g-room, a beautiful lady with Brown-colored hair was sitting on the sofa, elegantly having her tea. The beautiful lady seemed to be in her mid-thirties, but Natalia knew she was much older than one could think. Natalia greeted the lady and sat beside her.

”Do you want to have some tea? ”, The lady asked Natalia and a cup with a saucer came flying in the air from the kitchen, as the cup and saucer settled on the glass table in front of them, the kettle rises up in the air and poured the tea into the cup without anyone touching it.

If a normal human sees something like this happening, he or she would collapse because of shock but for Natalia, this is nothing she has seen far more unbelievable things happening around her. She thinks that this is something common for someone who is living with a witch for years. Yes, The lady was a witch who is living for, who knows how many years, and her name was Agnes Sampson.

Agnes wasn her mother or any blood relative, but for Natalia, she was someone she only cared about.

Natalia picks up the beautiful crystalline teacup, ”I followed both the girls and observed their every activity but I didn find anything we should be wary of ”

”One of them only has a vague memory and the other girl is completely denying it. ”

”Are you completely sure, that they didn see your face? ”, Agnes asked maintaining the calmness in her voice.

”I am sure, they are just some foolish girls, and in case I found something troubling, I will snap their heads in no seconds ”

Agnes glared at her.

”Don worry, I will not do anything until its necessary. ”

Agnes didn like killing others for fun and she always hated to kill people unnecessarily, unless it isn the last option. Even though she sometimes fed Natalia Human meat from time to time and also she does not stop her from hunting for food, as it isn wrong for Natalia to eat human meat.

”I have received a letter from the vampire association, they have assigned you a new mission. ”

On hearing the name of the vampire association, Natalia gritted her teeth in annoyance, she hates the guts of those. But she still has to work for them.

”What do they want me to do this time? ”

”You do not have to do anything as of now, I will tell you about this later ”

”You have free time, do anything if you want to. ”

Natalia put down her cup from her hand and stood up from there, she went towards one of the paintings in the doorway, and suddenly that painting absorbed her.

After she left, Agnes looked at the cup, completely filled with tea.

”This girl didn even take a sip of the tea, I made so dearly ”

Its not, she hates Agnes, Agnes is the dearest to her, but Natalia does not like having tea, so she just left the tea.

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