Chapter 3: Lunch break


Lunch break.

I decided to eat my lunch with Takayuki who’s in front of me.

Next to us, there was a slight crowd of several men and women who had come to eat lunch with Saegusa.

Because of this, a girl’s butt was right next to my head, it was honestly just a distraction for me as I was eating my lunch right now.

“…… Want to go out for lunch next time?”

“…… Yeah, I think this is a bit much.”

Takayuki noticed my situation and suggested that we eat somewhere else next time.

I was impressed by the fact that Takayuki was so attentive to what was going on around him, he was a beautiful man inside and outside.

If I was a woman, I’d fall in love with him!

“I’m sorry, guys! I want to eat my lunch, so can we talk afterwards?

Saegusa-san said in a slightly louder voice, interrupting the questions that were being asked.

The people around her apologized for not noticing and quickly left her seat.

“I’ve finally got this seat, I don’t want him to move”

And Saegusa-san, who muttered something incomprehensible after moving people around, was opening her own lunch box with a look of relief on her face, as if she thought she could finally eat it.

“Well, I guess we don’t need to move.

“Yeah, well, I guess so.

Takayuki and I were a little taken aback by the fact that with a single word, the place had been cleaned of people.

This is what charisma is all about, I suppose.

“Oh, yeah, Takuya, did you see S-Lab yesterday?”

“Hmm? I’m sorry, I had a part-time job at that time, so I didn’t see it.”

The S-Lab that Takayuki mentioned is a music program that is very popular among young people.

From famous singers to the hottest young singers, this show, where they talk with comedians and perform new songs, has always been the center of the trend among young people.

Naturally, Saegusa-san, who is now crunching her lunch next to me, was also on this show.

After all, I was a junior high school student at the time, and I learned about Saegusa-san by watching S-Lab.

There’s a cute girl on TV.
…… Oh, she’s called Saegusa from Angel Girls.
…… She’s cute, cute, cute.
…… I still remember the shock I got at that time.

That’s why I couldn’t understand why the beautiful girl, that I saw on TV that day, was eating her lunch so deliciously.

“Seriously, DDG was on the show yesterday.”

“Hmm, who’s DDG?

“What? You don’t know? It’s a hot new girl band.
They’re all cute, but YUI-chan, the vocalist, is especially beautiful.”

Takayuki showed me a picture of the band DDG on his phone.

There, I saw a five-member girl band with a beautiful, mature woman with long black hair.

Oh, really, she’s beautiful.


As I gave my honest impression, I heard a rattling sound next to me.

I turned to look next to me in response to the sound, and it seemed to be the sound of Saegusa-san’s elbow sliding off the desk.

Is she okay? I wondered, but we pulled ourselves together and continued our conversation.

“Right? And she’s actually the same age as us! She doesn’t look it at all, does she?”

“Seriously, she’s definitely mature enough to be called a college girl.”

“That’s the beauty of it.
The songs are really good too, you should listen to them.”

This time, Takayuki played the DDG music from a video site and offered me one of his earphones.

I put the earphone in one ear and listened to DDG’s song for the first time.

The song was so cool that I couldn’t believe it was a girl band, and combined with the atmosphere of the music video, it was kind of beautiful.

“I like it.”


“Yeah, I understand why Takayuki recommended YUI.
I think I’d fall in love with her if I saw her live.”


As I gave my honest impression, a louder sound than before came from my right side

Takayuki and I took off our earphones and turned around to look at the source of the sound, Saegusa-san, and there she was, almost falling off her chair for some reason.

–Wha? What happend?

Takayuki and I looked at each other and tried to figure out what was going on, but we still couldn’t figure it out.

As you can see, Saegusa-san’s suspicious behavior was still alive and well today.

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