The Immortal Covenant

The Hunters 4.0

The vampire hunter camp was filled with oversized tents lit by a few dim yellowish bulbs. Inside there are various weapons for hunting purposes as well as the hunters items that they brought from home. Sometimes some of the camp residents prefer to sleep in their tents instead of going home. There are also those who spend their free time without practicing by visiting their respective homes to spend time with their families.

Justin wasn alone at the camp, of course. He has many friends who often accompany him in hunting and relaxing. Not only friends, but Justin also has a twin sister, Paris Leonidas. Unlike his twin who is agile, calculating, and calm. Paris is a stubborn girl who is clumsy and curt. Often she would have been nearly killed by her carelessness in hunting if Justin had not come to save her ass. Hmm, you could say Justin and Paris rarely get along. Most of Paris herself stayed away from her twin even though Justin repeatedly tried to approach her to have a nice talk. The main reason for Paris cold attitude was social jealousy. She felt that her extended family loved and was proud of Justin more than her. Oh, well, its not good to be allowed to continue. After all, Justin and Paris have lived together since in their mothers womb.

In a corner of the forest, some distance from the vampire hunters tents was a tall tower made of concrete and chrome plated. The tower is where vampire hunters execute their prey for information, especially regarding the whereabouts of the residence of The Victors, which had not yet been found.

Every now and then there were screams of pain from the blood-sucking creatures in the tower. Painful, heartbreaking, and pathetic groans echoed through the forest to the point of not infrequently disturbing the sleep comfort of both other vampire hunters and night creatures in the forest.

Like that night, there was a loud scream of pain coming from the execution tower. Justin, who was reading a book in his hand, seemed disturbed. His eyes rolled in annoyance before finally his leg that was raised on the table was lowered. The book with the title Wuthering Heights on the cover was placed on the table before he walked slowly out of the tent. The atmosphere in the forest was silent. So quiet without the sound of clanking swords, shooting arrows, bubbling cries, or cursing for losing practice. Several people in the camp were whispering to each other so as not to wake up the other residents.

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