The Immortal Covenant

The Hunters 2.0


The night hunting task had been completed. Together, the hunters walked out of the forest towards the camp. A place where vampire hunters are trained and live. The location of the camp is not far from the forest. Even the camp that became the nest of vampire hunters could be said to be far from the city center, into the wilderness decorated with all kinds of trees and accompanied by the sounds of night animals when the moon replaced the sun.

Justin Leonidas is one of the many hunters in Granite Falls. A hunter who has the blood of Leonidas, which is not without meaning. It could be said that the Leonidas lineage was the most respected lineage of vampire hunters. The legend of the Leonidas family tree has spread to the ears of vampire hunters as well as blood-sucking creatures.

Arthur Leonidas is part of The Founders or the first vampire hunters on earth who began to be feared by roaming vampires in early 1867. The Founders are also the originators of the eternal treaty which contains a prohibition for vampire hunters to have close and distant relationships with their prey. They are required to kill the vampires they meet in order to bring the earth into peace without terror.

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