Laura reluctantly listened to her maids cry, instead running through the darkness of the hallway and reaching for a torch hanging from the bend. Her breath hitched while cold sweat drenched his body like raindrops in winter.

The girl moved her head, looking around the corner. Her eyes widened as she saw that the entire corner of the palace was filled with flames, vampire-hunting humans, the sound of clanking swords, screams of pain, and shouts of command.

At the far end near the barn storage shed, Laura found her mother fighting with her father with a sword. It seems that the pair failed to repel the onslaught of vampire hunters. Unfortunately, a single stab lodged in Serenitys chest cavity pierced her heart.

”Anya!!! (Mom!!!) ” Lauras bubbling scream behind the wall caught the attention of the vampire hunters. ”Anya!!! ”

”Elköltözni, Laura! (Move away, Laura!) ” Julius shouted commanding Laura to stay hidden; even if she could escape from the vampire hunters who started loading arrows and other weapons with ammunition.

Stubborn, Laura ran, dropping the torch in her hand towards her father. Juliuss concentration was broken when he saw Lauras arrival who ran while giving an attack and dodged the swords and wooden stakes around him. She lowered her body, avoiding the sharp wooden stake that was about to pierce her heart. Her eyes widened to find a hunter with an arrow rifle in her hand standing not far from the front of her. The hunter was aiming at the girl ready to be slaughtered.

A single arrow shoots at the speed of a nanosecond. Not having time to dodge, the arrow pierced Juliuss chest who was protecting in front of his daughter suddenly. He fell to the ground with Lauras heartbreaking scream as she knelt in front of Julius motionless body.

”Apa! Nam!!! Bass meg, vadászok! (Dad! No!!! Fuck you, Hunters!) ”

Lauras pair of irises turned into a thick black mist. The emotions in those eyes were filled with a desire for revenge as well as deep sadness over the death of her parents who were killed by a group of Hungarian vampire hunters. An angry hiss and growl escaped from between her gritted teeth. Her eyes were really dark and bleary. Her hands curled into claws and she walked over to a hunter who had managed to kill Julius.

”Én egy démon vagyok, aki a testében male. Srácok, most tönkretetted az életemet, te idióta. (I am the devil who inhabits this girls body. You guys have just ruined my life, you idiot.), ” a horrified sigh sounded through Laura Kristevas teeth. who roared with anger.

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