taking his leave

King Xavier sat on his bed as Ryans words played endlessly on his head

Is Ryan being serious or is he possibly playing a game on him, Ryan can never be that silly right? he asked himself rhetorically and sighed

Ryan took the turn that lead to the left and there he was facing the Mistresses chamber, he took a few more steps before getting to mistress Hylexs chamber

He placed a slight knock on the door and Xeelanys heart skipped twice

”Come in, ”Mistress Hylex replied and he twitched the handle of the door before stepping in

”Greeting your Highness ”he greeted Hylex who replied with just a nod

”What brings you to my chamber ”she inquired and started at the curious Xeelany

”Greetings, princess Xeelany, your highness the king has summoned princess Xeelany ”he greeted Xeelany before giving mistress Hylex a reply

”Did he give you a specific time? ” she inquired and Ryan shook his head alongside a bow

”Alright she will be with him at the second round of the long pointer ” she muttered and he bowed before taking a leave

Hylex watched as the pulse of her Xeelanys heart fastened its pace, poor thing she thought within her mind

”Just when I thought my happiness will begin, just when I thought I had escaped slavery ” she muttered with a despondent sigh, and Hylex smiled

”A year of Slavery can never erase 18 years of Slavery ” she muttered in an assuring tone and Xeelany sighed

”Am not 18, ” Xeelany muttered more like a whisper

”Go, you Are running late, the king hates to be delayed ” she muttered ignoring Xeelany and her little tantrums

Xeelany stood up from the bed and walked closer to the door just as she made for the door Mistress Hylexs voice brought her legs to a halt

”Remember you are royalty, even with this white slick gown do not forget to keep your shoulders as high and sophisticated as the princess you are ”she said with a smile and Xeelany nodded faintly before stepping out of the door

He graced himself in his white laced robe patterned with a touch of Blue as he awaited the presence of Xeelany, he knew Ryan could never be wrong, thats why he has cleared the feelings that were growing from nowhere

A light knock ran across the door he knew it was non other person than Xeelany so he didn hesitate to give his reply

”Come in ” he replied in his usual masculine voice

Xeelany walked in with fear written all over her body, she is yet to know why the king has summoned her but the same heart has also accepted slavery

King Xavier stared repulsively at her, does same eyes that gave her hope a few hours ago are here, stealing them back away from her

”Who are you ” he questioned giving her his back and Xeelany sighed, she wasn expecting less.

Xeelany hesitated a little before saying a word

”Speak ” he commanded and Xeelany sighed

”My name is princess Xeelany, the late king Archibaths daughter ” she whispered and feared if he even got anything she said

”Its funny how you look so innocent, but you are not, ”king Xavier murmured and Xeelany sighed

His voice was still calm he was never a violent person, he was always very calm

Even if he was going to serve her a death sentence, she could still see her Xavier inside him

”From today, I pronounce you my Slave, the kings slave, you will do my bidding however wherever and whenever I want to, But for now your first punishment is in the dungeon, he muttered and Xeelany sighed

Xeelany was supposed to wonder about her punishment but she found herself wondering how someone was being this wicked yet calm and relaxed

”Ryan ” he called calmly and another second did not intervene before Ryan came dashing in

”Throw her into the dungeon, she mustn eat anything nor drink anything till I confirm her realize ” he instructed, and Ryan nodded before holding her Into his arms

”And one more thing, announce to the whole palace that the king has gotten a new slave there is no need for swearing-in at least not now, a collar will be placed on her neck when she is finally put out of the dungeon ” he instructed and tears rolled freely down her chin

Can she bear this she asked herself as she tried to hold back the tears that threatened to fall, but no way, she couldn keep them in

Ryan bowed to the king before walking Himself and Xeelany out of the kings chamber

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