The King’s Possession

A night before court

to the bed and stepped out of her red laced night wear, she wore this with the aim to seduce the king, she should have been sensible enough to know that its never possible ,Atleast she is grateful he isn asking her to get of the table

King Xavier stared at Octavia hungruly his blazing eyes could see everything even if the light was off

He took his singlet off and shifted his panties down

He used his hands to massage his dick before walking to the bed

He spread her legs wild open and used his dick to tease her clit and she quivered before he slammed in

A loud wail tore across Octavias lips he pulled himself out and drove back into her, this time it was rough and hard tears filled the back of Octavias eyes as he held onto her hair thrusting roughly into her, she could feel her intestine cramping up

King Xavier held onto her hair, thrusting roughly and hardly yeah he knows it hurts but thats how he wants it Every moan that escaped her lips make him hywire he grabbed her by the waist thrusting into her as slaps of flesh filled the air, he could feel his demons going back to his place,

His hands walked it way to her nipples and she moaned escatically

He can wait to find his Xemein, he is sure gonna pleasure her even if his demon is against it

He was getting tired of this position even if it was his favorite, no one knows how to give him this aside Hylex, but king Xavier find himself protecting her, even if she is his mistress he still find himself according her some level of respect

King Xavier pulled out of her and she sighed, she could feel the chains in her body breaking, she knows that she enjoys being summoned by the king but todays own seems different

”Give me your front ”he commanded and she obeyed

King Xavier placed her two legs on his shoulder giving him a free access to her clit

Octavia bit on her lower lips as she feared that he might break her into pieces

He teased her clit with his eract dick this time he wasn joking he has switched from barely human to half demon

He drove in and Octavia twitched in pain as tears rolled down her eyes, she couldn shout, the pain she is feeling is much and shouting won even do a thing or I will say that she lost her voice that moment .

He pulled out and combursted in,this time he could swear that he drove deeply to the halt, Octavia held her stomach as she cried out in pain

With her legs positioned on his shoulders he placed his hands on the bed beneath her ass and started thrusting hard she cried and twitched in pain, she fear she might crack or break into pieces his sex has never been this rough even if it wasn pleasurable it has never been this damaging

After what took like forever he pulled out of her and spilled his cum all over her body

Octavia laid on the bed heaving huge sighses

He walked away from her straight to bathroom

She sighed despodently, she sincerely doesn know what to do and how to make him notice her

But she was sure to pick her clothes and return to her chambers before he gets back

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