The Immortal Covenant

The Hunters 1.0

ampire hunters begin to be deployed. Especially in Granite Falls which has more vampire existences than other places. What they think is the most famous, legendary, and difficult to chase vampires are a bunch of members of the Victor family. A vampire lord came from Norway to escape the pursuit of other vampire hunters. To date, no one has been able to track down exactly where The Victors live. They are known as cunning vampires who have many ways to escape and hide. Perhaps thanks to the supernatural ability of one of Victors family members, namely Jase Victor, to provide a protective fence in the form of a shield that causes their mansion to be free from the detectors of hunters.

A flash of shadow flashed swiftly hitting the tree branches. Justins sense of hearing caught the crackling sound which automatically made him run at high speed to catch his prey. An arrow rifle was held in one hand, ready to fire. Seeing his comrades defensive attitude, the other hunters began to follow behind. They ran each other through the thickets of the forest even though their bodies were scratched several times by tree branches.

A hissing blonde female vampire looked back to find Justin starting to point his quiver at the bloodsucking creature. The female vampire jumped up on one of the branches, staring intently at Justin through her two milky brown eyes. She hissed, straightening her chin defiantly as if inviting a duel of hunters in front of her.

”Try to catch me, stupid human. Your strength is not equal to mine! ” her ghastly hoarse voice echoed through the forest. Bouncing on the tree trunks followed by the sound of leaves in the night wind that blows quite hard.

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