The king possession

Chapter 5

Stepping into king Xaviers palanquin Xeelanys joy knew no bond

She never imagined a day like this, all she saw ahead of her were pain misery, and Agony but today she found her knight in shining armor

King Xavier sat at the end side of the palanquin with his legs tightly arrange to make Xeelany comfortable he watched as she bent her head shyly

Who is this lady and why was his demon so concerned about her who is she, his mind kept nagging at him, could she be his Xemein

He watched as she played with her fingers, she is so cute he thought to himself

Stepping into the palace tears filled the back of her eyes as old memories came driving into her head

This palace is twice as big as her fathers palace but it reminds her of her old palace her princess size bed and all her maiden friends

She wondered how they are faring with King Nasir, she never got the chance to say hi or address them before today, King Nasir made every bit of her step noted

She wiped out the tears that threatened to fall

”Your Majesty ” a lady in her late 20s walked closer to them and bowed the moment she got to them

Xeelany halted her step and watched the two

”Hylex, what brings you out today? ”king Xavier asked, although he wasn a man of smiles but one could tell that he wasn wearing his usual grumpy look

Well thats because he cares so much about Hylex and how his actions affect her

”Nothing much just felt it would be nice to stop by at the market and give some villagers fruit ”she replied momentarily with a bow and King Xavier sighed

”Let that wait, show our new guest a nice chamber where she would stay ” he replied and almost walked out

”Your majesty, may I keep her with me, she looks lovable ” she whispered in a timid voice, and king Xavier nodded

”Do as you wish ” he replied and Hylex bowed

”Follow me, I will show you to my room ” she whispered with a smile and Xeelany nodded

Hylex stared at Xeelany and sigh, oh pretty, your destiny is so unfair to you, but can we undo the goddesss wish she said in her mind and sighed afterword

She has to take quick action before king Xavier finds out that She is the late kings Archibaths daughter

As they walked into Hylex chamber Xeelanys shoulder dropped down in memories of how her old room looked like

The golden glass mirror reminds her of how she gets dressed by her personal maid Seta

The tears she kept for so long came rolling down her chin

Hylex watched her from the mirror and smiled

”Crying won help my love, being a princess comes with a lot of responsibility, we should pray to the almighty not to let king Xavier find out that you are the late king Archeibaths daughter, ” she said and took a step closer to Xeelany who kept mute and stared at her in awe

Xeelany batted her lashes countless times, did she really hear that or was she imagining things

”You heard me, right dear, ”

”But how did you know about that? ”

”Its obvious honey, you look so much like your late father king Archeibath ”

”But why do I have to pray? ” she questioned and Hylex sighed. She dragged her to the bed closed the four and made her sit

”Long long ago, your father late king Archibath took the entire Manhan kingdom into slavery for a reason you will have to find out yourself, he treated them like trash and even burnt some humans alive, he sometimes use some as tools of pleasure and late king Xaviers father died in the process so many other tragic things happened and when king Xavier cane out of slavery, he vowed to take his revenge when the time is right ” she elucidated and Xeelany sighed

At this point, she knew she was in a great mess, few minutes before now, she thought she was safe, but now she knows that her journey of tragedy is yet to begin

”What do I do now ? ” she questioned and Hylex sighed

”Nothing, its your destiny, just leave with it, time shall make you happy when you finally deserve to ” she replied and watched as Xeelany bit on her nails

”But how do you know so much about the king and my fathers saga? ”she suddenly questioned and Hylex smiled

”I was also a part of King Monahans people ” she replied walking to her closet

”So why don you hate me ? ” she inquired and hylex sighed

”Its not in my power to hate, for your father never harmed me ”

”Why is my destiny this cruel to me ? ”she inquired and Hylex sighed

”Sleep, thats what you need right now ” she replied and Xeelany shook her head

”But I don want to ” she replied adamantly

”Sleep and don be stubborn ” she scolded and Xeelany pouted

King Xavier sat on his king-size golden bed as all he thought about we
e memories of what occurred today in court, his demon, his demon seems to be so interested in this lady and he is yet to know why it is that way

A light knock came on his door, he stared at the door and sighed before giving a reply

”Come in ”he replied and the door opened reviling Ryan

”Greetings your majesty ”Ryan greeted with a bow and king Xavier nodded

”How have you been coping with your injuries, ” King Xavier asked and Ryan smiled

”Its healing gradually my lord, thanks for inquiring ”he replied with a bow while king Xavier nodded

”Did you find anything about her? ”the king inquired and Ryan gave a very despondent nod, king Xavier knew that nod but he didn say much

”Speak, ”he commanded and Ryan sighed

”Pardon me Your majesty, but you wouldn want to know about it ” replied with a bow

”Speak Ryan ”

”According to my findings your majesty, she is princess Xeelany daughter of the late king Archeibath ” he spilled out and king Xavier stared dagger at him

This news has completely drained the happiness in him

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