Chapter 123: Reward


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 I wondered how long it had been since Shi-chan had laid down.

 Shi-chan must have been really tired, because she put herself in my hands.

 After a while, she lay down and started to breathe soundly in her sleep.

 The lovely face of Shi-chan, asleep, was within my reach.

 This situation alone was enough to make my heart pound.

 I somehow managed to touch the sleeping Shi-chan’s hair.

 It was soft and shiny, and unlike any other person’s hair, just gently stroking her beautiful hair filled me with an unbearable sense of satisfaction.

 I noticed that she had pale skin, marshmallow cheeks, and today she had put on the lipstick I had given her the other day, but I couldn’t bring myself to mention it.

 I guess a good man is one who can notice these things and praise them in a smart way, but I felt a little ashamed that I couldn’t act that smart yet.

 I also wondered if girls have a higher body temperature than guys.

 The warmth from Shi-chan made me feel that we were here together, that we were connected, and that made me happy.

 I was able to enjoy my own idol for a while as she slept in my arms.

 I guess this is what it means to be overflowing with love.

 The love inside me was on the verge of exploding, and I wished that we could do this forever—–.

“…… Oh, I”

“Good morning, Shi-chan.”

“……Hehe, I fell asleep with Takkun as my pillow.”

 When Shi-chan woke up, she looked a little embarrassed, but smiled happily.

 But she was still sleepy and a little squishy, which was cute.

“It’s okay, I’ve wiped the drool off.”

“……Yes, thank you–Eh, drool?!”

 In a panic, Shi-chan held her mouth, but of course, it was a joke.

 But there was no way for Shi-chan to know if it was a joke or not, and she jumped up with a start, her face reddening with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I was just kidding.”

“What? M-Mou! Takkun unkind!”

 When I laughed and told her it was a joke, she got angry and slapped me on the shoulder.

 The gesture of anger was cute, and I was more than happy that we were able to joke and get angry with each other like this.

 It seemed to be the same for Shi-chan.
She slapped me on the shoulder, and then suddenly hugged me.

“……Mouu! I don’t think lying is good.”

“I’m sorry.”

“……Muu, then hug me too, Takkun.

 Shi-chan was still sulking, but made such a cute request, apparently still infused with the heroine power of the romantic comedy she had read earlier.

 So I hugged her back as she asked.

 The softness of her whole body was honestly the most comfortable thing to hug, no matter how many times I hugged her.

“Is this okay?”

“…… Still not enough.
Please continue for a while longer.”


 In the end, we stopped reading the manga and spent the rest of the night hugging each other in the private room.

 –Maybe it’s already more of a romantic comedy than the one Shi-chan was reading!

 I laughed a little when I realized this.

 The heroine in front of me is much more like a heroine than the heroine in the story—-.

 When I left the internet cafe, it was already dark outside.

 It was November and the sun was setting earlier and earlier, and combined with the slightly chilly temperature, I could feel winter coming.

“Are you okay? Is it cold?”

“No, I’m fine.
Takkun is attached to me.”

 When I asked her if she was cold, Shi-chan happily clung to my arm again.

 Indeed, it was warm just to be attached to her like this.

 I looked at my watch and saw that it was just after 6pm.

 Since it was a good time, I decided to check with Shi-chan about where we should go next.

” Is there anything you want to eat?”

“Takkun, I think you should know me better by now?”

 But Shi-chan responded to my question with a question.

It was time for me to figure out what she wanted to eat, and she demanded the usual impossible game.

 – but it’s scary because even if it’s an impossible game for a normal person, unfortunately in Shi-chan’s case, I know the answer.

“Yes, yes, hamburger, right?”

“Hmm, too bad!”



 Shi-chan, who loves hamburgers, was so happy that I got it right that she had a big smile on her face.

 That’s how we decided to head to our favorite hamburger restaurant today.

“Let’s give Takkun a reward for answering correctly.”


“Yes, let’s give Takkun the broccoli that somehow comes along with the burger.”

“Shi-chan? Don’t be a picky eater, okay?”

“Ehehe, I’m just kidding.”

 Shi-chan smiled hilariously and said, “This is your real reward.” She stretched and gently kissed my cheek.

“…… That’s an unbelievable reward for something like this.”

“Not at all.”


“I’m glad that Takkun is thinking about me and understands me.
That’s why I don’t mind this much.
I love you, Takkun!”

 And so, with Shi-chan hugging my arm again, we headed for the hamburger store we wanted.

 However, on the way there and after we arrived at the restaurant, I noticed that Shi-chan was smiling happily at me.

“Hmm, what’s this? Something on my cheek.

 I looked in the mirror and saw a faint hickey on my cheek from earlier.

 I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at myself in the mirror at Shi-chan’s cute prank on me.

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