chapter 81: The Heart

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 The next day.

 I wake up at the usual time and head to school as usual.

 When I entered the classroom, I went to my new seat near the hallway and greeted one of my classmates who had already come to the classroom.

“Good morning, Shi-chan.”

“Un ,good morning, Takkun.”

 When I greeted her, she smiled softly and returned my greeting.

 I couldn’t help but smile in front of that cute little smile.

Yesterday, Shi-chan showed up at my part-time job in a suspicious style, and I told her exactly how I really felt.

 I told her that the person I love the most in the world is my girlfriend, Shi-chan.

 I took out my phone to talk to her right after work, but she had already sent me a message.

“I’m sorry, Takkun.”

 When I first saw that sentence, my heart skipped a beat.

 I couldn’t figure out what she meant by sorry from the sentence alone.

 I couldn’t help but have negative thoughts running through my head, wondering if it was an apology or if it could be …….

 But even so, I knew I had to convey my feelings properly, so I replied to the meaningful Lime.

“You don’t have to apologize, it’s probably my fault for making you feel uneasy.”

 When I replied, it was immediately read.

 I was a little impatient, but I continued to tell her what I had to say.

“The only person I love is you, Shi-chan.
So if you don’t mind, can we talk after this?”

 Just as I had thought earlier, a written message is not enough for something like this.

 So I sent Lime to Shi-chan to talk to her if she was okay with it.

 Then the phone rang with a call from Shi-chan—-.

 I was a little puzzled by the quickness of the call, but I made up my mind and pressed the accept button.

“Oh, Shi-chan? Sorry to bother you so late at night.”





 I couldn’t hear her well, but she was probably apologizing.

 When I noticed it, I felt a sense of crisis that made every pore in my body open up.

 If the word now was ” I’m sorry”, it was because it was the only word I feared the most.


 Impatient, I called out harder this time, as if to say, please wait a minute.

“I’m sorry! I’m jealous!!”

 However, contrary to my expectation, Shi-chan suddenly started crying on the other end of the phone.

 It wasn’t crying, it was more like sobbing.

“A-Are you okay, Shi-chan?”

“I’m not okay! I’ve been a jealous and unpleasant girl!”

 Shi-chan cried that it was her fault for being jealous.

 If that’s the case, then it’s not Shi-chan’s fault, it’s my fault for making her feel that way.

“It was my fault for making you feel uneasy with my half-hearted reply.”

 So I talked to Shi-chan gently this time.

“The only person I love is you, Shi-chan.”

 So please, let’s be together from now on.

 I hope so, and this time I told her that I love her not with a lime but with words.

“I lov yo too, Dakkun! I lov ou too! Uwaa—-!!”

 My words made Shi-chan cry even harder.

 But unlike the tears she had been crying earlier, they seemed to have turned into tears of joy.

 I could tell that Shi-chan was thinking about me seriously enough to cry like this, and I was just happy.

 Then, I thought I would definitely take good care of her

“Uhm, I’m sorry about yesterday…”

“No, I’m sorry too.”

 I apologized back to Shi-chan, who looked a little embarrassed, and then we both laughed as if we were bursting with laughter.

This laughter made up for everything that had happened yesterday.

 We both felt that way even though we didn’t bother to put it into words.

“Oh, good morning, Ichijo! You’re looking good again today!”

 As I was taking my textbooks out of my bag to organize them, Mikitani-san noticed me and greeted me as I walked into the classroom.

“Good morning, Mikitani-san.
I’m not particularly looking good though?.”

 I laughed at her words and returned the greeting.

 But for some reason, Mikitani-san was surprised to see me.

“Huh? I don’t remember you laughing like that, Ichijo.”

“What’s that? I’m a human being, I can laugh at times!”

“fuu, that made me squirm a little!”

 Mikitani-san, who was sitting in her chair opposite me, facing me across the desk, smiled and said so.

 Her face was as close to mine as ever.

 Until yesterday, I probably would have been thrilled by the word ” cute ” at this distance.

 But now that my feelings are truly clear, I smile back at Mikitani-san, who is approaching me.

“If that’s the case, I’d be lost if I didn’t laugh more.”

 When I replied with a smile, Mikitani-san, who had been trying to make fun of me, turned a little red.

 And then.

“Yes, Takkun’s smile is foul, isn’t it? Ah, you look great even when you’re not smiling…”

 I noticed that Shi-chan, who was standing next to Mikitani-san and me, had entered the conversation smiling.

“What? Eh? Saegusa-san!”

“Yes, good morning, Mikitani-san.”

“Eh, ah, yeah, good morning.”

 I guess she didn’t expect Shi-chan to enter into our conversation.

 Mikitani-san was puzzled by Shi-chan’s sudden appearance.

“I guess Mikitani-san has realized how good Takkun is.
We seem to be kindred spirits!”

 Shi-chan smiled and walked out of the classroom with a small wave of her hand.

 Mikitani-san froze and looked after Shi-chan’s back.

“…… I guess she didn’t see that one coming.”

 I muttered quietly.

 Then she turned to me, smiling a little embarrassed, and opened her mouth.

“It’s too bad that I have to deal with it.
It’s not too late to get into it, so it’s safe?”

 Even I knew what Mikitani-san was trying to say as she smiled wryly.

“Mikitani-san is always friendly and cheerful, and you’re also very beautiful and honestly impeccable.
But still, it’s Shi-chan that I like.”

I told Mikitani-san honestly what I was thinking, and then smiled at her as if to scare her.

 When I said that, she smirked and said, “No, I didn’t tell you anything! Mikitani-san chopped me on the head.

“But thank you! Honestly, I’m so glad you said that! Just the first half!”

 She looked so beautiful, smiling happily, that it was hard to believe she was a normal girl.

 We shook hands and smiled at each other, deciding that we were on the same page and would continue to be friends.

Shi-chan, who had come back to the classroom before we knew it, was looking at us with a gentle smile from a position where only I could see her.

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