The Hybrid with Two Mates: Werewolf and Vampire

6. \"Is he an illegal emigrant too!\"

The next day, Natalia went out to find the illegal emigrants of the Vampire Clan. She was wearing her usual outfit for missions and searches, an all-black outfit not to forget her black cap. The black cap is necessary for her to hide her face, more importantly, her red eyes which are not common among humans.

The letter contains information about where some vampires were reported to be seen, with some physical descriptions. Natalia has the special ability to distinguish human and non-human, so the physical description wasn of much use.

The first place mentioned in the letter was an isolated factory, it was reported that an unknown vampire is working here and is living nearby. The factory building was the only large building in the neighborhood with some houses of factory workers, except for the workers no one visited there. A few murder cases were reported in that areas police station, and the reasons were unknown.

Usually, those who came here illegally try to blend with humans, so they live normally like others, they use fake documents to get jobs and for admission to schools for their children.

Natalia reached there in the early morning before the working hour, to catch fewer gazes from other people. Natalia checked all the households secretly to find the vampire, but she doesn find any.

She checked all the houses except for the ones which were locked and empty. There were three such houses, she decided to check them. She entered the first house, the house was empty and filled with dust, large spider webs were in the corners, and there wasn even a single chair, some windows were completely broken or the window glass was cracked.

Natalia went closer to a window, which faced toward another empty house, she looked through the window in the house. Natalia felt someone gazing at her from the corner of the window of another house, she turned her head toward the window but no one was there. Natalia thought to go out and check the adjacent house. Before she can exist from there she heard two men talking outside they were a bit far from the house to notice her, still, she looked out first to check if anyone was there.

There was no one near both the houses, the two men were quite far. Natalia went out and goes to another house, she felt a certain heaviness in the atmosphere. She went further into the house, the condition was approximately the same with some old furniture covered with clothes. Natalia felt someone looking at her from a room, she went in but no one was there. There was a bed in the room covered with a white cloth and dust over it.

Natalia removed the over from the bed, but the bed was quite clean.

”That isn possible someone clean this and put a dirt full cover over it. Someone came here that means, but thats not necessary it would be a vampire anyone can come ”, she thought in her mind.

She checked more in the house but didn find anything suspicious. Again, she felt someone passing behind her but when she turned the room was still empty. This time she observed the Aura and was quite sure that it was a vampire. She went out of the house but instead of going to the third house, she went to the back side of the factory, where even the factory workers rarely came, there were scrap items and machines there.

She went there and hid behind a machine, she waited for a few moments and within a few seconds, a man appeared there.

”Where is she gone now? I could have an easy meal today. ”

”This fool thinks that he can drink my blood ”, she said in her mind. She remembered the list of all registered vampires, she was sure that he had illegally come here.

She came out in front of him.

”So, you knew I was following you, but there is no escape now ”

”Try me, if you can drink my blood ”

”Ha!, you knew I am a vampire still you are not frightened ”, he said with a smirk on his face, ”foolish of you ”

The vampire showed his fangs and jumped toward Natalia to grab her by the neck. Instantly Natalia dodged her attack and threw a punch in his face. He again raised his hand to hit her, but before he can Natalia targeted his knee and walloped him there. He stumbled in his steps and backed a bit.

”You bit*h, how dare you hit me ”

He again ran at high speed to her, this time. Natalia stopped him by grabbing his neck when he came closer, she lifted him from the ground with his neck. He struggled in her grip, he flapped her legs in the air and dug his nails into the hand holding him, but Natalia didn move a bit. He converted himself into a bat, he got released from her grip and tried to fly away from there.

Natalia took out her hunter and threw it toward him. The hunter was given by Agnes and made of a chain, which extended as Natalia threw the hunter. The chain wrapped around his neck and Natalia pulled him toward her, she held him with her hand and put back her hunter.

”What is she? She isn a normal human ”, the bat said in an inaudible voice that can only be heard by other vampires.

”You are right, I am not human ”

”You heard me, that means you are a vampire too ”, Natalia didn say anything.

”Where are you taking me, just leave me ”

”You are going to the vampire clan, I will send you back ”

”Wait, I don want… ”, Natalia put her in a sac before he could say anything.

Throughout the day Natalia caught a lot of vampires and send them back to the vampire clan, some were weak and thus easily caught, and some cause a huge fuss still it wasn much hard.

The sun was already down, Natalia was in front of a cafe, it was written in the letter that an illegal emigrant vampire continuously visits thereafter sunsets, the time was indefinite.

It was the seventh case of the day, Natalia decided to give it a go and wait there until a vampire came.

Natalia went inside the cafe, the cafe was full of people, she took a seat and ordered a bubble tea. She checked all the people present there including all the staff working, but none of them was a vampire. The tea was served after a while she drank her tea and waited there for the vampire to appear. She took a long time to drink her tea but no vampire came, she waited there for two hours. She looked at the watch on her wrist, it was nine on the clock, she decided to wait there for another hour.

After some time, a waitress came to her.

”Mam, do you need another drink? ”

Natalia understood that she was here to say her to leave.

Natalia waited here for a long time and no one came, so she decided to leave. She stood up to leave.

She suddenly sensed a dark aura behind her, it was quite intense, it was definitely of a vampire not one but two. She turned her head to the door, it was the same vampire she saw yesterday. Her heart started beating faster, again that indifferent feeling came to her.

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