The kings possession

Chapter 9

”What brings you to my chamber? ” king Xavier questioned giving him her back

”Greetings your majesty, am sorry I came to your chamber unaware, I just felt like it will be nice to give an accolade to one who deserves it ” she replied with a bow, pleading to the Gods to make her words convincing enough

King Xavier strode into his inner room as silence took over the air, Octavia hates being ignored but there is never a thing she can do right?

King Xavier walked out of his inner room and took the chair in front of him

”The last time I checked you can write ”he muttered phrasingly for her to complete it but she looked really lost

”You could just send a message, he replied and reached out for a brush

”Pardon me your majesty ” she muttered with a bow

”Speak, if it shall not cost your tongue ”

”Earlier before now, I heard the news that the new maiden whom you brought from the court is the late king Archibaths daughter, I thought of coming to check up on you because I know how bad you might be hurting right now ” she blabbed and the kings heart stiffened

”But now I am also yet to know why you didn let her rote there I. The dungeon cause thats exactly where she pertains, I know I am not to say this but my love you can be this forgiving after all her father did to you, I know I don know much about slavery but I can imagine how dishearting it was for you ”

King Xavier spared her a glance as his heart stiffened in pain, she sure knew some words to use on him, but this particular one wasn sympathy, king Xavier knew she was doing it for her interest he is just yet to know what it is up

King Xavier sighed softly and fully offered her his attention

”Whatever happened, happened to me, you don have to be pained, I will handle everything my way if you don have more to offer, you are dismissed ” replied in a very calm yet heartbreaking manner

Octavia stared at the king and tears almost walked out of her eyes, she hates the fact that she does everything to make the king happy but he isn even noticing it

Hazel stood by the door with her gaze fixed on Xeelany, she really wish she could bring herself to hate this lady, but she cant , even In her sleep, she looks so peaceful, her presence speaks fortune and decorum

She watched as tears strode down Xeelanys cheeks

The walls has really affected her and it will take quite a moment to heal

Suddenly a slight knock was placed on the door she replied and Ryan walked in

”Greetings Miss Hazel, the king has summoned you ” he mumbled with a bow and she nodded after which she had replied to her greetings

”What improvement have you seen Hazel ”

”My king, the walls had really affected her, it will take a lot of time for her to recover fully ” she replied with a slight bow and the long nodded before turning to his painting

”Okay, go into the wood and find effective rare herbs won that could heal her so fast , I need her ”he muttered and drag the tip of the brush against the paper

Miss Hazel stared at him in mare disbelief what is happening to her king

King Xavier is cold she agrees but she doesn know where this extra coldness is coming from .

Few Days later

Xeelany stood by the window staring deeply at the heart of the city as tears strode recklessly down her cheeks

Old memories of how she used to roam around her kingdom with guards clinging to every corner of the kingdom

Her father cherished her own life more than he cherished his life

Tears that came with memories of dispersion clouded her eyes , her left hand walked its way to her cheeks toasting away the droplet of tears that settled there on her cheeks

Xeelany stood there as thought much about how her life will be from now till whenever the almighty Xeelany is now a slave she will also have to face the pain and agony every slave encounters

Now she would be forced to grace every mans bed

In the space of two seconds, her heart tightened in pain and she began to imagine her new life

She started at her perfect princess feet which will meet the floor

Now she no longer have the right to keep her shoulders high and walk majestically like a princess .

As she stood there silently examining the city, a cologne clunge her nostril

Even if she hasn seen the person she knew exactly who he is

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