The screams of the vampires who were victims of execution had disappeared. Like the full moon above the dark sky being slowly swallowed up by the overcast clouds. Justin actually remembered his grandmother, Dianna Von Trapp-Leonidas, who now lives alone. Sometimes he does visit his grandmother if he has a lot of time. For Justin, Dianna is the only person who understands his feelings well. Since his parents died in an accident while hunting for vampires, Dianna, who became a role model and where Justin made his complaints, calmed him. It was like being in his own mothers arms. Thats what he had in mind.

Dianna Von Trapp-Leonidas was also a vampire hunter with her husband, Jonathan Leonidas—who also died while he was hunting. In addition, she has psychic blood so it is not surprising that the old woman sometimes talks alone because the creatures she is talking to are the spirits of the people she loves.

The corner of Justins eye caught the silhouette of Paris behind the small torches that formed a long line on either side of the girl. Paris is the only vampire hunter in the camp who has a high passion for training. The girl repeatedly moved her longsword, making offensive and parrying moves.

Her body was covered in sweat that made her plain black shirt wet. She groaned softly failing to do the movements Justin often did. For her, whatever Justin can do, she should be able to imitate him. Paris sighed softly dropping her butt on the grassy ground. From his place, Justin just watched the figure of his twin sister without any thought to approach her. Because he knew Paris would dodge as best as she could.

Suddenly, a sob accompanied by an annoyed groan escaped Paris lips. He slams his longsword everywhere, tilting his head at the overcast clouds that managed to hide the glow of the full moon. Her tears spread like raindrops on the window pane, down her cold flushed cheeks.

”I failed, Mom. I will never be able to be like your proud son, ” Paris whispered softly caught by Justins ear who decided to observe behind the tree branches.

Gradually, Paris pulled her body from the grassy ground while wiping the tears that were already spreading. Her sobs grew louder every time she remembered and thought that Justin would always be above her and she felt blown away. Not visible. Like an ant crawling from a distance that could be stepped on at any time.

Paris decided to quit that night. Walking limply, she waved away from her training ground to go to sleep and carry her big ambitions into dreams. Justin sighed softly as he watched Paris back from a distance. He shook his head, feeling that Paris was foolish enough to think that she would not be able to match the prowess of her twin.

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