Chapter 85: Rivals

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 It’s been a week since Akarin and I started Lime together.

 While I was preparing for the festival, I was also in charge of coordinating the Angel Girls’ secret visit to our festival.

 However, since it was the weekend, Akarin informed me that it might be difficult for her to take the whole day off.

 Akarin said she would make it work, but I was a little worried that it might be difficult for the members since they all had their own schedules.

 At first, I thought that the Angel Girls wouldn’t come to a high school festival like this, but as I kept in touch with Akarin, I could tell that she was really looking forward to it, and more than anything, I was happy that she still cared about Shi-chan as a fellow member.

 That’s why I’d like to help Akarin and the others in any way I can so that they can come to the festival.

 When I told Akarin just how I felt, she said “Thanks, Takkun, you’re so sweet.
I guess you’re perfect as Shiorin’s boyfriend.”

 Then, Akarin seemed to be working behind the scenes on various matters, leaving meaningful words behind, saying that if it came to it, there would be a last resort.

 So now, with the festival just around the corner, I’ve been rather busy preparing for the festival and communicating with Akarin.

“Hey guys! I borrowed a maid outfit from the store!”

 As the club activities were closed today, most of the class was still in the classroom getting ready for the festival when Mikitani-san came back from their part-time job to pick up the maid uniforms.

 Normally it would have been difficult to lend out such a large number of maid uniforms, but Mikitani-san, who is very good at her job, asked them to send her some unused maid uniforms of the old design via the head office.

 It’s no exaggeration to say that it was thanks to Mikitani-san that we were able to hold this cultural festival, so everyone in the class was filled with a sense of overwhelm.

 In the beginning, the boys wanted to see the girls as maids, but as the preparations progressed, their goal changed from ulterior motives to the success of the festival, and now the entire class was working together toward a single goal.

“Then, let’s try it on for the customer service staff to see if it fits.”

 However, when Mikitani-san said that with a calm expression on her face, the whole classroom erupted with a “Oh!” I can’t help but think that the whole classroom went into a frenzy.

 I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to see Shi-chan as a maid.

 Thus, the girls in charge of customer service took their maid uniforms and walked to the changing room in the gym, looking a little embarrassed.

 Naturally, Shi-chan went with Shimizu-san, but to be honest, she was just too cute and full of herself when she smiled at me, looking a little embarrassed as she left.

 The boys in the class seemed to feel the same way, and they were all excited, “Didn’t she just smiled at me?” The boys seemed to feel the same way.

“Okay, so this one’s for Ichijo and this one’s for Kengo!”

 Mikitani-san came running up to me and Niijima-kun, who happened to be nearby, and handed us each a waiter’s uniform.

“Thank you, let’s try it on.”

 Looking at the uniforms she handed us, I finally realized that I had to wear one too, but then Niijima asked me to go try them on with him.

 Since it was an invitation from my only waiter friend, I said yes and headed to the changing room to try on clothes together.

“Ichijo-kun, you and Saegusa-san get along so well.
How on earth do you get along so well?”

 As I walked towards the changing room, Niijima-kun spoke to me, smiling as if he was tired.

 The expression on his face was melancholy, as if he had just lost his love, and I knew exactly what Niijima was trying to tell me, so I decided to answer him properly.

“In fact, me and Shi-chan ……, or rather Saegusa-san, were childhood friends, or rather we met once when we were little.

“Kue, r-really, I see”

 This is the first time I’ve told anyone at school about this, other than my close friends Takayuki and Shimizu.

“I didn’t realize that Shi-chan was Saegusa-san until recently, but she remembered me very well.”

“That’s a great story…….”

“Really, I’m so afraid of myself, it’s like a romantic comedy manga.”

 When I laughed self-deprecatingly, Niijima laughed with me.

“But I guess that’s why I really care about Shi-chan.”

I love Shi-chan, I will hide the relationship but I will never lie about that.

And I wanted to declare awar here as I was a rival of Niijima-kun.

“… I see.
Thank you for answering properly.”

Niijima-kun, who heard my honest feelings, said that while looking straight at my face, and smiled with a smile.

“I feel like I can see the outcome, but I’ll do my best as long as I can.”

“Well, I won’t lose!”

We exchanged those words, and this time we laughed from the bottom of our stomachs.

I’m not sure how much of a beehive of youth he is, but I thought Niijima-kun like this would be perfect as a rival.

Thus, we decided to start a completely sterile contest to see which of us in a waiter’s outfit could make Shi-chan swoon.

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