The kings possession

Chapter four

King Xavier watched as they walked in with the collar, his hands twitched and he could feel his fingers coming out, now he knows thats his demon was just starting his heart began to race, how does it escapes this, how will he help how will he hide the demon from the world today ?

King Nasir stared hungrily at Xeenaly, he can wait to make her his slave, her skin his all that matters to him, her late father king Archebath never did anything to him even if he had offended many other kings he never did anything, to him the only mistake he made was introducing Xeelany to him as the divine painter thats why he insisted that Xeelany comes here with a mask

King Xavier was tired of watching the scene in fact many other people could notice that something was happening to him king Nasir stared devilishly at King Xavier, even before anybody he knows that the demon resides in his body

That was why he organised a swearing in , in other to torture Xeelany and awaken the demon In king Xavier, King Nasir grinned devilishly as he watched King Xavier trying so hard to keep his demon calm

With each moment that intervene King Xavier knew that his life will be at stake and Xeelanys life also, but what he is yet to know is why his demon hates to see her in pain could she be the one ?

King Xavier stood up his reddish eyes were turning black no one could sense properly aside king Nasir, because he knew everything, he watched as King Xavier approached the court door

”King Xavier, its time for swearing in ”king Nasir called back and Xavier sighed

”Yes King Nasir, I have to attend to something, you may proceed ” he replied shutting him up instantly

King Nasir grinned angrily he hates the fact that his plan is not working the way he had planned it and now he can wait because the Almighty king had given his command to proceed with the swearing-in

Xeelanys heart shattered the moment she saw him walk past the door, where were all those hopes coming from she asked herself as tears burnt the back of her eyes she doesn know this man but she feel there is a connection between them

King Nasir smiled well, its never a loss for him, he will always devise a means to bring up another plan, at least one that won fail

”Today, I king Nasir takes custody of princess Xeelany as my new slave, she would be my loyal kings slave do my biding and grace my bed whenever however and wherever I want it ” he swore with the Amra book, and Xeelany sighs she guesses its time to give up on the hope she had

King Xavier strode into the wood his demon was in full control and this time it was searching for his heart his hand grew longer and his red blazing eyes turned black

His white robe was mixed with black he cracked his neck and set out to look for animals

Since there isn a way he could have sex to calm the demon down what he needs now is his heart

Soon he sense the parade of some animals and he took the path where he heard the noise

Xeelanys masked was soon opened and her face was quite visible to many people

Almost all the king gasped in bewilderment, it was late king Archibaths daughter, all the king stared at King Nasir as he grinned devilishly because he knew no one would be able to rise against him

The collar was collected from the court man and was about to be placed on Xeelanys neck when a voice broke in

”Stop the coloring ”king Xaviers voice ran across the room putting an end to king Nasirs plan

He walked majestically into the court room with his eyes fixed to Xeelany whose joy new no bond

It was her,it was the lady he met at the wood, what connections does she have with King Nasir and why is he bringing her to court when he could just do the needful at home?

”Won you bother to know who her father is and? ” king Nasir said and King Xavier sighed he is known to be a man of few words so why start the stress today

”It doesn matter ” he replied coldly and Xeelany smiled she doesn know why she is smiling but that is what she is doing

”In each swearing-in, there is always a bet and whoever wins goes home with the lady and either makes her his maid, slave, or mistress, so why the new change whats making this different ? ” he inquired and King Nasir bowed

”Pardon, me your majesty we will place a bet, ” he said and king Xavier nodded before he took his seat

King Nasir stared disgustingly at him, he hates the fact that king Xavier never failed to mess up his every plan

”Let the bet begin, ”he put up, and tears almost overwhelmed Xeelany

In her wildest dream did she ever imagine she would be put up as a bet

”I drop 10 bags of rice, in exchange for her ” king Mahan voted and king Ashar challenged him buy dropping 30 bags the competition kept going on till it was Just Nasir and Xavier

”200 hundred bags of rice ” king Nasir boosted

”300 ” king Xavier muttered calmly, he was never the do too much type, he let his calmness speaks for him

”350 bags ” king Nasir added

”500 bags ” he whispered and everyone gasped, King Nasir stared devilishly at him

”700 bags ” king Nasir persisted and Xavier scoffed inwardly

”1500 bags of rice ” he replied this time not cold nor high just normal and the courtroom was filled in with noises tears of joy filled Xeelanys eyes as she finally found her knight in shining armor

King Nasir stared angrily at King Xavier cause he knows that he has won the battle and Xeelany can never be his no matter how hard he tried

He never knew that king Xavier will go to that extent just for a lady he doesn know

”The bet has come to the end and king Xavier is the new winner, he has successfully bought Xeelany with 1500 bags of rice ”he announced and they all cheered

”So, King Xavier, What do you intend to use her for, your slave, your mistress, or your maid? ”King Nasir asked and Xeelanys mouth dropped open, now she would either be his slave or maid

”Time shall tell if she might end up becoming my queen ”he replied and King Nasirs eye almost gulped out their socket

He is never gonna let that happen

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