Chapter 124: A Christmas for two.


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 The final exams have been finished without a hitch, and the end-of-semester ceremony has arrived in the blink of an eye.

 And today, the day of the closing ceremony, is December 24th, which means it is Christmas Eve.

 I went to school with Shi-chan as usual, and after the end-of-school ceremony, we went straight back to the classroom together.

 Takayuki and Shimizu-san had their own plans for the day, so they went their separate ways.

 I was glad to see that they seemed to be spending their Christmas alone together.

 Takayuki seemed to have worked hard to prepare something for this day, so I gave him a shout of encouragement: “Let’s work hard for one another, best friend!” I said to him.

 As I walked home with Shi-chan under the winter sky, I suddenly remembered something that had happened before.

 –The end-of-semester ceremony.

 Looking back, at the end of the first semester, we hadn’t even been together yet.

 At that time, many boys who wanted to spend the summer vacation with Shi-chan had confessed their love to her.
Even though it hadn’t been a year yet, I remembered the scene from that time as if it was in the distant past.

 –But even back then, Shi-chan had refused them outright, no?

 Yes, that time Shi-chan had said no to the boys who were confessing their love for her.

 At that time, I was still hesitant and couldn’t go into my feelings.

 Even so, Shi-chan had been looking out for me ever since that time.

 –Thank you.
I should return the favor to Shi-chan, after all, right?

 I vowed to myself.

 Today is Christmas Eve, and I’m going to make it a wonderful day for Shi-chan.

 As I walked along, thinking about this, I quickly arrived in front of Shi-chan’s house.

“Then, I’ll be at Shi-chan’s house at 19:00, right?”

“Yes, I’ll be ready and waiting.”

 Since it was still early, I was supposed to go home and spend Christmas with Shi-chan.

 So I dropped Shi-chan off in front of her house and hurried off to a certain place—–

 It was 7pm.

 I arrived at Shi-chan’s house.

“Welcome Takkun.”

“Sorry to bother you.”

 We exchanged a few words, and I went up to Shi-chan’s room

 Inside the house, I could smell the good aroma of cooking.

 It’s no wonder, Shi-chan has prepared a Christmas meal for us today and is waiting for me.

 When I entered the living room, there was a gorgeous dish laid out on the table, enough for the two of us to eat.
We walked into the living room and found a gorgeous meal laid out on the table.

 Each dish was intricately prepared and beautifully arranged, just like a restaurant meal.

 There was a salad with roast beef, salmon carpaccio, and a canapé with cheese, vegetables, and salmon roe.

 When I thought that Shi-chan had made all of this by herself, I was honestly amazed.

 Then I put up the chicken and Christmas cake that I had bought on my way over, and it was a complete Christmas party.

“Awesome right! It’s a party!”

Thanks for the food.”

“No, need! Then let’s eat it before it gets cold♪.”

 With that, we took our seats and ate the food together while chatting happily.

 The food that Shi-chan prepared was not only delicious in appearance but also in taste, and to be honest, I was starving, but my stomach and heart were filled with a sense of satisfaction.

“Thank you for the food.
Everything was really delicious.”

“Hehe, I’m glad then.
I definitely wanted Takkun to be happy today, so I’m glad to hear that.”

 When I thanked her, Shi-chan looked really happy and smiled.

 Just seeing her smile filled my heart with joy.

 As usual, I was asked to do the dishes as a thank you for cooking, but as expected? Shi-chan clung tightly to my back as I washed the dishes.

 And then, of course, I could feel her touch on my back.

 By the way, Shi-chan was wearing a white knit dress, and I could clearly feel her soft touch on my back.

“Ah, Takkun, are you feeling nervous?”

“Yes, I am.
I think there is no one in this world who is not happy to be touched by Shi-chan.”

“I see.
Don’t worry, it’s only for Takkun.”

 We’ve been dating for a while now, so this kind of thing doesn’t freak us out anymore.

 It was not because we were cold or used to it, but because we understood that we both loved each other.

 We love each other, so we want to be touched, and we are happy to be touched.

 It was a natural thing, but finally it was becoming natural for us.

“……, you know? I picked out this outfit for you today.
Do you like it ……?”

“…… It was, yes, honestly, I was having trouble keeping my eyes on it.

 But when Shi-chan added that she was a little embarrassed, I also felt embarrassed and nervous.

 The knit dress that she wore was perfectly fitted, clearly showing the lines of her originally preeminent body, and I could see at a glance that she was showing off all the parts of her body that were showing, and to be honest, it was so exciting that I felt like I was going to lose control if I looked directly at her.

“Is that what you call fascinating?”

“Yes, it is.”

” Yeey♪”

 When I honestly told her I though, she smiled happily and said it was a great success.

 After all, the cute little devil, Shi-chan, had me stumped.

“Hey Takkun, why don’t we go into town for a bit?”

 When we were relaxing a little, Shi-chan happily suggested so.

 It was Christmas season and she wanted to walk around the city with me.

“It’s going to be cold, so just for a little while.”

“Yay! Thanks, Takkun!”

 She hugged me once, then went to her bedroom to get her outerwear to go out, and came back wearing a beige duffle coat.

“I’m sorry, Shi-chan, but that onesie is a little provocative.”

“I know, I’ll close the front properly.”

 She closed the front of her coat and put it on before I could tell her that I didn’t want other men to see her like this.

 She was happy that I was so overprotective of her, and she smiled at me and attached herself to me again.

“Shall we go then?”


 So we decided to go on a little date in the city at night—–.

 I took Shi-chan’s hand and we walked together through the streets at night.

 The lit-up streetlights were beautiful, and the city was full of men and women holding hands like us.

 I was so happy to be able to spend Christmas with my beloved girlfriend this year, even though I’d never had the chance to do so before, and I held her hand tightly so we wouldn’t be separated.

“Oh, Takkun, look! It’s a big tree!”

“Really, let’s take a look.”

 I headed for the tree with Shi-chan.

 Around us, couples were taking two-shot photos, so we decided to take a commemorative photo too.

 With the tree in the background, we took a picture of our faces together and decided to use it as a standby image on our phones.

 Then, without doing anything else, we walked together through the busy streets of Christmas.

 Shi-chan seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere of the special day of Christmas.

“I’ve always dreamed of spending Christmas like this with the person I love, Takkun.”

 As we were walking back to the house, it was getting cold, and Shi-chan said these words as if remembering.

“I was working all Christmas, and I thought that if I was an idol, I would never be able to walk like this.
So now that I’ve been able to see Takkun again, now that my dream has come true, I’m very happy.”

“…… I see.”

“So, thank you again for everything, Takkun.”

“It’s my pleasure, too.
Because I found Shi-chan, I’m happy too”

“…… I see.
So it’s mutual.”


 We looked at each other and laughed.

 As I reflect on the joy of being able to spend Christmas together in this way.

 When we got back to Shi-chan’s house, we were relaxing again.

 Shi-chan, who was watching TV with me, stood up and said, “Well, I’m going to take a bath first,” and left the room.

 –Yes, I was actually going to stay at her house today.

 In the past, I’ve stayed at her house to take care of her, but today I’m here for a complete sleepover, so it’s a different story.

 The Christmas night is about to begin, filled with anticipation and tension.

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