nd to open and take her in but that is only if wishes were horse

She stood tiredly on the counter while all the kings were meriting

They laughed and drank their ass to stupor

Xeelany eyes were quick to recognize king Xavier the moment they found him admits the crowd

Her heart thundered in fear what is he doing here?

Even if she doesn know him, one mind was happy she was seeing him again but the other wasn because he is going witness the horrible scene

After all the drinks and merriment king Nasir stood up from his seating point and matched towards Xeelany

Every step, he took got Xeelanys heart racing in fear

He halted his step when he finally got closer to her

With the glass of wine in his hand, he threw it in her direction and everything spilled on her while the other kings busted out into laughter aside from king Xavier.

King Xavier shrieked as cold gripped him the moment the drink was spilled on Xeelany

Whats this bond he asked his worried heart rhetorically?

A light tears spilled out of Xeelanys eyes she isn supposed to be surprised because this is all that comes from being a slave,

”Your boobs are quite tempting you know ?right king Ashar ? ”he mocked and grabbed Xeelanys breast while king Ashar chuckled mockingly

Tears strode down her eyes she is only grateful because she is on a mask she wonders what will happen when she take off the mask what will become of her?will she be able to bear the humiliation

”Your father didn tell you, he wasn going to live forever? ”he said again and riped one side of her clothes while she gasped in embarrassment as tears rolled freely down her cheeks she held the tore pieces in her hands covering the newly naked part of her body while the other kings laughed at the sight they beheld

King Xavier tilted his head to the other side, the moment king Nasir tore Xeelanys clothes he hates the fact that he can do shit about this, even if he is the most powerful, his power is yet to excel

It only comes when they are about to use the collar on her

The other kings Laughed in excitement while their slaves pleasure them

”You are going to make a good slave, ” he said romancing her breast

Xeelanys couldn stand it again, she wanted to use her powers, but there she remembered that her father had always warned her never to let anyone know that she is the water Goddess

King Xavier stared repusively at him it was getting really frustrating his demons were already crawling

his hand tightened and could sense his red eyes turn black he has been trying everything to keep it abyss but nothing seems to be working

One more irrational act from King Nasir can give everybody the knowledge that the demon resides in king Xavier

However, king Xavier would not stop asking himself the rhetorical question, where who is this girl and why does his demon hates the sight thats supposed to pleasure him ?

Why is his demon suddenly fighting for her ?

Soon the bell was rang and King Xavier heaved a huge sighs It was time for swearing in

He couldn be any much grateful because now his demon is at peace

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