No one knew how long Laura Kristeva had been sleeping in a big mansion that locked her up like a sick person who needed rehabilitation. The last thing she remembered was the massacre of her palace in Budapest. Her eyelids fluttered open, blinking a few times just to bring her back to her senses.

Her body was lifted from the bed while her head was moved here and there, looking at the corners of a room filled with expensive oak furniture.

”Ah, you
e finally awake. ” Someone enters the room. A woman with matching black hair and eye lenses walked gracefully under her long dress, her blood-red lips curled into a small smile. Mikayla Victor. ”About three days you were unconscious. I hope my son didn hurt your head. Im sorry about that time. ”

”Mikayla? How did I get here? ” Lauras eyebrows knit together in surprise. Before that she had taken a wary attitude, just to be prepared if the female vampire in front of her at that time was intent on being mean to hr.

”Don be so tense, honey. ” In just a nanosecond, Milayka made it to the side of the bed and sat down next to Laura, who was on the defensive. ”Look at me. ” Mikaylas hand pulled Lauras chin to meet her eyes.

A faint glint of lightning flashed through Mikaylas dark eyes. The slight smile on her lips represented a form of satisfaction with what he was doing now. Yes. Mikayla is a Hexa vampire who has the ability to suggest. She can outwit anyone under her influence. Damn, Lauras eyes seemed unable to move an inch when she looked at Mikaylas two lenses.

”From now on, you stay here, Laura. Think of me as your mothers surrogate. Call me Mother. Also, call Demetrius Father. We are your parents. So did Cassandra and Jase. They are your brothers. Are you happy to have a new family, huh? ”

Laura took a deep breath, then nodded her head. ”Yes. ”

”Yes, what? ”

”Yes, Mother. ”

”Good. You should also know that I love you very much, Laura. Like Serenity when she was alive. Aren you and I close friends? You are my responsibility now. ” Mikaylas smooth palms caressed Lauras chin and cheeks.

”Thank you, Mother, for taking care of me. ” Lauras small smile was perfect. Just like Mikaylas smile which grew full of satisfaction.

The next second, Mikayla bumped into Lauras body with a hug. Oh, this one vampire knows how to treat a prisoner well. She behaved like a kind woman who was gentle, motherly and loving through her arms. Her free hand stroked Lauras curls, while the corners of her lips lifted into a sly smile.

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