I woke up a little earlier than usual and made my way to school with plenty of time.

 When I entered the classroom, there was only one person, Saegusa-san, she was already in her seat, eagerly reading something from the morning.

 To be honest, I was a little surprised that she was already in the classroom at this time, since I had the impression that Saegusa-san was weak in the morning and always came to school at the last minute.

“Good morning, Saegusa-san.”

 Even though she is a former idol and now she is my classmate.

 It would be wrong for me to just walk past her without saying anything, so I greeted her like any other person in the morning.

 But since I’ve already faced Saegusa-san many times at the convenience store where I work, I already have a sense of familiarity with her.

“Eh? Ah, Ichijo-kun, good morning!”

 Perhaps startled by my sudden greeting, Saegusa dropped the book that she was reading on the floor.

 I tried to pick up the book, but before I could, Saegusa-san picked up the book with great speed and put it away in her bag.

 What the hell? Does she really not want me to see the book?

 Saegusa-san laughed as if she was being caught.

 Well, whatever you read is your own business, and I’m sure everyone has a hobby or secret thing or two that they don’t want others to know about, so I decided not to worry about it any more.

When I crossed the street earlier, I said to myself, ” This will make you popular☆ and nobody can resist you!” Let’s not mention that I have said—

I’m not going to lie, I’m curious why Saegusa-san, a former national beauty idol, would be reading a book that I can’t see, but I guess she has her own thoughts on life.

 If such a beautiful girl like Saegusa isn’t having any luck with her love life, then her partner must be a very famous person or a superhero.

 While I was sitting there thinking about this, Saegusa-san, the person in question, looked at me with a sideways glance, then looked embarrassed and covered her face with the textbook in her hand, and then looked at me again with a sideways glance.

 This is how Saegusa-san has been behaving for the rest of this morning.

“Hey! Good morning Takuya!”

“Oh! Morning Takayuki!”

 Takayuki also came to the classroom after finishing his morning club activities.

 I really don’t know how he manages to practice basketball in the morning.

 Takayuki’s hair was still a little wet from sweating, and he looked very sexy, even to me as a man.

 If I was a woman, I’d fall in love with him!

“Hey, hey! I have some good news!”

“Hmm? What is it?”

 Takayuki then rummaged through his bag and pulled out two tickets, which he proudly showed me.

“Takuya, you’re free this weekend, right?”

“Yes, I’m free, why?”

“Surprise, surprise, tickets to the DDG concert this Saturday! Let’s go together!”

“Really? Oh, you sure?”

” That’s great! That means I get to see Yui-chan live”

“Yeah, of course! My dad got them from work by accident!”

 I was a little excited and at the same time happy, when I suddenly heard a loud noise from the seat next to me.

CLANG!! [sound]

 Takayuki and I were startled by the sound and turned around to see what it was, it seemed to be the sound made by Saegusa-san when she stood up with great force.

 Saegusa-san, who was standing up next to us and not moving, somehow had a look of despair on her face, as if it was the end of the world.

“Hey, Saegusa-san? What’s wrong?”

Takayuki called out fearfully to Saegusa.

 But Saegusa-san, in a state of shock, said weakly, “I’m sorry,” and walked quickly out of the classroom with a pale face.

“What was that about?”

“I don’t know.”

 Takayuki and I could only watch Saegusa’s back as she walked away, not understanding why.

 Before morning homeroom started, Saegusa-san was back in the classroom.

 She greeted her classmates with her usual perfect idle moves.

 Saegusa-san was a complete mystery to me earlier, but I was relieved to see that nothing seemed to be wrong.

“I can’t lose to Yui-chan, you know.

 As homeroom began, I heard Saegusa-san’s voice muttering quietly next to me.

 When I turned around at the sound of her voice, Saegusa-san had a look of tension and determination on her face, as if she had made some big decision.

 And I think it was from this moment on.

Saegusa-san, who had been acting suspiciously, became even stranger.

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