As if yesterday’s very intense day had been a lie, I was back to my normal routine.

 I went to my part-time job as usual, and found myself working as a cashier at a convenience store today.


 The melody of the convenience store’s door opening fills the store.

 I shouted “Irasshaimase” (Welcome!) in response to the sound, and checked the appearance of the customer who came in.

 There was Saegusa-san, looking as suspicious as ever.

 When her eyes met mine, she hurriedly plucked the brim of the cassock she was wearing to hide her face, and quickly moved to the magazine section.

 I couldn’t help but chuckle at Saegusa, who was still acting suspiciously, as if she was embarrassed or something, even though we had gotten so close yesterday.

 In this way, I was satisfied that I would be able to safely perform my secret pleasure of “Saegusa-san watching” during my part-time job today.

 First of all, Saegusa-san picked up a magazine and started flipping through the pages.

 The speed at which she flipped through the pages was so fast that she probably didn’t have any of the contents in her head.

 She quickly finished reading the magazine, then picked up the second magazine and started flipping through the pages again.

 I had no idea what she wanted to do, but I knew that she didn’t seem to want to read the magazine.

 However, as soon as I thought that Saegusa-san had suddenly stopped moving, I saw her face instantly turn bright red.

 What’s going on? I looked closely at the magazine in her hand and saw a large photo of her in a very revealing photo album.

 She put the magazine back on the shelf and took a deep breath as if to regain her composure.

 Her embarrassed gesture was so funny and cute that I felt soothed just watching her.

 Then she got her shopping basket and put pudding, cupcakes and tapioca milk tea in it and walked quickly to the cashier.

 I kept my composure as I counted up the items.

 However, I couldn’t help but notice Saegusa-san, who was probably embarrassed about the magazine incident earlier, staring at me the whole time while I was checking out the items.

 It was only yesterday that I had met Saegusa-san, and from this distance it was obvious that she was the one I was talking to, but she probably thought she was someone else in disguise, so I kept pretending not to notice while trying to hold back my feelings of being obvious.

“That will be 532 yen—-“


 Before I could finish, Saegusa-san, as expected, pulled out a 1,000 yen bill from her wallet.

 Her eyes seemed to sparkle somehow, as if she was enjoying what she was doing.

 She didn’t seem to have any intention of giving me change today, so I took the bill and handed her the change.

 Then, as usual, Saegusa-san wrapped her hands around my hand as I handed her the change and took it with care.


 She seemed to have noticed that I was wearing Shiorin’s wristband today, and stared at it happily.

“Um, customer? Well, it’s time to …… your hand.”

 My hand was still wrapped around her hand the whole time, so I hid my embarrassment and called out to Saegusa-san, who looked shocked as she hurriedly took my change and put it in her purse.
She bowed her head and walked out of the convenience store, while looking embarrassed.

 I couldn’t help but blurt out as I looked over the back of Saegusa-san, who was still acting suspiciously today.

 I was somewhat relieved to see that even though we had spent so much time together yesterday, nothing had changed, good or bad.

 It seems that I can continue to have fun during my part-time job.

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