The King’s Possession

Xavier and Xeelany



Today wasn like every other day for Xeelany, this day only represent sardism tears misery and dispersion.

Under the tree, she sat on the green grass plant , pulling her legs up and placing her heads on it

She let the cool breeze engage with her hair and allowed it to whisper to her ears words of encouragement.

Her deep ocean blue eyes caressed deeply into the sea, Tears filled the bream of her eyes as all the old memories of dispersion clouded her head, her hands rebeled against her as it walks it way to her face,toasting away the droplet of tears that settled on her cheeks.

Her mirage red hair scattered across her shoulder stealing away her princess look, even in the white slik gown, the aura of royalty never seeze to excel

Her eyes walked it way round the sky till it settled on the stars that waited to be seen by her

”Oh this day! This day I do not pray for ” the pulse of her heart fastened it pace as tears burnt the back of her eyes.

This stars represent favor and speaks fortune, has her prayers been answered or its just a result of her magical eyes

It was still perplexing, why would a star like this appear a day before her swearing in ?

Is she not going to be a slave?

Authors pov

With his white laced robe trailing behind him, his legs took the part that lead to the wood, the aura of royalty took over the air, his long braided hair settled beneath his shoulder , his red blazing eyes pierced the flowers that fell from the tree and settled on his shoe

Each step he took welcomed the singing birds, they all settled on the three and sang praises to him

It seems more like his legs were in control of his mind.

A strange feeling strucked his head and he brought his legs straight to a halt

The ORMAL bird of connection flew from the sky and settled right there on the tree his heart stiffened as his eyes welcomed the sight, not in pain but in pure perplexity


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