Lestat snatched the small tube from Natalias hand and raised it to his mouth. But before he can pour that drink into his mouth, the other vampire snatched it from his hand. Natalia came from behind and hit him on his head, the vampire turned his head towards him.

”You Bitc… ”, he saw his head bleeding from behind, he fell on street out of dizziness. Before he can fall, Lestat took the mixture tube from his hand but Spike came and took it from him.

”Give it to me, I don think thats blood, you shouldn drink it ”, he took the cork from Natalias hand and closed the tube with it.

”You are right, this amount of blood can make me lose my sanity, she mustve bought it from a wizard, the smell was too much to bear ”

”This is in my possession now ”, although Spike is calm now, Natalia saw his eyes glowing and resisting the urge for blood, he barely maintain his sanity.

”Why the two of you were following me? Are you with him? ”

”Hey! talk respectfully, see who you are talking to… ”, Spike signaled him not to say anything about them.

”Why? Who are you? Aren you one like him? ”

”How can you call us like him?, We are of much higher status ”, Lestat said in an angry voice.

”Thats not the point, you can ask about us later. First, lets take him somewhere else humans can see us here ”

”Return that tube, its mine. ”, Natalia extended her hand. Lestat stopped her by holding her wrist.

”I will return it once I confirm its not harmful ”, Spike said as he turned his head to the other side and walked away.

”And why would I allow it? ”

Lestat showed her a seal given to royal guards when they have to travel from one realm to another.

”We are here for an investigation, and you came in between. ”

”You came between my work, I can easily beat him but you came here with your running nose. Your investigation isn my problem, you have to return that tube. ”

”This seal means that we have our prince order to investigate ”, Lestat was offended by Natalia talking like that. Everyone in their kingdom knows about Spike as their prince and how much power Spike holds.

”I don care what your prince wants. ”

Hearing her words, it was as if Spikes heart had stopped beating. He was confused about why he is having such an impact by her words, he stopped on his way and turned towards the two.

”Do you want humans to know about us? Come fast, lets leave from there, and Lestat lift his body, we have to carry him ”, Lestat nodded his head and did as he was told.

Natalia doesn trust people easily and to follow them is far do, but her heart was saying otherwise. It was like her heart is already trusting him, she decided to follow him. Also, they showed her the Princes seal.

She ran to Lestat.

”You do not have to carry him like this. ”

She pulled out a ring from her finger and put it on the unconscious vampires index finger, he slowly got converted into a bat and fell from Lestats shoulder.

”How do you do that, how many sacred things you are carrying with you? ”

She picked the bat from the floor and gave it to Lestat.

”Do not remove this ring from here unless you want to carry his whole body.

Natalia ignored what Lestat asked. She faced Spike and said.

”Humans pass through this street even at midnight, you should lower your head, your eyes are still glowing red, they can be afraid. ”

He looked at Lestat.

”They are like from the start, it must be because you are carrying that tube ”

She removed her cap from her head and made Spike wear it.

”Wear this, maybe this is actually because of it ”

”Why are not you affected by its smell? ”

”I can smell it, my nose is bounded. ”

Spike didn ask anything further, they walked back to the Cafe.

”I didn ask before, Why were you behind him? ”, Spike asked her on their way to the cafe.

”He is one of the vampires who came here illegally, and I have to send him back to their kingdom. ”

”For once, I thought you were behind him to kill him ”, Lestat said nonchalantly, not thinking about what she just told her, Spike glared at him.

”Why would I kill him? Your Kingdom didn take care of its people and thats why they came here, why would I kill them for that ”

”My Kingdom knows how to look after his people, and how to punish a killer ”

As the words left his mouth, Natalias ears perked up she became curious to know about him.

”You used ”the kill ” word twice now, and you are here with the Prince seal and to investigate. Is your Prince behind him? ” She came closer to Lestat and said, ”For what? ”

”You don need to know that, what you know is it won ask anything further. No need to gossip all this to others ”, Spike pulled her back, as he was feeling a bit uncomfortable with her going close to someone else. As their skin touched Spike felt his hair straightening up, it was like someone filled him with energy but for Natalia, it was as if someone hit her with electricity. She jerked his hand away.

”What was that for? ”, Natalia said almost screaming at him. Spike just gave an astounding look to her and looked back at his hand.

”Hey, don shout. And Whats with your kingdom and your prince, don you belong to the vampire kingdom? ”, Lestat said retreating her.

”Unfortunately, I do. But both aren mine. ”

Again she said something which made Spike, uneasy. Before they can say anything else Spike changed the topic.

”We are here. Lestat brings our car here, we will take him with us. ”

”You have to come with me first if you want to take him, I caught him and was assigned for it. ”

”Didn I show Prince seal to you? You are still stopping us ”

She turned toward Spike again ignoring what Lestat asked and said looking directly in his eyes.

”I want you to come with me once and you have to return me something too. ”

”What something? we aren coming ”, Lestat asked forgetting about the mixture which made him lose control.

”We will come. ”, Spike said immediately. He doesn want to others know about this but when Natalia asked her staring into his eyes, he couldn deny her.

”What? ”

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