The next day.

 I was waiting for Takayuki to come in front of the station at the appointed time.

“Oh! Takuya! I’m sorry I called you out of nowhere!”

“Don’t worry, I was free.
Do you want to go somewhere?”

 Takayuki was still a little sweaty after his club activities, and even as a man, I found him a little sexy.

 –If I were a woman, I’d fall in love with him!

Now I understand Shimizu-san’s feelings a little better.

 So we decided to talk at a nearby diner.

 As we took our seats with our juice from the bar, I asked, “So, what’s the story?” I asked.

 Then Takayuki opened his mouth, looking a little embarrassed.

“Well, I’m screwed.

 The words that came out of Takayuki’s mouth were unusually weak.

 It’s not just unusual, it’s doubtful that Takayuki has ever spoken weakly in the past.

“Wa, What happend!?”

“No, the thing is….”

 I was worried, but Takayuki’s tone was as bad as ever.

 And then Takayuki opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind.

“I think I’m falling in love.”

 Scratching his head in embarrassment, Takayuki laughed and said something that I hadn’t expected.


 It’s not that I’m exaggerating or anything, but I was surprised when he said it out loud.

 Takayuki, who hadn’t been with anyone since junior high school, was in love with ……! Eh? With whom?

 I was confused by my best friend’s sudden love story.

“Just looking at her face is enough to put me in a state of shock, and I can’t stop thinking about her when I get home.”

 Takayuki’s blushing face was a little cute as he said that.

“Oh, who’s the other person, ……?”

 I asked him straightforwardly.

 I had just yesterday decided to support Shimizu-san’s love life, and now I was suddenly in big trouble.

 If Takayuki already has a partner he has feelings for, then Shimizu-san will be at a great disadvantage.

 So I waited nervously for Takayuki’s next words, hoping that Shimizu-san would be there.

“O, oh, …… It’s…..


 I felt bad for Takayuki, who replied with embarrassment, but I couldn’t help but let out a strange voice.

 And then I immediately understood the situation.

 –What the hell, you guys have feelings for each other?

 I couldn’t help but grin from happiness and hilarity.

 Seeing me like that, he angrily said, “Don’t laugh at me!” Takayuki who was embarrassed and angry, was a boy in love.

 Knowing everything, I nodded my head in agreement.

 And then.

“Yes, you could go out with Shimizu-san, couldn’t you?”

 I replied simply.

“Well, don’t say that so easily! This is Shimizu-san, you know? Do you know her? In junior high school, she was called ‘the lone princess’ and was said to have kept away all the guys who came near her!”

“No, but we’re now together.”

” Ye, Yeah, that’s true, but!”

 Takayuki put together an impossible list of reasons, but to me, who knew everything about the situation, they were all useless worries.

 But I didn’t want to tell him that Shimizu-san also likes you, because I felt that it would be a breach of etiquette.

 In the first place, it was only a matter of time before the two of them would be able to do this without me having to say it out loud.

“W, well, I have a favor to ask you.”

“Hmm? A favor?”

“Oh, next Saturday there’s an upcoming competition, and even though I’m a freshman, so I was wondering if you could invite everyone to come cheer me on.”

 It seems that Takayuki has done well enough in his club activities to be able to participate in the tournament as a freshman.

 So I couldn’t help but support Takayuki’s efforts, even if it wasn’t about love.

“Oh, I’ll be free that day, I’ll ask at Lime immediately if that’s the case.”

“Èh? Thank you, but now? Are you serious?”

“Oh, I’m serious.”

 Ignoring Takayuki’s nervousness, I send a message to the group Lime.

“There’s a preliminaries next Saturday, do you guys want to go cheer Takayuki on?”

 Okay, I have sent it.

 Takayuki looked at my message with a nervous look.

 He seemed to be waiting for a reply now and then, but as expected, she didn’t reply so soon.


“I’m coming!”

 It’s here

 But it was not from Shimizu-san, but from Saegusa-san.

 I’m glad that Saegusa-san responded right away, because she’s already a friend of Takayuki’s and also a comrade in supporting Shimizu-san.

 But when I thought about it, I wondered if it would be safe for Saegusa-san to go to the tournament venue.
But as I thought about it, a question popped up in my mind.

 Wouldn’t this cause a panic? Takayuki seemed to have noticed this and smiled wryly, although he looked happy.

 However, she seemed to be ready to go, and even sent me a stamp of Shiorin making a deformed peace in an anime picture.

“Pff! What’s with the stamp?”

 Takayuki, who had never seen the Shiorin stamp before, couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that he had received her own stamp.

 Thanks to Saegusa’s stamp, Takayuki’s nerves seemed to have eased a little, so I gave him a good job Shiorin stamp as well.

 Then, when he saw the stamp I had sent, he said, “Wait, you have one too? Takayuki burst into laughter.

“I’m coming too! Good luck, Yamamoto-kun!”

 As I was laughing at the Shiorin stamp that Saegusa and I had sent, Shimizu-san replied with in the Lime group.

 When I saw Takayuki looking at Lime, I felt happy when I saw Takayuki striking a gut pose at the sight of Lime.

“I’m happy for you, Takayuki.
I want to get a girlfriend soon too, but I’m not very popular.”

 I was so envious of Takayuki’s love that I couldn’t help but say something self-deprecating.

 I’m not as popular as Takayuki, so I guess I’ll just have to start with what I can do and work my way up.

“Takuya, are you …… serious?”

 However, the words that came back from Takayuki were completely unexpected.

 He looked at me as if he was looking at something unbelievable.

“Wh, what do you mean seriously?

“…… No, it’s nothing.
At any rate, don’t worry, I can assure you, you’ll be fine.
You’re extremely lucky.”

 I laughed at what a the luck was, I said “Thank you” to Takayuki for encouraging me.

 Takayuki laughed at me like I was a jerk.


 Lime’s notification sounded, and I checked the message I had received.

“This is your chance, Saku-chan! We’ll follow you!”

 It was a Lime from Saegusa-san, and it was about the exchange we had just had.

 I said, “Yes, I agree! I’ll leave you two alone when I see an opportunity!” Saegusa sent me a Shiorin stamp with a heart-shaped eye.

 Eh, what is this? It’s super cute—-.

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