The Immortal Covenant

The Hunters 1.0

”Stop it! ” she shouted louder. ”Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!! ”

”She said stop it, Stupid human. ”

A voice that sounded suddenly startled the hunters who were about to execute the one remaining vampire in a painful way. Turning around, the middle-aged man was now facing a woman with long jet black hair. The womans irises looked like black holes in space. So dark, gloomy, and emotionless.

It wasn just the presence of a woman in the place. There was another middle-aged man, a dark brown-haired girl, and a black-haired youth who seemed to be standing behind.

Spontaneously, all the stakes, crossbow rifles, swords, and other weapons were angled at the four vampires who had just joined. The middle-aged male vampires bubbling laughter sounded broken. He walked slowly, solemnly, full of beats toward the female vampire. Then his two topaz eyes stared straight at all the vampire hunters in turn. In just an instant, the skin of the vampire-hunting humans that filled every corner of the territory was blistered. A suffocating groan of pain filled the senses of hearing. Even the two youths who were holding Lauras hand fell squirming while touching some parts of their bodies that were starting to form out of shape.

A sly smile spread from the lips of the female vampire seeing the incident. The corners of his eyes turned towards Laura who was standing timidly. Instantly, the female vampires crooked smile vanished, replaced by her deadpan expression.

For Laura, it was easy enough to recognize the group of vampires in front of her who had helped her just now. What her mind couldn easily read was, why did the vampire colonial in front of her want to bother coming to Hungary to save her?

”The Victors, ” Laura whispered quietly, doubting. ”Why did you save me? ”

The Victors (the winners) are a noble family of vampires who inhabit Washington. More precisely in a small town called Granite Falls. Their kind of vampire, who has supernatural abilities, is a type of vampire descended from witches who were cursed for being against the church during their lifetime. So its not surprising that vampires like Victors family members have different supernatural abilities.

And the reason why The Victors came all the way to Budapest to help Laura is a cunning and petty reason that the four superpower vampire family members have thought carefully about.

”Because you are the only remaining vampire of your kind, Laura Kristeva. ” The female vampire smiled menacingly. ”You have what we need. ”

Until one punch flew towards Laura and made the girl fall unconscious.

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